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Memorable quotes from Rurouni Kenshin!

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Posted 1/5/08 , edited 1/5/08
My favorite quote is " You can die at any time but living takes real courage." this was said right after kenshin defeated Raijuta, it was spoken to a man who was about to commit suicide. this also will be my senior quote for high school.
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Posted 1/9/08 , edited 1/9/08

Posted 1/9/08 , edited 1/10/08
^^ fave qoute : Oro?! ^^ heh
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Posted 1/17/08 , edited 1/18/08
My favorite qoute is AKu Soku Zen.
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Posted 1/22/08 , edited 1/22/08
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Posted 1/23/08 , edited 1/24/08
well...i also like Oro!Oro!!!
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Posted 1/28/08 , edited 1/28/08

shulamitemayo wrote:

well...i also like Oro!Oro!!!

wasn't it oyo ? well in an english manga loll
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Posted 2/4/08 , edited 2/4/08
lol there we have it
oro is most popular! hahahahaha
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Posted 2/21/08 , edited 2/21/08
my fave is....ORO!!! XD
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Posted 2/28/08 , edited 2/28/08
mine is oro too hince the oros in my username lol =)
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Posted 2/28/08 , edited 2/28/08
also "it is said that one can
know a person's worth
By seeing how many
People would cry for
Him when he died"
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Posted 3/2/08 , edited 3/2/08
survival of the fittest!!!
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28 / F / in my freezing room
Posted 3/7/08 , edited 3/7/08
these r not quotes.. but i really wanna put them here.. i took these dialogues frm somewhere..

At the End of the Wandering... a Day When Bonds Are Forged, Where Tides of Ourselves Lap

(Evening. It was raining)

Meiji Year 11 (1878)

(Morning. The sun was already shining.)

*Kaoru opened the door.

Yahiko: What's going on so early in the morning?

Kaoru: What are you talking about, Yahiko? Today is Akabeko's sale and you're going to go help them this morning, aren't you?

Yahiko: Yeah.

*Then, Kaoru looked at the sky.

Kaoru: It's already the end of summer, isn't it? The sky is so clear.

*Then, birds flew in the sky. A vendor ( I don't know what he's selling) passed by.

Kaoru: Kenshin? Kenshin? We're leaving now.

Kenshin: The preparations are ready, Kaoru-dono.

*Kaoru looked at him and smiled.

**TITLE: At the end of the wandering... a day when the bonds are forged, where tides of ourselves lap.**

*Boats were shown. Then, the sea was shown, then, some sea gulls. Kenshin and Kaoru were riding on a boat.*

*At Gensai-sensei's place....

Megumi: Those two went to visit graves, are they? (putting bandage on Sano's hand)

Sano: Even though it's the wrong season...

Megumi: There, that should about do it for today. Please come back in a week for the next treatment.

Sano: Yeah.

Megumi: What's the matter. You can go now.

Sano: Well, you know, kenshin and Jo-chan aren't in right now so I was wondering about what to do with food. And well, you know...uh...

Megumi: I understand.. Alright, wait outside until I finish what I have to do this morning.

Sano: Really? Great! O-o-o-ouch! Then it's for sure, ok? Don't forget.

Megumi: Yeah. Yeah. If only I could forget. Ok, next patient please.

*Then, a background music was played (Himura Kenshin, Gut Guitar Version) and some sceneries were shown. At a cemetery.. Kaoru was praying and Kenshin stood up behind her. Kenshin was looking at her . Then, a pail of water was shown. (eh?)

*At the Akabeko, Yahiko was wiping the table.

Tae: Yahiko-kun, before we open, let's go get some food... the second floor is already finished.

Yahiko: Ok. (Then, he sat down with food infront of him.)

Tsubame: Yahiko-kun, here you go. (gave Yahiko some rice)

Yahiko: (smiled) Thanks.

Tsubame: Please eat as much as you want.

Yahiko: Sure.

Tae: You'll be a good wife someday, won't you, Tsubame-chan?

Tsubame: Oh no... I... aaaah!

Tae: Oh. there's no need to get upset. Right, Yahiko-kun?

Yahiko: Don't ask me.

Tae: Look at those flushed faces. You guys are so naive.

Tsubame: Tae-san!

*Then, a bgm was played again. (Kamiya Dojo, A Theme of Kenshin's Family) The sky and some trees were shown. Kenshin and Kaoru were walking. Then, they stopped.

Kaoru: Kenshin, since we're , why don't we stretch our legs and take a look at the beach?

Kenshin: The sea? That sounds nice.

*In Megumi's place....

Sano: (cutting firewood) It's ok to work for food, but... it's good to get free food and all but this is just too much work... dammit. I gotta hang in there. She really is pretty sly.

Megumi: Hey! Your hands have stopped. Until you've finished all of it, there'll be no dinner for you! Working by the sweat of your brow should be easy for a beast like you.

Sano: Beast? I'll get you back for this someday.

*The sea was shown... Kenshin and Kaoru were by the sea.

Kaoru: (touched the water) It's cold. It's already become an autumn ocean, hasn't it? There's nobody here...

Kenshin: (looking at the sea)

Kaoru: Kenshin! Kenshin! Look! (showed Kenshin a sea shell)

Kenshin: (looked at the seashell)

Kaoru: (smiled and then she looked up. It rained.)

*In Megumi's place..

Sano: Huh? It's starting to rain. Oops. The firewood is getting wet.

*At the Akabeko...

Tae: Tsubame-chan, how's the rain?

Tsubame: It's getting harder.

Tae: I wonder if this is causing Kaoru and Kenshin any trouble.

Yahiko: They say that this is a good chance for them to strengthen their relationship. Besides, they're not kids anymore, so there's no need to worry.

