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Night Sky


I sighed.

“I did forget it, didn’t I…”

I shook my head as I got up, apologizing to my friends as I left to get what I’d forgotten. Actually, the close party air was getting to me; I wanted to go home early.

I sighed again once I got outside, into the cool night air.

“It’s not like they’re going to miss me much anyways.” The party was almost over, at two in the morning.

I stepped lightly down the front steps, and down the path. The sound of music and chatter from inside the house faded and then disappeared as I got to the street.

I didn’t live all that close, but it would be a good walk. The air was clear, and so were the skies. I looked up as I walked, identifying the stars and constellations above me.

I turned down another road. It was a long road, with not as many houses on it.

I liked taking this way home; it was peaceful.

I began to pay less and less attention to what was in front of me, and looked more and more up at the stars.

I should have been paying more attention, or I wouldn’t have bumped into him head on at a deserted corner.

“Uh, oh, so sorry…!” I looked in front of me at the person I’d bumped into.

Nothing but starlight illuminated him; his light blue eyes, messy, dirty blond hair, the somewhat bewildered smile on his face.

“Oh, sorry about that. Too busy looking up at the stars to look where I was going!” He looked up. “It’s such a beautiful night.”

I smiled suddenly. “Yeah.” I looked up again as well, and then back down at him at the same time as he looked back down.

We both smiled, and tried to start talking at the same time.

“I’m Selena, by the way…”

“My name’s Stern…!”

I couldn’t help laughing a little. He didn’t seem to mind; he had a smile on too.

“Anyways, which way are you going?” He looked over at me for a second.

I blinked. That’s right…! I was going somewhere, wasn’t I? “Ah, I’m heading that way,” I pointed North.

My house was South of here.

But for some reason, I wanted to stay with this stranger for a little longer.

“I’ll walk you then. It’s too late at night for a girl to be walking alone…”

I grinned and nodded. “Okay.” I was eighteen; I could handle myself just fine. But his offer made me smile nonetheless. I was praying to myself that he was at least eighteen himself.

As we walked down the street, we talked. It came so easily to us; he was so easy to open up to. I must have told him enough for him to determine my personality pretty well. I know I got the gist of his, and I liked what I saw.

We didn’t even pay attention as we stopped at a park. Laying in the grass and looking up at the sky as we talked, told jokes and stories, laughed. It seemed too perfect.

I could tell we had something. His number was already in my phone, and he had mine. I knew how old he was; 19, I knew that his favorite color was yellow, I knew he used to be afraid of the dark.

“But I welcome the dark now. You can’t see the stars if it’s not dark out.”

And we both loved the night sky.

I could see things in a month; people would be saying we looked so good together, we’d hold hands and smile at what they said. We’d be seriously dating a few days after that. Some day in the not so distant future, we’d get married and live somewhere where there were no city lights to get between us and the stars. We’d raise two or three children to love the sky and the simple things, and we’d grow old together, still gazing up at the night sky.

I could tell he could see it too.

As the morning rays obscured my view of the stars, I realized what time it must have been.

“Oh, wow. We talked all night!” I yawned and rubbed my eyes. “I should probably get home now… Mum’ll kill me if she finds out I never went home.”

Stern smiled, then playfully hit me for giving him the ever-contagious yawn.

We walked out of the park, up to the road. I could have sworn I looked both ways.

We crossed the road, and all I could hear was the blaring honking of a truck.

The next thing I knew, everything was black. Nothing hurt, surprisingly. It must have stopped in time…! I opened my eyes, and was surprised to see that I was looking up. I was on the ground.

“Eh?” I sat up. I felt strangely… numb. Surely there would have been more pain.

I rubbed my head, and looked around me. Standing up slowly, I glanced at Stern, next to me. He was up as well.

The truck was stopped, and the driver got out frantically. “Oh my God, are you kids alright?!”

I nodded, and smiled. “Ah, yeah, I’m f-”

“Gotta call an ambulance…” The truck driver fumbled in his pockets for a cell phone, and didn’t even look at Stern or me.

“Oh, no need for that, we’re fi-”

The other end had already picked up. “Hello? I just… Two kids… they came out of nowhere and I hit them…” The driver continued to give their location.

