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Bad movies you love to watch
Posted 8/31/12 , edited 8/31/12
Punisher: Warzone - Ray Stevenson and the action sequences were great, nearly everyone and everything else was pretty horrible.

Posted 8/31/12 , edited 8/31/12
Black Sheep!
Posted 8/31/12 , edited 8/31/12
Zardoz I love me some sci fi b movies also put Flash Gordon that list
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Posted 9/3/12 , edited 9/3/12
In the so bad it's great sense, the Japanese movie "House"
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Posted 9/7/12 , edited 9/8/12
I have a good pretty dumb movies I still watch, national treasure seems to get alot of flak but its at least a decent way to kill time for me while I do something else(my mom loves those movies) some superhero movies in hindsight are pretty dumb but I still watch em some times, I really stick with Ice age because of scrat, I coul care less about the others.

I have a good amount, since my critical focus is more on anime and manga nowadays, I just shrug off American media most of the time XD
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Posted 9/23/12 , edited 9/24/12
2012 x'D
Not for the special effects.
Not for the main (lame) storyline.
But for the philosphy thingy vibe that reached me. Mwahahaha.

Mean Girls.
Because I love to laugh at stupid teenagers (wait, I'm also a... nooo!)

17 Again.
Can't stop laughing at the fact a daughter falls in love with her dad and want to do it with him... xD

Casper and Wendy.
Nostalgia-samaaaa ~

Spy Kids 1, 2, 3D
Nostalgia-sama x 2
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Posted 2/24/13 , edited 2/24/13
Closed due to inactivity. Please remake if you wish to do so.
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