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Posted 7/2/10 , edited 7/2/10
Morning: Streaks of light from the morning sun fill the class room through the windows on the left side, particles of dust being able to be seen through out the room. The desk are arranged in a circle all facing each other in the middle of the room various musical instruments sitting along the walls from guitars to pianos all polished and clean. In the front of the class room sat the teachers desk no papers to be seen and on top of it a black haired young man sat, tuning a old looking guitar.

Noon: The sun was now high in the sky shadows swimming across the slightly dusted instruments that littered the class room. Spread all around the center of the class where the student's desk were sitting. Music could be heard by who ever walked by the class as the 19 year old teacher played what looked to be a guitar giving off a sweet angelic melody.

Night: A ominous darkness filled the room as night had fully set in. The room could barely be seen instruments hiding in the shadows that filled the room's every corner. There sat but a single light hanging from the ceiling over a circle of desk in the center of the room. The light was enough for the class mates to see each other but not the remainder of the class room. The sweet sound of a stringed instrument could be heard through the room it's origins unknown but never the less there playing a song that could make the mightest warrior cry tears of sadness.


Before your post please put which class period your in...plz and thx you
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