I looked at Stern, and I could tell he was just as confused as I was.

I frowned, and reached out for the driver’s arm.

He got startled and jumped, looking down at the place I’d touched.

“Mister, it’s okay, we’re not hurt.” I let go of his arm, and he rubbed the spot I’d touched, looking around.

“He can’t hear you. Or see you, for that matter.”

I looked up and cross the street. At the corner, an older man stood leaning against a street light.

“W-what?” Stern had noticed the man as well.

“Just what I said. They can’t see or hear you. Well, what you consider to be ‘you’ right now.”

I looked around, and then saw them. Stern and I, our bodies on the ground. There was blood pooling on the ground beneath us. My hand came to my mouth as I realized.

But I didn’t feel sick. This sort of thing would have had me feeling nauseous normally.

Stern looked angry, and turned to the man, who was now making his way toward us.

“They can only see that,” he said, pointing at the bodies on the ground.

Stern frowned. “Then how can you see us?”

The man looked down and smiled knowingly. “I’m not alive, either. I died ten years ago- I’ve long forgotten how, or what my life was like. Don’t even know what my name was. Point is, my job is to tell people they’re dead. Sometimes it takes a while for them to realize.”

I frowned. “But if my body’s still there, how was I able to touch the driver…? He felt my hand, and I could feel his jacket clearly.”

The man frowned as well. “In rare cases, when a person has strong thoughts of the future, the soul remains solid…” He reached out and his hand passed through mine. “See, I’m not solid. What you see is the shape of my soul.”

“Well then what about us?” Stern reached out and touched my shoulder to prove we were both still ‘solid.’

“Your souls must have been looking into your futures. In rare cases, the soul can see what its future will be like – without the interruption of death, that is.”

I blushed as I realized I’d been thinking about a future with Stern. I looked over at him, and realized he must have been thinking about something along the same lines. We both looked at the man in front of us.

“So… our souls think they’re solid still… but people can’t see or hear us?”

He nodded. “It usually takes 24 hours for the soul to adjust to being dead.”

“And…. What happens after that?” I was almost afraid to hear the answer.

The man smiled, and said, “Who knows?”

He’d walked away just after that, leaving Stern and me standing and trying to stay out of the way as the ambulance arrived, and the police questioned the truck driver.

The medics pronounced us dead. The police searched for our identifications. The ran a search on us, found our families’ numbers, and made a call that I couldn’t listen to.

“L-let’s not stick around here…” I heard Stern voice my own opinion, and nodded.

When we were far enough away to not hear or see the scene, we sat down in the grass.

“What now…?” I asked, looking down at my feet. We were dead. There was nothing left to do, was there?

Stern was silent for a long time. “I… don’t know.”

There was another long silence. We were both trying to accept the fact that we were dead.

Suddenly, I started sobbing. It was finally sticking in my head that I would never see any of that future I’d imagined. I would never see my parents again, my friends, never go to College or get a job.

I felt Stern’s arm go around my shoulders for support, and leaned into his comfort. He didn’t say anything as I cried; he just stayed with me and made sure I knew he was there.

I don’t know how long I was crying. All I know is that when I was finally able to calm down, the sun had come up. It was a new day, but I was dead.

Stern was dead too. I was amazed at his willpower. He was obviously upset, but he seemed to be accepting the truth.

I was calm again, but his arm stayed around me.

I knew my parents must have learned of my death by now. I sighed, and looked down again.

“I… wanna see my family…”

I could feel him nodding. “Let’s go, then.”

He stood up, and helped pull me up with him. He sheltered me with his arm again as we walked. I think he could tell I was really shocked.

We came to my house, and I looked up. It must have been around nine in the morning.

“Wanna come in?” I asked him. He thought for a few moments, and nodded.

I stepped up to the door, and slowly opened it. I was careful not to make a sound so my parents and brothers wouldn’t worry.

I walked to the living room. My mom was on the loveseat with my father, and my brothers sat together on the couch. My mom was crying, and the boys were silent.

