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Student ID

Hello, Okay Students, you must! sign up to get your ID it is Mandatory!
you must first Register for your classes and your race.


>> Be patient while we do your request
>>Follow ALL of the forum
>>Make sure you order the one you want there will be no second ,unless you want changes
>>Make sure you thank them
>>After you done filling out your forum post "I love Monsters" at the end of your Forum.

Name/Nickname :
Class: ( Morning,After noon, or Night)
Did you read the rules?:
[Your card will look different depending on the class your taking]
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mellyroll wrote:

Sorry signed up for it kind of backwords.... but i just signed up for it so i think i got it now

Its fine heres ur ID
sorry it took forever.. i got busy during summer school and it kinda made me Lazy DX

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