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General Info:

♦Name: Hirasawa Fuyuki
♦Age: 13 Years Old
♦Nickname: Fuyu, Fuyu-chan, Fuyu-chii
♦DOB: 17 March
♦Gender: Female
♦Personality: Shy, friendly, sweet~
♦Occupation: Student, model, mangaka
♦Chara Nyari: Author Ink

General Intro:

Hirasawa Fuyuki is a wealthy girl in Seiyo Academy who is in the Queen's Chair. She is shy, caring, the most popular girl(especially with the boys), friendly and sweet but acts cold to those she does not know. She is actually very happy when she is with her closest girl friends; Amu, Kiyumi, Rima and Yaya but very shy to her boy friends; Tadase, Kukai and Nagihiko. She has a crush on Nagihiko, who actually likes her back, and blushes whenever Amu and Kiyumi teases her about it, knowing the fact that he likes Fuyuki. Fuyuki has a guardian character since she was four years old and her guardian character shows her dream of becoming an author. Fuyuki dreams of being an author due to her mother and father who works hard for her but rarely spends their time with her, because she wants to show her dream of family time through her books and she wishes that it will open her parents' eyes that even if they are working hard for her, she would rather them to stay with her. She works together with Sakurai Yua and Hanashiru Kiyumi being a model because she is beautiful and does it to fill in her spare time. Fuyuki's guardian character is Seri from serifu meaning words in Japanese. She is the best student in her grade, having to go to a special S class but when it comes to sport, she isn't so good. But even so, she always tries her best, although sometimes she gets embarrassed because of her poor skills.

Gallery of Fuyuki:

Fuyuki at School

Fuyuki with Yua

Fuyuki Blushing Because of Nagihiko

Fuyuki Smiling because she will Meet up with her Friends

Fuyuki Getting Annoyed at Yua

Fuyuki Smiling at Her Friends


General Info:

♦Name: Seri
♦Guardian Chara of: Hirasawa Fuyuki
♦Gender: Female
♦Personality: Calm, quiet, imaginative, happy~
♦Type of Would Be Self: Author
♦Chara Nyari: Author Ink

General Intro:

Seri is the would be self and guardian character of Hirasawa Fuyuki. She represents Fuyuki's will to become an author and a more imaginative girl with stories filling her mind. Seri is from serifu meaning words in Japanese. Seri gets along well with other guardian charas of the Guardians, as well as others like Il and El. Her closest guardian chara friend is Miki since Seri likes to write while Miki likes to draw. They also made a short story together before the Guardians graduated to congratulate them. Seri is calm, quiet and imaginative and is only approachable all the time by Fuyuki.

Gallery of Seri:

Seri Smiling at Fuyuki


♦Chara Nyari Name: Author Ink
♦Items: Ink, pen, pencil, paper and eraser
~Ink Blotch: Pours ink over the enemy and blinds them
~Darken Pencil: Darken the enemy's thoughts and make them confused
~Rub Eraser: Rubs out the enemy's dark memories and makes their mind blank
~Pen Poke: Prevents the enemies and their attacks from coming close
~Paper Mirror: Reflects the enemies attacks so that they harm themselves

Gallery of Author Ink:


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