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Kagome: "Inuyasha wasn't much help... sigh..." I glance upward, smiling happily. My smile fades as I realize something missing. " No wonder he didn't help," I mutter. " Inuyasha! Where did you go?" Knocks an arrow and looks around warily. " I just hope he hasn't gotten himself into too much trouble..."
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I'm sure it's Kikyo I could never forget her smell.
I was running along the forest as I just realised that I was with Kagome.
But I continued looking nd saw Kikyo in the lake taking a bath.


I was facing the opposite way when I heard footsteps.
"Kikyo" the voice said as I heard it I knew right away it was Inuyasha.
I covered my chest and walked by the dock.
I took my clothes "Would you mind turning around?" I said with a serious face.
Iuyasha turned around. As I changed I took my Bow and Arrow and started to walk away.
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Kagome: I run towards the sound of Inuyasha's footsteps until the sound dissappears. " Great," I grumble. "Now which way?" Then a deep voice remarks, " Perhaps I can help you find him... " I turn stiffly as an eerie laugh sounds through the trees.
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"Kikyo!! Do you still plan on defeating Naraku?" I asked as I turned around.
"Yes I'll defeat Naraku you'll see" Kikyo responded and she continued to walk away.

Arisa Hayashida

"Ugh.... what a pain where did that Kagome go?!" I yelled as I shoved the bushes off my way.
I saw a Demon infront of me with 8 hands.
Before I could take a step the Demon grabbed me.
The Demon held his four hands on my feet and hands.
One hand was wrapping on my body.
I struggled. I moved m lips really fast saying a few spells.
The Demon fell on the ground turning into ash.
I took the Shikon Jewel and put it in my kimono somwhere.
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Rin: *walking to find some food and sees Inuyasha and Kagome* *goes by them* Oh, hi Kagome! Hi Inuyasha!
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Um just to let you know they're not together right now. Inuyasha chased after Kikyo and so Kagome is looking for Him.
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Kagome: "Huh? Where did that voice come from? " I look around, but nobody is there. " Ugh, now I'm lost, and I still have no idea where Inuyasha ran off to!" I walk around the forest, a clueless look on my face. But then I spot someone suspiciously familiar. " Could that be Kikyo?," I mutter to myself. A smile spreads across my face as I see that Inuyasha is talking to her. I take a step toward them, and then hear the creepy voice again. " So... you're one of them... too bad, I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this." I turn to see a strange looking demon with three arms pull out a bow and arrow, taking aim at Inuyasha's head. 'maybe I could warn him', I think. " Inu-" But then he holds me to the ground. " Silence, human!" While squirming to break free, I notice that across from the arm that pins me is the stump that may have been an arm. I wonder to myself, ' Did Inuyasha do this? And, how can I save him if I can't move?'
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Arisa Hayashida

As I was walking around the forest I saw Kagome.
"That stupid girl" I thought. I took out my bow and arrow and shot the demon.
As I shot it started glowing.
"What are you doing? I thought you were the reincarnation of Kikyo?
You're nothing like her at all" I said to Kagome.
I looked front and saw Inuyasha.
"Oii Baka Inu you're letting Kagome wander around the forest and she's
dependless" I said to Inuyasha.
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Kagome: " I am not! I just didn't have a chance to hit it yet!" I glare at Inuyasha. " And you! Where did you think you were going, running off like that out of nowhere!?" I sit down and breathe out resignedly. " Oh well, at least we found you... Hey, Arisa, where's that other guy? The one you were using as a punching bag..."
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Arisa Hayashida

"How am I supposed to know?" I asked as I crossed my arms.


"Arisa?" I asked.
"Kikyo why didn't you die?" Arisa asked surprise as she saw me standing in front of her.
"I was re-made with bones and you are with Inuyasha and Kagome because?" I asked.
"I started searching for the shikon jewel and ran over them and Kagome asked if I could join
them" Arisa explained.


"Kagome!!" I called and as I walked through I saw Inuyasha, Kagome, Arisa and Kikyo.
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Kagome: " Oh, Arisa, your punching bag is here." I walk over to Inuyasha. " Come on, we still have TONS of shards to find beforre I can go home permanently." I shove Inuyasha and call for the others too follow. " Oh, and, Kikyo? You come too, we could use your help."
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"Don't be so confident Kagome I do not need your help" I walked away.
"Arisa are you coming with me?" I asked.

Arisa Hayashida

"Tsk.... yeah maybe but not right now I'll meet you there like always" I responded.
"I understand" Kikyo left and I turned my attention to Inuyasha.
"Why didn't you spill it?" I asked Inuyasha.


"You can read minds?" I asked.
"Yes" Arisa responded.


"Are you seriously okay with working with me?" Arisa asked.
"Yeah it's fine as long as Kagome is here" I responded lying.
"Well I'm not" Arisa responded.

Arisa Hayashida

"Well we should get going" I said as I started walking ahead.
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Kagome: " Arisa has the right idea." I march behind her, eager to be out of the creepy forest. " C'mon Inuyasha! You too, Kouga! Lets get moving!" I walk on, following Arisa, until I realize that we appear to have made no progress toward an exit. I run off alone to experiment but end up right back in the middle. " It's as if the forest doesn't want us to leave...How do we get out of here like this?"
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Arisa Hayashida

"Stop walking" I said and then everybody froze.
"We're in the Maze Forest right now the Maze Frorest where
no one has ever made it out but Kikyo" I explained.
I closed my eyes and opened it gain, veins appeared under my eyes.
"That way!!" I pointed to the left and we kept walking.
The mist started to thicken. "Just keep on going straight" I said and we did.
After a while of walking we arrived in a small village.
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Kagome: " Wow, those buildings are really old and decrepit. Do you guys think anybody lives here?"
I look around for people, and see one person darting between the buildings.
" Hey, did you guys see that? Arisa, do you think you can use that sight thingy to track whoever's running around?"
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