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19 / M
Posted 6/8/11 , edited 6/8/11
Yo...Imma Nola...uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum...Apa?
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19 / On a new account...
Posted 6/12/11 , edited 6/13/11
The names Mercedes, Nicknames are Sadie or Nana.{i just like Nana DEAL WITH IT >:D}
No im not a car im a human being races are Cuban,White,Chinese.
My fave anime is, KAICHOU WA MAID SAMA :D
Fave colors Blue Gold and Silver
I was officially called ''Mercedes'' On November 20 1998 [:
Soo nice ta meet cha people ;D
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F / can you see me? r...
Posted 6/17/11 , edited 6/18/11
People call me Katie or Random. Which ever you'd like. I love anime. you can say I'm a freak in a cute way. My birthday is Oct. 1st {Libra} I like making friends. Love crunchy roll!
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F / Digimon & Pokemon...
Posted 6/26/11 , edited 6/26/11
Hello there my name is Juvairo-chan or Ju-chan im 14 years old and i like to draw and paint animes. and also i like this group I was born on 29 June!
nice to meet ya everyone!
Posted 6/28/11 , edited 6/28/11
Haiiyaz! My nicknames are either Nat-chan or Elle (none of them are my real names, mwahaha! XD)!
Maii DOB is September 30, and my sign is Libra! I am so obsessed with mangas and animes,
most of my cousins call me crazy!!! I am so in love with Rin Kagamine, and I am like her ultimate fan!
(Keep walking! Just keep walkin'!)
I was born in Austin, TX. But both of my parents are 100% Cambodian, or Khmer.
So that's it. C ya and add meh!
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24 / F / Okinawa, Japan
Posted 7/15/11 , edited 7/16/11
I'm Kris~
Love anime; adore manga.
I play with graphics a bit, but no expert by all means haha~
Just moved overseas; nice to meet you all c:
Posted 7/16/11 , edited 7/16/11
I'm Em. I'm 13 and I love to sing. Not sure what else you expect me to put here, and there isn't much more I'll say.
Posted 7/25/11 , edited 7/25/11
Heyhey everyone !
My name is Nadya >< I'm thirteen and I love kpop and kdrama~
I absolutely love SHINee, UKISS (saw one of their concerts! kekeke), and I also love HP and Glee and lots of other things lol, check out my proffie and add me up to know MOAR ~ :D
Posted 8/1/11 , edited 8/1/11
i'm evyn,
my favorite colorisblue.
i'm 13, & i love everything computerish.
Posted 8/9/11 , edited 8/9/11
well hello ppl i,m sora i,m a neko/vampire
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22 / F / どこにもない
Posted 8/28/11 , edited 8/28/11
Hello fellows~
The name is Mao, it's not a real name, but please would you just call me that? The age is 15, and might not decrease.
Female?Male?Shemale? / Indonesia / Muslim / Aries-Rat.
I guess that's all.
Posted 9/2/11 , edited 9/2/11
Hii buddies

call me chiyue, Chiyue Vellerines is my full name,
i'm 16 year old ^^, nyce to meet u all
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24 / F / mars
Posted 10/6/11 , edited 10/6/11
Mango here.
Really young.
Loves to watch anime from my iPod & media hub instead of my computer.
Going to be a graphic designer!
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23 / F / R.I.P
Posted 10/9/11 , edited 10/9/11
Ⓗ ⓞ Ⓟ ⓔ Ⓛ ⓔ Ⓢ ⓢ Ⓡ ⓞ Ⓜ ⓐ Ⓝ ⓣ Ⓘ ⓒ

яawя! fзaя mз bзotch!
Hi!:D i go by two names, Sally, Shally . why? cause im cool .i might not have a heart of gold but silver aint so bad.(: ;; sixteen&&i love my family!especially my mom&dad, even tho they annoy me alot .♥ im easily annoyed, i have low tolerance for many things, especially those who just cant shut up. i have an obsession w/ accessories, u tend to stand out more . =P i like to collect makeup, even tho i rarely wear it . wat can i say? i like to waste money on stupid things . haha. i am who i say i am,&yes, im a betch. a bitter one .(; i speak my mind, no need to hide the truth . =P i try my best to let my eyes do the hearing. believing in wat i see rather than rumors. yeah? mmkays. x]i hate to wonder, i want to know.&im willing to do watever it takes.everythin i do, i do for a reason,&that reason could be super lame . haha but hey, thats sally for ya.=P when im tired & mad i take it out on those who bothers lets just stay on my good side okay? hehe =D *its not mean to tell som1 the truth, its only mean when ur lyin* .i hate to see people down over meaninless things & i'll talk you out of it. im emotional,& sometimes, i tend to let my emotions take over . which is a negative quality that i needa get rid of.i love to laugh, its my world & i love to see others laugh . brightens up the world a little more.
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22 / M / Meditating in the...
Posted 11/12/11 , edited 11/13/11
Hey, My names Kendrick but my friends mostly cal me Kendo.

age: 15
Love anime and manga. Enjoys RPing with friends. I like to....think is that a legitimate thing to like to do. My birthday is March 12. I like to cook. I play the Tenor sax and the clarinet. I guess thats it. Nice to meet you all.
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