“… Mom…” I stepped closer. I knew I couldn’t touch them, or I would freak them out. I could feel the tears coming again, as well as Stern’s hand reaching out for mine. I held it in as I squeezed his hand tight, clinging to the only thing I could.

Before I realized, I was talking again. “Mom… I’m sorry I didn’t do the dishes the other day…”

I was dead, and that was all I could think to say to my mother? And she couldn’t even hear me.

“I’m sorry for using your favorite lip stick to write on the walls when I was little… I’m sorry you’ll never get to see me get married or give you grandchildren… I’m sorry, Mom…!” I tried to rush up to my mother and hug her, but Stern held me back. His firm grip on my hand kept me in place, and I started crying again.

It only lasted a few minutes this time, and when I was done, I glanced at Stern, wiping away my tears. “Sorry I’m such a pansy…”

He smiled sadly, and shook his head. “Cry all you need, Selena.”

I took a deep breath, and decided I was okay for the moment. But I didn’t want to be here for much longer.

“Well…” I left the living room, and made my way down the hallway. Stern followed close by, even as I entered my own room.

“Erm, excuse the mess.” There were a few articles of clothing scattered across the floor. One of them was a bra, no doubt. I wasn’t paying attention.

I ruffled through the things on my desk, and took out a small box with a lock on it.

Around my neck was a small key, and I slipped it into the lock, opening the box.

“These are my most precious things…”

Stern nodded, and smiled. “It’s good that you kept them safe like this.”

I nodded slightly and took out the necklace that was in the box. My great grandmother had given it to me when I was five, and had died a few years later.

I took out each item, and told Stern the stories behind them all.

The last thing, at the bottom was a note my best friend and I had passed between us some time during our Junior year.

I smiled as I looked over it, reading what we’d written, and remembering how I’d gotten in trouble for laughing out loud at the last line.

“Can we… got to her place, too?” I felt bad for dragging Stern all over the place.

He smiled and nodded. “Whatever will make you feel better…”

I smiled, and locked the box back up, placing it back where it was. My family would be able to open it with the real key, around my neck… the other neck.

I opened the window in my room, and climbed out onto my roof. “I used to get outside this way,” I told Stern as he followed me with a smile.

I walked over to the edge of the roof, where a tree with thick branches reached the spot. I made the small leap into the first branch, and climbed down carefully but swiftly. I’d done it so many times that it was second nature.

I landed on the ground with a soft thump, and looked up to make sure Stern was fine.

When he was done as well, we walked in the direction of my friend’s house. I was sure my family had called her to let her know… And everyone on Facebook would know by bow…

It took half an hour to walk to her house. As I stood in front of her house, all the years flashed by. Our first meeting, in fourth grade, when we were both new to the school… seventh grade, the only two in the whole middle school playing the viola. Our high school years, still best friends, flashed by.

I reached to my left, and Stern’s hand found mine. I needed the comfort.

I walked around to the back. Her window was on the first floor, in the back.

I tapped on the window gently. It had been our code before.

In seconds, she was at the window, opening it and sticking her head out. It was close enough for my to reach out and touch, but I had to keep myself from doing it.

She leaned back into her room, and sighed. Her eyes were red; she’d been crying, too.

I could see her thoughts, wondering why she’d hoped I would actually be at the window, as if I wasn’t dead.

Her hand was on the windowsill, and I reached out and put mine on top of hers. She almost jumped, and looked down.

“Sel….” She was about to cry again, and I frowned. I didn’t want her to cry!


I lifted my hand, and backed up. “Let’s go,” I said to Stern, who merely nodded and reached for my hand again. I loved that he could tell just when I needed to feel his hand in mine…

It was just past noon now, and we were sitting in the sun. We had to avoid the benches, for fear of someone trying to sit on us.

So we were in the grass again. My legs were pulled up to me, and I had my arms around them. Stern sat with his legs crossed, leaning back on one hand. The other one was rubbing my back. I’d started crying again. I hated that I could only cry.

“I used to come here a lot with Benjamin…” I mused, thinking out loud.

Stern nodded slowly.

“I know he liked me as more than a friend…” I mumbled. “I thought I liked him the same way for a while, actually. It was only recently I realized he was just an important friend… I never got to tell him how much I cared about him, though.”

