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Cool, thanks for using my idea. I'll be the first!

Name: Setara Kurione

Meaning: Setara is Afghan for "Star" and her surname Kurione means "Sea Angel"

Age: 13

Hair: Long, brown hair that goes maybe halfway down her back, with a strand of hair hanging on the left side.

Eyes: Blue

First appearance: Fan-made Episode: The Middle School Idol is our Enemy!? Pri!

Princess: The Little Mermaid (Ariel)

Symbol (Like, Apple, moon, etc…): Sea Shell/Diamond with Darkness wings

Ma-Pet: Crab (has yet to be named)/Raven

Normal Clothes: Normally her school uniform, which is a blue two-piece Sailor suit with white socks and black slip-on shoes. When not in school or working she usually wears a black skirt with a white t-shirt and a matching black jacket and knee-high black boots. When working, however, her outfits vary.

Princess Outfit (Main: Princess Fairytale): A two-piece outfit, consisting of a light purple, almost lavender haltar top. Where the two straps come together is a sea shell pendant, and attached to that are two sea-green hang offs. (See pic.) The second piece is a long purple skirt that splits halfway down, with a sea-green waist line. And the outfit is completes with purple sandals, and a white and sea-green microphone. Her hair does not change much, only becoming longer, with a shell barrette above her wrist.

*Outfits other than this Vary depending on the card.

Family: She lives with both parents, and her mother is her manager. Unfortunately though, her mother can get “Star struck” and sometimes pushes her towards being a “bouncy” idol. (Even though Setara doesn’t care for them.)

Personality: Setara is described as the “cool” type, she’s relatively nice but likes to keep to herself, meaning her private life is private and her work life is just that, a work life. She is, however, beyond willing to help those in need and never backs out of projects or tasks, no matter how hard they get.

Biography/History: Setara is, by profession a singer/idol, who is referred to as “Middle School Idol Setara-Chan,” because she’s in second-year middle school. She’s not a bouncy idol, as most of her songs have deep meaning, or solemn melodies. She meets the Lilpri girls through unusual and evil circumstances, being possessed by a released “witch” of fairyland.

The story behind this is that while the queen sends yet another Ma-pet to find someone to help Lilpri, this pet is followed by an unknown evil. When he reached Setara, a dark aura forms around them and this unnamed with makes a raven appear. The raven swoops down and grabs the ma-pet’s gem, then hands it off to the woman. She then throws the ma-pet off an possesses the gem, turning it red instead of light green, it then forms as a black bracelet around Setara’s wrist, and instead of turning her into a princess it turns her into just the opposite, and evil being who is dubbed “Sasorina.”

And while Lilpri’s singing produces Happiness Tones, Sasorina’s hypnotizes people and produces “Sadness tones” that counteract and erase the happiness tones. Not only that. But if strong enough it can and will reverse Lipri’s transformation!
This possession, however does not affect her real-life personality, however, she is fully aware of it and listens to both the raven and her mistress until Lilpri becomes strong enough to purify the gem and give her her right Hime Chen.

When Purified she becomes their ally and friend, even more so when they learn that she gets to meet and perform with Wish (Whom she sees as just another guy.) doing a duet version of his song.

Sasorina Outfit: A simple black dress with black elbow-length gloves and a red sash that has the diamond symbol on the right side. The skirt is layered with an off-black layer below the first and runs just above her knees. Her hair not only gets longer but curls at the end, and instead of a seashell and diamond barrette now rests just above her bangs. The outfit is completes with a pair of knee-high black boots.

Pic: (I don’t have a full picture, just sketches of outfits and microphones, but it gives an idea…)

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Name: Airi
Princess: Sleeping Beauty (Briar Rose)
Appearance: Long Blonde hair and clear brown eyes.
First Appearance: A New Princess? Pri!
Clothes: Normal: Hair in ponytail. always wears a ruffled blue tank top wtih a yellow layered skirt.
Hime-Chen: A Pink Dress With a rose in the middle. long blond hair in waves
Discription: is really kind and always sleepy :)
Can't find apic
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Name: Karin Takashiro

Age: (same age as Ringo,Natsuki,Leila)pretend age 11

Princess:Alice in Wonderland(Does that count?)

Hair:golden brown hair(Short like Amu's hair) wears a small blue flower pin and Ties it

Eyes: Golden brown more like honey

First appearance: The New Play and Alice!? Pri!

Clothes(Normal):Wears A Yellow T-shirt with A White Star in the middle Blue Short Pants with Suspenders loose.Red sneakers,and white legwarmers with White arm cuffs.

Clothes(Hime-Chen):Wears a Apron dress and the layer of the dress is blue and the apron is white it has laces and ruffles and wears Black Open toe shoes with short stripe Socks pattern
On the Middle of her apron is a Gold clock on the middle. And some card patterns on the end of her dress.

Symbol: Golden Clock

Personality: Energitic,Athletic,Likes to draw Manga,Eats alot

Family:Karin has 1 Younger sister name Maki and a older brother name Satoshi she has mom but no dad ,So her brother takes cares of the work.

Biography:Karin Is a Elementry school girl With The ablilty to have Incredible Speed.She is very athletic But hates Volleyball ,and Football.She also likes to draw manga About her life. Shes not a fan of Wish and thinks he is a Poser who takes Girls hearts.She and Ringo Fights alot Because she always talk mean stuff about him.The queen sends another ma-pet For more happiness tones
the ma-pet was a Chesire cat but very energitic just like Karin.On Karin's First transformation Into a hime-chen She accdenlty messed up (because she transform in a play) And Tried to act like a comedian because she doesnt know how to sing.Later on at the end she finally sings With the others and created a million of happiness tones.

After the Play Karin Finally realizes that she could be much more nicer to Ringo and make alot of new friends but one thing will never change "she will still hate Wish".

A Chesire cat


a.k.a This is a drawing from someone else i do not own this
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