Whose more annoying? The pretty conceited person or the ugly conceited person?
Posted 6/25/10 , edited 6/25/10
Id have to go with the ugly conceited person because honestly you have no reason to be conceited. I know beauty is in the eye of beholder but this ugly boy in one of my class kept throwing me kisses and thought I liked him. He thought he was "Fine" but wasn't indeed. He talks about how many girls he get and I'm like in my head "Who are you trying to fool?!" LMFAO.

There was another situation having to do with a ugly conceited girl... no offence she is not pretty at all and she thought she was pretty because she had a huge ass and a body but her face my god..lemme not get started. She walked down the school hallway as if she was a super model or the "shit" So one day some boy was day dreaming in the class and he was not surely looking at her ass and the conceited girl was like "Stop staring at my ass to see if it's going to clap" Everybody just started laughing and was like "eww" The kid was embarrassed and angry as fuck. Eversince then he just have been so friken mean to her, he and his friend

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