I sighed, and glanced at the bench.

I was surprised to see the very person I was talking about sit down at the bench. I watched him as he leaned back in the bench. He knows…

He sat brooding, with his hands in his pockets. He looked up through the tree branches above him at a plane flying high above. The roar of the engines was a gentle rumble from this distance.

“Aw, gees. He’s so pessimistic… this must be hard for him… me dying and all…”

Stern looked over at me with a frown. “Why don’t you… tell him how you feel?” There was caring in his eyes. I nodded, and stood up and made my way over there. Stern stayed sitting where he was and watched me.

“Hey, Ben…” I sat on the bench next to him, looking forward. I could feel Stern look away. Maybe he was embarrassed? Or jealous? Either option made me want to giggle. But not now.

“Ben, I know how you felt about me… I’m sorry I never let you know how I actually felt.” I looked down. It felt almost silly to be saying this. The only person that could hear me was Stern.

“I know you can’t hear me, but I wanted to tell you anyways. There was a while where I loved you, you know. I was just too scared to tell you. I was hoping my actions would speak for themselves. But, you never made a move, so I started doubting my feelings.” I looked up at the sky and leaned back. “But I realized lately, that you’re… just a great friend to me. I care about you so much, but I don’t love you like that… Anyways… I just wanted to let you know…”

I stood up, but looked down as I felt something brush against my hand.

Ben had reached out slowly. Maybe I’d gotten through to him somehow? Just a little?

His hand came back to him, and he smiled sadly and looked down.

“I got it…” He said quietly. He was talking to himself, but I felt as if he was talking to me.

I smiled and backed up, making my way back to where Stern sat.

I decided then and there that I didn’t want to make the same mistake I’d made with Ben.

“I love you,” I said quietly as Stern reached out to take my hand.

He nodded, with a smile on his face. “I love you, too.” He said, closing his eyes and looking down.

I’d convinced him to go to the people important in his life now. He led me to his home.

“Um… before we go in… I told you last night that my family was a bit... different from yours. My mom won’t be crying…”

I nodded, and followed him in.

As we entered his home, the first thing I noticed about it was the neatness of everything. It looked almost as if I was inside one of those magazines selling home furnishings.

We made our way through the home, looking for people. “Mom’ll be in her room…”

I looked at him, and didn’t understand until I got to her room.

We stepped in, and I gasped. “I… I didn’t realize…”

His mother sat up in bed. She had a blank expression in her eyes. She looked around, asking for “Tanya.”

A girl walked into the room. “Mommy… What is it?” The girl’s eyes were red, just as Kerrie’s had been. She’d been the one to pick up the phone when the police called.

“Where’s Stern?” She asked, her eyes hopeful.

Tanya looked like she was about to cry. “Stern’s… dead, mom…” She reached out to take her mother’s hand.

The woman in bed didn’t look daunted. She was silent for a few moments, and then said, “Is it time for my pills yet? Stern always gives me my pills at three o’clock.”

Tanya, who must be the little sister Stern had been talking about last night, rested her head on the edge of the bed. “Mommy, he’s dead…!”

The woman smiled in a silly manner, and hummed a tune.

Stern looked down. I felt guilty now, having dragged him here to witness such a scene.

“She… had a stroke three years ago. She was never the same…”

This time it was me who reached a comforting hand out to hold his.

“You… should go talk to them…” It had actually helped me to talk to the people I’d known. I was able to get out the feelings that had been bottled until then.

He nodded, and stepped forward, and I was about to stay behind at the door. But he didn’t let go of my hand as he stepped forward, so I followed.

“Mom, I… I want to let you know that the last hours of my life… were really happy.” He squeezed my hand slightly. “I… met a girl, and I really like her… I know that’s what you wanted for me, Mom…” He smiled slightly, and reached out to brush the lose bangs off his mother’s face.

His mother looked in his direction at the touch of his hand. “Stern?” She asked, smiling brightly.

Tanya started sobbing, thinking her mother had gotten even worse. “Mommy, he’s dead!”

