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Posted 1/5/08 , edited 1/7/08
Frankly, there's been too much of a mishap to ignore, thus:

Person: hearmyname
1. Taking Team Kakashi's ideas, pictures, layout, etc [without permission] and using them.
2. Demanding unreasonable attributes to be added to TK
3. Lack of disregard for the Team Kakashi group
4. Paid no heed to warning and is still using TK's ideas

Removed By: Shinjitsu_Sama

From: hearmyname To: Shinjitsu_Sama
well for starters i contacted the creator of the group...and yes i am 22 you little punk

Anyway, please, people, PLEASE!!! Don't be stupid [and piss me off] T_T I had warned him, as politely as I could, to ask permission before stealing Team Kakashi's ideas/pictures/layout/etc, but he took no interest in what I had to say. If worst comes to worst, I'm going to start suggesting a 'closed group' which just means more invites, lol. So here are a few ground rules that should keep this simple, easy and neat:

Team Kakashi Presents: The Ten Missions!
1: Thou shalt not steal [our ideas without permission!!] (/>_<)/
2: Thou shalt not disrespect thy creator [or moderator] \(>_<\)
3: Thou shalt not swear unless using *'s m(-_-)m
4: Thou shalt remember to keep thyself from spamming (/~.~)/
5: Thou shalt render thyself incapable of double-posting [this goes for us mods too] - use the edit button!!! \m/(*o*)\m/
6: Thou shalt not have more than 5 quotes/post [delete the last ones to make room for the rest] \(-_-)/
7: Thou shalt use proper English - at least make it reasonably understandable. 1337 sp34k sux0rz (/=_=)/
8: Thou shalt not post a topic that's already been posted!! [read other topics first] \(o.o\)
9: Thou shalt not shamelessly plug any other group! ~(-.-)~
10: Thou shalt have fun!! \(^o^)/

...that is all for today, my head it about to explode from the current anger residing in it. What joy.

RULES: [by angel_warrior1]

1) Please invite those that are interested in the group
2) This is just for fun so -enjoy
3) Add as many pics as you can about Team Kakashi or anything Naruto related ONLY

*Be aware that duplicates will be deleted :D

4) Forums must be Naruto related

Guys, please choose only ONE character that you want to be.

Also, please choose the Characters that are left that haven't been chosen. Also use the forum link "Team Placements" by following this link: when doing so.

It's easier for me and the other moderators to keep track of rather than PM'ing me. Thanks Minna-san!

By the way, the character placements are a First Come First Serve Basis

I'll add more rules If I need to....

Please feel free to add any suggestions for our group.

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Posted 1/21/08 , edited 1/21/08

Person: hearmyname

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