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Posted 6/26/10 , edited 6/26/10
We're going to AX (Anime Expo) on Friday through Sunday this year.

We had only gone on Saturday last year, doing the day trip, which is definitely the less expensive way to go ($20 day parking vs. a $200 hotel room). But, we had so much fun at AX in 2009, that we decided to expand our visit this year.

Christine & I like the J-Pop music at AX, so we’re going to AX Idol, The Battle of the Bands, and have tickets for the SOPHIA concert on Saturday.

There's the AX workshops covering everything from "How to do Origami" to "Coloring Manga with Photoshop". Dozens of Anime Industry Panels, hundreds of dealers in the Main Exhibit Hall, and then there is cosplay (lots & lots of cosplay)!

For anyone interested in going to AX 2010, check out the PDF event schedule at their website ( ). See what is happening on each day of the convention & what is not, decide what you want to see before you leave the house.

Give yourself some options of events to attend & extra time between them, the LA Convention Center is HUGE. Also, AX host about 45,000 Anime fans, so be prepare for sold-out events and long waiting lines for those lucky enough to get in. Know as much as you can about AX before you go (schedules, tickets, maps, & rules), get some rest the days before, take it slow & easy, be flexible, and enjoy...

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Posted 6/27/10 , edited 6/27/10
Hey there~

I mentioned this at the meeting, but I will be going Saturday and Sunday. Wish I could be there longer, but that's my crazy work schedule for you. I missed the last couple of AX because of my messed-up work schedule. I last went in 2007.

I'll be taking the train down. Like Selphie, I like trains I wish Amtrak had a more frequent schedule, but oh well.

I'll be staying at the Miyako Hotel in Little Tokyo. Wonderful location, deep in the heart of Little Tokyo, and very reasonable price for the service you get.

Metro Rail has station stops in Little Tokyo and near the convention center (Pico, Blue Line) so transportation in downtown Los Angeles is no problem.

I'm mostly a cosplay photo hunter, so I'll be wandering around a bit. Also, I haven't seen the new hotel or L.A. Live up close yet, so I'll be looking at that as well....[email protected]/sets/72157606210295593/

Selphie likes trains:
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