Stern looked down at his younger sister, now seventeen years old, and the pain was clear. “Tanya, don’t cry… I wasn’t ever the best brother to you…”

He’d told me last night that one time he’d put a frog in her shoe.

But that didn’t matter. An older brother was an older brother, no matter what.

We stayed there for only a few more minutes. Stern at least wanted to wait until his sister stopped crying. I think tears were his weakness. He just could not leave someone who was crying, and I loved that about him.

When we stepped outside, it must have been about six.

I looked over at him. “Is… there anyone else you wanna see…?”

He smiled and shook his head. He looked over at me. “I can’t think of anything I’d want to say to anyone else…”

I reached for his hand again, and we walked toward that park we’d spent all night in.

Now that I thought about it, I wasn’t tired at all. It must have been because we were dead. Our souls didn’t need the sleep our bodies did. And since our bodies had entered into that eternal sleep, we would never need to sleep again.

It was ironic.

We only had one more night.

What’s going to happen once our souls adjust…?

I was scared to think that I might never see Stern, or anyone I love, in the afterlife.

“Hey…” I started.

We were sitting in that same park again. We were sitting in a tree, in two adjacent branches.

“Yeah?” He looked around the trunk at me.

“What do you think is going happen to us…?”

He was quiet for a while, and said, “I don’t know…”

“Do you think there’s an afterlife?”

He shrugged. “I think there has to be something. If life just… ended, when you died, how would we be here still?”

I nodded. That did make sense… “I really hope there’s something…”

Stern closed his eyes, and sighed. I could tell he was leaning his head on the trunk of the tree.


I looked over at him. “Yeah?”

He smiled a little, and said, “I really do think I love you…”

I blushed, and looked down. “Actually… It’s embarrassing, but just before we… died… I was thinking about a future with you.” I saw his lips curl into a bigger smile.

“I was too. It must have been that that allowed us to have this extra time…”

I looked down. “It’s not fair…”

He nodded.

“We both know it… we were going to get married, and live somewhere where the sky was beautiful… We had our whole lives ahead of us, and we get hit by a truck…”

He tilted his head and took a few moments before he answered. “I don’t think it’s that bad.” He jumped out of the tree.

I slipped down after him, bewildered. “How? We’re DEAD.”

He smiled over at me, and said, “Yeah, there’s that. But we met.”

My surprise faded, and I looked down.

“A lot of people never meet their soul mates. But we met. Sure, we were only living knowing each other for a few hours… but those were some pretty nice hours….” He sat down in the grass, and laid back so he could see the now darkening sky. The first few stars were visible as the sun set.

After a few seconds, I laid down next to him and looked up. “Yeah, they were…” I looked over at him, and suddenly felt like crying again. It had gotten easier to avoid the tears as the day wore on, but the thought of never seeing Stern again created a hole in my heart.

“Hey, don’t cry, Selena…” He reached over and took my hand.

“We had a great few hours, but I want so many more of them!” I knew it was selfish of me to want to be with him more, but I didn’t care. I loved him, and wanted to see that future made real.

Dead people can’t get married, or have children. We didn’t even know what came after death. Would we ever see each other again?

“There were too many things we never got to do…” I blinked away the tears. “We never got to have our parents meet, never met each others’ friends or went on any dates…” I closed my eyes, not wanting to think about the blush in my cheeks and not wanting the tears to overflow. “Never got to kiss…”

I heard the rustle of grass and clothes, and when I opened my eyes, Stern was leaning over my head from the side. “You’re worried about that…?”

I sat up, and turned toward him. I wonder what it felt like for him to kiss me as I cried. There was no one else in the park at this time, with the stars out.

The kiss didn’t seem to last long enough, and he looked at me as he held my cheek on his hand. “I can kiss you all night if it’ll make you feel better… I’ll try to make up for our lost time.” He kissed me again, and again, and again.

The first kiss had been light, almost a peck. They got longer, more adventurous. I eventually stopped crying, and just hugged him close.

I fell back, and he got over me, pinning me down between his arms. “I love you,” he said into my ear.

“I love you too…” It didn’t matter where we were. The fact that we were in public flew away with the fact that others could not see or hear us.

I was glad for not needing to sleep that night. All my time, all my attention, all my love, belonged to Stern in those hours before the unknown.

