[MODS] Summer Theme
Posted 6/24/10 , edited 6/25/10
Welcome to CGOC. This is a group for all the Cutest Gurlz on CrunchyRoll. This group was originally created by the wonderful Amber on August 23, 2008. We are like a family here, so we welcome you all.
We Offer ;
&& More
Moderators ;
daLovedd_xoxoAnthea // Anthea
SilenceIsScreaming // Amber
bubblez_1995 // Melisa
Unluckystargirl // Daizy
ImYummyChocolates // Amanda
Theme ;
The theme was made by Amanda, and is for summer. The picture credits go to DeviantArt.com & Photobucket.com

**we also need an avii, banner, && some type of picture that can be made into links
picture links ;
member pictures

***please use the same type of bubble font//cursive font? for the avii,profile, banner, and headers. the writing on the profile needs to be in a more plain, readable font. Please see the avii we have now for an example on the traditional CGOC fonts

****pictures for this theme

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