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Posted 6/29/10 , edited 6/29/10

At 1pm on 26 June, Tohoshinki Member Yunho attended an event for the drama he starred in, “Yunho in No Limit ~Heading to the Ground~ Premium Event 2010” at Tokyo International Forum Hall A.

This event commemorates the release of the “No Limit ~Heading to the Ground~” DVD BOX release, and was exclusive only to those who had purchased the DVD Box. His co-star Ara also attended the event as a special guest.

The last time Yunho had appeared in front of the fans before the group went paused all activities was at the NHK Kouhaku Utagassen, so the 5000 fans who attended the event were very passionate. “I went to America to be part of Michael Jackson’s posthumous concert “THIS IS IT ” and this was what I was working hard on,” he said to the fans, smiling and showing his “healthy” appeal.

When the host asked Yunho to show his moonwalk, he said “But you didn’t make an appointment for this.. (laughs)” and showed his moonwalk nervously, causing laughter all around the hall.

During the talk, Yunho and Ara’s behind-the-scenes clips were shown for the first time. Recalling those times, Yunho naturally used his fluent Japanese to talk about it, but Ara too used quite a bit of Japanese. When the host asked about how she managed to speak so well, she revealed, “When Yunho and I talk on the phone, we use Japanese to communicate.” To that, Yunho said, “She’s just making use of me to improve her Japanese.(Laughs) I’m kidding. (Laughs)” answering jokingly in Japanese.

Talking about the 10 best scenes from the drama, Yunho recalled the scene where he had to fall into the Han River “I drank a lot of water, it was really scary. I thought of stopping in the middle of the scene, but that would mean that I would have to do it all over again, and drink even more water, so I just persisted through the scene.” He revealed that it was so agonizing that he eventually fainted for a while.

The best scene that was chose was from the Episode 16, the scene with the “Overhead kick.” He said, “I did the scene about 20 times. But because Ara and the others were chatting nearby, I felt like I needed to look good, so it was a problem.(Laughs) Thanks to them, the scene was taken in a relaxing mood, and I think it turned out cool” showing confidence.

When asked if he actually played soccer in real life, he answered, “When I was young, I played it because I was interested. However, I was not a Forward, but a Goalkeeper. (Laughs)”

Talking about soccer, we are now in the midst of the world cup season. “Bong Goon, the character I play, is a fan of Korean National Player Park Ji-Sung, and in reality, I am a fan of his too. For Japanese players, I was a fan of Hidetoshi Nakata. But now, it’s Keisuke Honda. He was decisive in the Denmark game, and his free-kick looked brilliant.” He said, showing his extensive soccer knowledge.

Finally, facing the fans, he recalled fondly, “When I first started playing the role of Bong Goon, I was very aware. But as the shooting went on, I think Bong Goon became part of me. In the process of filming, I felt like I had grown a lot, and the directors and staff were like family, watching over me. This was the kind of atmosphere we had.”

Furthermore, “It’s been a long time since I could meet everyone, so I was very happy today. I hope that I can challenge new things in the future and show you a cool side of myself, so please take care of me! I look forward to seeing you again. ” he said, causing the fans to start standing as they cheered and clapped.

The same event will be this Sunday evening for a second time, with a total turnout estimated at 10,000 people. Moreover, on 4 July, at Kobe International House (Kokusai Hall) there will be 2 more performances, with 4000 people expected to attend. With his upcoming works such as his starring role in the Korean Musical “Goong,” we are looking forward to seeing new charm from Yunho.

Drama “No Limit ~Heading to the Ground~” features Jung Yunho in his debut starring role. It was aired in Korea last year and is playing in Japan on KNTV now. This drama is released in DVD BOX I and II, and has sold 14,142 copes and 14,014 copies respectively, taking the top 2 spots in the ORICON Drama category. Taking the 2rd and 3rd positions in the overall rankings as well, this is a testament to Yunho’s popularity.

source: [Chosun Online]
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