As the sun started to rise, I could still feel his touch. Every part of me belonged to him, no matter if I was dead or alive.

I hugged him tight, not wanting to let go. We were still solid for the time being, I could still feel him, so I didn’t let go.

“Stern… It’s almost time, isn’t it?” I looked up his chest to his face. He nodded.

“I can feel it… or rather, there are things I can’t feel. But I can still feel you…”

My arms around his bare chest tightened. Right in front of my face was the ring on a chain he’d been wearing under his shirt when he died. I hadn’t asked him about it before because I hadn’t seen it until now.

I did now. “What’s the story behind this ring…?”

He looked down at it, and smiled. “It’s the ring my dad gave to my mom when they got married…” He smiled sadly. “He died when I was five, and my mom gave it to me… to give to a girl I really liked…”

He lifted the ring from around his neck, and put it around my own, so that it fell gently to my own bare chest. “So I want you to have it… even if we disappear soon, I want you to have it.”

I could feel the tears coming again, and the look on Stern’s face as he wiped them away brake my heart. He leaned closer, and kissed me again.

I began to panic as we started to go through each other. “No… not yet…!”

The harder I tried to hold onto him, and the harder he tried to keep hold of me, the less solid we became.

I was really crying by this time. How could I not be? The love of my life – and death – was slipping from my arms. And now I could see him getting more transparent.

He was invisible from the knees down when he told me to be happy. “Selena… be happy, do it for me, no matter what…”

“Stupid! How can I be happy without you?” I managed to get out through the sobs. I grasped for his hands.

His gentle smile as his hands went through mine made me cry out his name more, and the rest of him disappeared.

He was gone, and I let myself fall to the ground.

“It seems like you can go back.”

I didn’t even hear the man that had told Stern and me when we died. He came from behind me, and touched my shoulder.

I closed my eyes.

When I opened them, everything was white.

I felt so numb. Was it my numb heart, or was I actually unable to feel things?

“You’re awake.” It was that man’s voice.

“Where am I?”

“You’re nowhere, and everywhere at once. For the moment.”

I paused. “Where’s Stern…?”

“He’s… gone. Because he disappeared before you did, he asked that you be allowed to live. He offered his place in the world for you to live, you should be happy.”

“… No…”

“You don’t have a choice, now. You’ll be back in your body any minute now.”

“Just once… I want to talk to Stern again!”

“That is not possible.”

“No, let me out of here!”

“See you later, when you die. Again.”

I opened my eyes again, this time seeing the ceiling of a room in the hospital.

I couldn’t move my arms all that well. My legs were bruised, and my whole body was in pain.
But none of it compared to the pain in my heart.

I slowly turned my head to the left and to the right.

My mother was asleep in a chair nearby.

“… Mom….?”

She suddenly woke up, and looked around. She saw me, and rushed to my side.

“Selena!!” The tears of joy in her eyes dropped onto the white sheets covering me.

“… Mom… what happened… to the guy with me… when I got hit?”

It took me a while to get the words out, as my jaw was stiff, and hurt. I felt, well, as if I’d been hit by a truck.

My mother blinked, and frowned. “Dear… he didn’t even make it to the hospital…”

“His… family…? Where are they?”

My mother looked at me, perplexed. “I… I don’t know, dear.” She fussed over my sheets.

I fell silent, not even able to cry any more.

Had it all been a dream?

I was told I’d been unconscious when they found me.

I clearly remembered them pronouncing me dead, and zipping me up in one of those long, body-sized bags.

They told me my parents had come directly to the hospital, and that my mother had not left since yesterday morning.

I clearly remembered her sobbing in my living room.

Was it really all just a dream?

I tried to lift my hand, to see if that ring was still around my neck. I couldn’t reach, and let my hand fall down at my side again, as I drifted to sleep.

The next time I woke up, my whole family was in the room.

They crowded my bed, told me how glad they were to see me awake.

I barely listened. I barely even remember those few days where I was too weak to move.

The only thing I really remember is finally lifting my hand to my neck, and feeling that ring there.

The tears fell from my eyes then, and I fell back asleep.

