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Posted 6/27/10 , edited 6/27/10
Hey guys. Shaxyel here. Just wanted to make sure that if you visit my chatbox, CrystalBallroom, you know a few rules to follow. Some of these rules are strictly enforced, but exceptions can be made on certain occasions.

1.) No discussing breasts or ecchi. The number one reason I made this chatbox was to get away from the perverts out there who constantly made fun of my small breasts and always talked about how big breasts were so wonderful and all that. That's not gonna happen here. I'm not the only one in the chatbox who doesn't like that topic, either.
2.) Keep spamming and keyboard mashing to a minimum. The only exception to keyboard mashing is if everyone does it just a little bit and it stops after a while or if someone asks us to stop. We must be considerate of others.
3.) No flaming people. I am a very lenient chatbox owner and I allow cursing, but I don't tolerate flaming. Unless you're defending yourself against an old enemy, don't flame. There's a fine line between defense and just plain flaming, and I WILL be able to tell which is which.
4.) Don't ask to become a mod or an owner. The only people who become owners are people who I've met in real life (or Apple-addict) and the only people who become mods are people who roleplay with me.
5.) Be sure to invite people and have fun! This won't be enforced, but the Ballroom gets very lonely sometimes. So bring a friend or two to help bring the Ballroom to life. But if you know someone who may break any of these rules, with the exception of #4, please reconsider inviting them.
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Posted 6/27/10 , edited 6/27/10
Personal threads aren't allowed, man.
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Posted 6/27/10 , edited 6/28/10
No Personal Threads allowed.

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