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Posted 8/16/10 , edited 8/16/10
gasppp! impossible!


*Owen walks in*

Owen: Man, you two totally have SHINee fever.

Danni: Pshhh, yeahh! Totally better than Bieber fever. Ugh. Never had that, never will.

Owen: Dude, don't judge that poor kid.

Danni: I wasn't! I mean, I listened to his songs before...

Owen: Yeah, like once. Then you just deleted them off your iPod.

Danni: Hey, I needed more room for my K-Pop! Korean music is my top priority.

Owen: Haha, true dat.

Danni: MORE LIKE, Melody! Did you use your super ninja skillz to get their number? 'Cause that's pwnage. LOL.

Wish: Danni, are you like one of those creepy fangirls who stalks them and sends them fan letters written in their own blood...?

Danni: HELL NO! I'm not that obsessive. God, I feel so bad for celebrities who receive stuff like that. Ugh.

Wish: Yeahh... Well I still think you're one of those.

Danni: I keel you.

- - -

Okay, seriously. I read an article awhile ago about celebrities receiving fan letters like that, and it totally freaked me out. All you fangirls/boys out there, please tone it down! They really appreciate your support, but I don't think they'd want you to show your... "love" that way. If you really want to support them, just attend their concerts, buy their albums and/or promotion things, and watch their shows. Sure, send them gifts like teddy bears or stuff, but goodness, no need for blood letters. Thank you.
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Posted 8/16/10 , edited 8/16/10
Melody: Hah! I laugh at those who have caught the Beiber fever. How can Beiber possibly compare to SHINee?
I mean, there's only one of him. Unlike SHINee, where you have five impossibly-epic-but-they-make-it-possible guys.

Simone: *throws head back* HAH! *returns to normal position* Melody? A ninja? *throws head back* HAH!

Melody: *dryly* Simone, stop that. It looks weird. *reverts back to melody-ness* And.. I AM SOOO A NINJA! *texting MinHo*
Also, that is just gross. Blood, reeeally? That's not love. *shivers* Come to think of it, I've never written an actual fan letter to anyone.

Virtue: *returns with Oreos* What's so great about this SHINee group anyways?

Melody: *puts phone away* OOOOH! OREOS! GIMMEEE! *munches*

Virtue: Hellooo? I asked about SHINee?

Melody: Yeah, yeah. *pulls out phone, plays "Ring Ding Dong" vid for Virtue, takes away Oreos from Virtue*
Knock yourself out.

Virtue: *catches phone, watches vid*

Melody: *munches* Simone, you too. *points to Virtue*

Simone: Don't talk with your mouth full, please. *watches "RDD" vid*

Virtue: Woah. *continue to watch vid* They good.
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Posted 8/7/11 , edited 8/8/11
*everyone awakens from year-long slumber*
Melody: *stretches* Wow... *looks around* What the heck's been going on? *rubs eye* Ugh, get off me Virtue. *pushes Virtue off lap*

Virtue: *jerks himself awake* WhatWhatWhat?! EH? *wipes mouth* Ew, DROOL!? What the hell?

Simone: *rises whilst yawning* Don't you realize it Melody? *darkens tone* We've all been... ASLEEP FOR A YEAR NOW!

Melody: *GASP!* No! It can't be true...

Simone: *pats shoulder* Oh but it is. You look a whole year older already. *shakes head*

Melody: *tears beginning to well in eyes* B-B-But, then we missed Halloween? And Christmas? New Years??! All of that!?

Simone: I'm afraid so.

Virtue: *eyes widen* It's the fuuutuurrree??!

Simone: *hits Virtue's head* No you idiot. I said a year didn't I?
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Posted 8/7/11 , edited 8/8/11

Danni: *sobbing* afj#RYFW$;'!#$Efh3OE*&#*^$#^QHDIU

Wish: Uh... What...?

Owen: *sniff* I know Danni, me too. Me too.

Danni: *still sobbing* Ijustcwan'tbweliebeimbwackhwereagwainimwissedyoogaizsomwuchBWAHHHHHH.

Wish: . . . . . Owen, translate.

Owen: *sniffles* She says, "I just can't believe I'm back here again. I missed you guys so much." And... and... *sniff sniff* then she started to cry... And... I MISSED YOU TOO, DANNI!

Danni and Owen latch onto each other, then break down into a blubbering mess.

Artemis: Um... What did I miss? Wish, did you do something again?

Wish: No, WHAT, NO! Why do you always assume it's my fault when they're crying?!

Artemis: 'Cause it usually is...

Wish: . . . . . You suck. I see how it is. Traitor. *storms off into her room*

Artemis: *rolls his eyes and shakes his head* Okay, guys, come on, stop crying. Riley hates it when you guys cry. Right, Riley?

Riley: Yeah, guys! Please don't cry! I got Lorelei to let me into the kitchen, and we made some brownies! Please eat these and cheer up!

Danni & Owen: RILEYYYY! *they latch onto him while shoving brownies into their mouth at the same time*

JoJo: If you guys spill crumbs, I'll throw you into the pool so the sharks can eat you alive.

Danni: When did you guys put sharks in the pool?

Owen: Oh, a while ago. A lot has changed since you've been gone, you know! Like, Lorelei even had a boyfriend!

Danni: *gasp* NO!

Owen: For real! *launches into the story*

Artemis: *smiles* Ahh, now it's finally like home.
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Posted 8/9/11 , edited 8/10/11
home is where the heart is.
Virtue: Maaaaan, where does the time go in this place?
* the word 'place' echoes*

Melody: Haaha, I know right? What were we talking about before we knocked out?

Simone: Who knows... It's useless to rack through our brains for such a trivial thing.

Melody: *saddened* True..

Virtue: *jumps to comfort Melody* It's okay Meluhdeee~ We can make new memories now! *pets her head*

Melody:Right! ..And stop with the petting! *he stops*

*Virtue's feelings are hurt*

Melody: *cannot help his puppydog eyes* OOOHHHHH, I'm sorryy Virtue!! Waaahh, I'm such a horrible creator.

Simone: Creator? Whutchutawkinbout Melody??!

Melody: Err.. exactly what I'm sayin Simone. CREE-AYE-TORE. I got fancy with my imagination here *points to own noggin*
... and created you guys. *somewhat prideful*

Virtue: Reeaally? Wow, you're so cool Melody! I mean, I'm cool but since you created me, you must be cool also! *somewhat prideful*

Simone: I guess I'll give you some credit then Melody since I was created from your mixed up teenage mind.

Melody: *still somewhat proud* Yeah, yeah. I am pretty cool huh? Since I... WAIT A MINUTE. Who has a mixed up teenage mind!?

Simone: *sigh* I'm just sayin~~

Melody: *sarcastically* Yes, I forgot how wonderful you all really are..
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