I asked a nurse to call Stern’s sister at one point. This I remember well.

I remember when she came in; eyes still red from crying, even after the weeks that had passed.

“T-Tanya…?” I looked at her from where I sat up in the bed.

She looked at me, and said, “Yes…? So you’re the one that was with Stern… when he…”

I nodded, and looked down.

“I… I want to ask you a question…”

Tanya pulled up a chair closer to the bed, and nodded. “Go ahead.”

I took a deep breath, and said it. “Your mother… is she okay…?”

Tanya looked down. “So he told you about mom…?” When she looked back up at me, she looked as if she was going to cry again. “Every day… she asks where Stern is, when he’s going to give her the pills…” Tanya shook her head. “I’m not sure if she’ll ever understand that he’s… gone…”

Her answer assured me that that day I spent with Stern really had happened. We really did go to our families, we really did kiss, really did…

I was quiet for a moment, and then reached toward my neck to lift the ring out from under my shirt. “Stern… gave this to me… Uh, before we got hit…”

Tanya could only stare at her mother’s old ring.

I almost cried as I explained. “We... met when I was on the way home that night from a friend’s house… We ended up talking until dawn.” I wasn’t embarrassed to say it any more. “I could honestly see myself a few years from now as his wife… And then he gave me this…” I wiped away the tears trickling down my cheek. “I only knew him for… one night, but I know I’ve never loved anyone as much as I loved him….”

I held my head, crying harder. “Why did he…”

Tanya reached out and touched my hand, looking pained. “Yeah…” She didn’t ask for her mother’s ring back, didn’t call me stupid for thinking I loved someone after only one day, she just held onto my hand, and all I could think about was Stern holding my hand through that day.

I was discharged from the hospital a month after the accident.

But I wasn’t really okay.

My heart still ached, without Stern.

I kept in touch with his sister, though. We became good friends quickly.

It wasn’t very long before I tried to take my own life, though.

The first time, I failed. My body rejected the pills, threw them up and left me unconscious in my bedroom. I was in the hospital for another week, and had counseling until they said I was good.

You see, life just wasn’t worth anything to me anymore. The only reason I hadn’t wanted to die by the end of that day was because Stern was with me then. He wasn’t now.

The second attempt to take my life was stopped before I could go through with it.

My mom found me before I could go through with it, and took my to the therapist right away.

They don’t understand that I don’t want to live. I truly want to die.

I just need to be with Stern again…

I was walking home one day, not even thinking about anything. Nothing but the night with Stern. I just wanted to feel him holding me again. If I could hear him whisper my name with a smile I would have given anything.

I wasn’t looking as I crossed the street.

The next thing I saw was whiteness. It had been half a year since that day I met the love of my life, since we got hit by a truck.

And now I was dead. Again. I smiled, and let the tears trickle down. I just laid there in the whiteness.

“Well, you got what you wanted, didn’t you?”

I looked over at the man standing there.

“Where’s Stern…?” I didn’t want to move until I knew where he was.

“Right through that door.” The man pointed, I stood, went through the door.

And disappeared forever.
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WOO =w=
-reads- ♥
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that was......... that was just......
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ugh really!? too much sadness in your stories!!!

well at least Selena got what she wished for in the end, and it made her happy!

One thing that I was really hoping for in the story and good thing it did happen was when Ben replied after Selena talked to him. Even though he couldn't hear her, that was really one of the best things I liked in the story.

That and the fact that even though they're both ghosts, people can still feel that they're there.

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23 / F / o-o places =3
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awwwwwwwwwww <3
;w; i just couldnt stop reading at all >o<
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owo thanks for the comments ^^

Yesss, I feel REALLY accomplished when I can keep even Kinnie reading straight through |D

Sad story.
But @ Defychan :: The way I ended it, it's up to the reader really. I never said FOR SURE she sever saw Stern again D:
The way I saw it as I wrote it was that she didn't, actually. She disappeared forever. Her pain didn't hurt her anymore, but that's just because she... wasn't there.
But I didn't want to make it like that for EVERYONE, so I ended it with a bit of an open ending, so the reader could interpret it how they wanted ^^
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