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Posted 7/22/10 , edited 7/22/10
Arisa Hayashida

"Why would I waste my power for a mere human that doesn't have a shard of a shikon jewel?" I asked.
"!!!!" I suddenly felt a presence near us.
"Duck!!" I yelled and everybody ducked a sword came flying.
"Listen Kagome I could feel Naraku's presence nearby always stay with
Inuyasha or Me or Kouga.
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Kagome: " That's fine with me. I'm tired of getting lost!" I look in the direction the sword came from. "How can you be sure that it's Naraku? I can't tell who threw it at us. All I know is that they've got at least two shards."
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Arisa Hayashida

"Kagome you are a priestess and you can't even tell if it's Naraku?"
"Anyways it is him I could feel his presence" I said.
"I do too" Kouga added.
Inuyasha sniffed the air. "Yeah it's definitely Naraku" Inuyasha said.
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Kagome: *Irritated* "Why am I the only one who didn't know it was him? Even without sensing him, I should've AT LEAST guessed it!" *Exhales*
"Oh, well. But if he's not gonna launch a full-on attack, then maybe we should leave Before he changes his mind..."
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Arisa Hayashida

"Yeah but to do that we're gonna have to pass this village.
Let's go fast. Inuyasha carry Kagome and I can go on my own" I said as I started to jump on trees.


"Huh you can jump too?" I was confused it's as if she was Half Demon.
I just carried Kagome on my back and followed Arisa.

Posted 8/15/10 , edited 8/15/10
Kagome: " This village is completely deserted!"
Looks around. "It looks like the people left recently, but where did they go?"
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Arisa Hayashida

"We're already inside Naraku's trap.
We're in an illusion." I said to Kagome.
Posted 9/9/10 , edited 9/10/10
Kagome: "That doesn't sound good!"
Looks around.
"How're we supposed to get out?"
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Arisa Hayashida

"Kagome, think would ya?"
I closed my eyes and started to think.
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Kagome: "Well, if Naraku's here, we might as well look for him. Even if we can't kill him yet, there's a chance that we could get a few more shards..."
I look down at Inuyasha. "Can you tell where he's headed through scent?" I asked, tweaking one of his ears to get his attention.
Posted 11/7/10 , edited 11/8/10

"I can smell him but his smell is everywhere Kagome, it's probably because we're in his illusion"
I said. I held Kagome close to me.

Arisa Hayashida

"Inuyasha.... he's coming.... he's making his move...." I whispered as I closed my eyes.
"Behind you Sango!!" I yelled then pushed Sango down.
A sword came flying at her. If I hadn't done that she would be dead.
The sword was made out of poison.
I closed my eyes and then opened my eyes I tried to see through Naraku's illusion.
But my eyes started to bleed. "Ah!!" I covered my eyes and blood spilled on to my hands.
Posted 11/24/10 , edited 11/25/10
Kagome: "Arisa-sama!" I shouted.
I shrugged out of Inuyasha's hands and rushed over to help her.
"What happened, Arisa-san? Are you alright?"
Then I heard the whoosh of a blade slicing through the air that sounded like it was headed straight for Arisa.
"Ari-chan! Get down!"I commanded.
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Arisa Hayashida

A sword appeared on my hand and I blocked the sword with my sword.
Then I fell on the ground unconscious.
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Sesshomaru sits in a tree asleep

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