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1. Please quote this post its easiler for me to respond
2. Don't rush me when im doing your orders
3. I dont accept inapporiate anime pics
4. I only accept Anime not Non- Anime....
5. Please support my icon...

Fill this form out:

Not Customized - NO PAYING

Texts on the pics:
Pictures? (high quality pic with spoiler):

Customized - NO PAYING

Text on the pics?:
Extras: (no scanlines/ no add pic)
Size? (optional):
Border? (Y/N):
Crop? (Y/N):
Pictures (high quality with spoiler):

Matching Aviis Form

Texts on the pics?:
[1] Text Color:
[2] Text Color:
[1] Color Scheme:
[2] Color Scheme:
Have you payed? (upload 3 pics with proof needed)
*meaning links or screenshots on Spoiler*
Pictures? (high quality plz):

Buying Form

Order No. #:
Text on the pics?:
Have you payed?:

Avii on Sale

Order #1

Order #2

Matching Aviis on Sale

Order #123

More Orders will be updating soon
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