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Posted 7/5/10 , edited 7/5/10

As the forum says! Simple as it is! We finally have our own FREEBIES forum!! That's right! Since it ain't a GFX group. Freebies rn't a bad idea to be posted in here rytiees? ;D Enjoy Picking~!! It's our pleasure to give u as much freebies as u wish~~!!

BUT! There r things u members need 2 know!

✘ Just like other groups. If u take one, u better n I mean u BETTER write on the group's wall or here that u took one!
✘if we had catched a member who took em without informing us. We will point out that u're nothing but a stealer!
better be careful. So please do say if u took one!
✘If u've taken a freebie. Its 4 YOU. In meanings, u r not to post it in ur group as ur freebies or something. Got it?


✔ If u took a freebie. Don't even DARE to rip or do some changes!
✔ If mods r ok 4 u to add a text on their freebie, u may do so. But only 4 the mods that r ok with it!! not all freebies!
✔ Please specify the mod u took a freebie from >.<
✔ If u took a freebie. Then use it, not take it n just leave it with u 4 nothing kies? <3

Note to Mods!

→ Mods, if u want to add ur freebies, just edit this forum, insert ur username down and put em all in spoiler kies? ^^
→ plz make sure u have ur copyright on ur GFX
→ if u r ok with members to add their own text, then right that down on the beginning of the spoiler!
→ U're aloud to put anytin' ! Icons, profiles, banners, aviis, words, render any! As long as it's ur own, thanks!

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