*In a shed, Kaoru was looking outside.

Kaoru: In this rain, no ships will be going out... so it's impossible to go back, won't it? How troublesome.

Kenshin: (With a bonfire in front of him) It will be ok. We can always stop and ask someone on the way there. I don't mind getting a little wet... and somehow I'll work something out for you, Kaoru-dono. It looks like we've got past the worst of it... you don't need to worry, Kaoru-dono.

*Then Kaoru looked outside again and saw some houses nearby.

Sano: (back in Megumi's place... he was singing while taking a bath) en... en... e-en... ao... shami...shami... shami... sen...o

Megumi: (outside the bathroom) I'll leave Gensai-sensei's yukata for you, come and get it when you're done, ok?

Sano: A yukata, huh? That'll be nice.

Megumi: (Picked Sano's clothes) Just how many months has it been since he washed this. I wonder... as a doctor, I can't forgive this filthiness. I'll just have a little fun with him.

Sano: (still taking a bath) this is great!

Suzume: (Looking at a picture of a catfish) Mr. Catfish! Mr. Catfish!

Ayame: Mr. Catfish will cause an earthquake when he gets angry with rage.

Suzume: A big shakin' tremblin' earthquake!

*Sano went out of the bathroom wearing Gensai-sensei's yukata.

Ayame: It's short.

Suzume: That's not fair.

Sano: eehh...

Megumi: Yep... it looks good on you, doesn't it?

Suzume: It suits you, Sano-ni!

Sano: Thanks... So, where are my clothes?

Megumi: Huh... (smiled)

Sano: Huh? What's "huh" mean? Answer me! Ok.. you're makin' me nervous now...what did you... ahh.. Oh! I know! Aaaah.. over there, huh?

*It's already dark. Kenshin and Kaoru found a place where they can spend the night.

Woman: Please leave your bedding out... I'll take care of it later.

Kenshin: Thank you. I don't know what to say.

Woman: It's ok... you would do the same thing if I were in your situation. This is a hotel after all, so use it how you like. Now, please take your time.

Kenshin: Kaoru-dono... it's nice that we have such a kind hostess, isn't it?

Kaoru: Yes...

Kenshin: You must be tired from today... why don't you take a rest in our room. If we catch the earliest ship home, we will make it in time for class.

kaoru: Yes. (thinking) Silly me. What am I getting all nervous about? We've lived together in the same house for half a year. After such a long time... after such a long time. Even if it has been half a year... we're still both strangers to each other. (Then, she looked at Kenshin.)

Kenshin: You look tense. When we've finished eating, I'll take are of the dishes. Please relax and make yourself at home.

Kaoru: Let's stay here! It would be rude to turn down their kind offer. I'll be fine. Kenshin, you just worry too much about other people. What do you think?

Kenshin: Ok.

*Inside the room, Kaoru was dressing up while Kenshin was there @[email protected]! (But Kenshin wasn't looking.)

Kaoru: Don't look this way yet!

Kenshin: Yes, ma'am.

Kaoru: It's ok now.

Kenshin: ok. ok. (Then he removed his clothes because it was his turn to dress up. After that, he turned off the light.)

*The sky was shown again. It was a full moon.

*(This was my favorite scene!!!^_^) Inside the room, both of them were sleeping. Kaoru opened her eyes and saw Kenshin sleeping. She sat down and looked at him. She saw his hand and then, ahe lay down again and held his hand. She smiled and went back to sleep with their hands together. Then, Kenshin opened his eyes. (Gosh! He wasn't really sleeping, eh? Kaoru thought Kenshin didn't know what she did.) He closed his eyes and went back to sleep. He didn't have any reaction and he just let their hands like that. (The background music "Your Most Beautiful Smile" was played while Tae, Tsubame, Yahiko, Megumi, Sano, Ayame and Suzume were shown while they were sleeping.

*Then... the scene changed to Kaoru standing up in the middle of some plants. The wind was blowing.

Kaoru: Kaoru-dono.

Kaoru: (She turned her back and found Kenshin. A cliff was separating them.) Kenshin.

Kenshin: Kaoru-dono, it's been half a year sice I came here, and it's been fun.

Kaoru: Eh?

Kenshin: Thanks for everything. I'm a wanderer. I'll just go wandering again... (and then he turned his back and left)

Kaoru: Kenshin... Wait! Don't go! KENSHIN!(She fell on the cliff.)

*Kaoru woke up. It was only a dream. She saw that Kenshin's not beside her anymore. She was worried, of course.

*Kenshin was at the beach, looking at the waves. Then... he saw Kaoru running to him. (The bgm is Kaoru's love theme.)

Kenshin: Kaoru-dono.

Kaoru: (running and then she lost her balance and fell in Kenshin's arms.)

*K & K were walking at the beach again.

Kenshin: Kaoru-dono.

Kaoru: Eh?

Kenshin: Kaoru-dono, this is for you. (Kenshin gave Kaoru a seashell.)

Kaoru: (smiled and when their hands met, some flashbacks of both of them were shown)

THen, they were already riding a boat. They saw everybody waiting for them on a bridge. Everybody was happy to see them (except Megumi. I don't know what she's mad about). Both of them were happy to see them, too.


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Posted 3/7/08 , edited 3/7/08
"the sky is infinitely high and crystal clear" by kintatsu. i dont know why...........but it keeps running in my head 0_o
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Posted 3/7/08 , edited 3/8/08

erimea wrote:

"the sky is infinitely high and crystal clear" by kintatsu. i dont know why...........but it keeps running in my head 0_o

i dont remember this at all silly me....

but i like it... sound refreshing...
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