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People should have an IQ of atleast 100 to do certain things?
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Posted 7/15/10 , edited 7/15/10
Way to add to the discussion. (sarcasm)
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makix wrote:

America = Case Point
We = Americans (towards OP and me since I'm American and he's from NC; therefore appropriate to use American society as model)
World = Direction of argument
Hence, the space in between.

Nice try though.

No, no that's not what you wrote. Your first paragraph states that what the OP desires would never happen because Americans wouldn't allow it in their country. It explicitly states that this wouldn't happen because:


The only way I can see this happening is through two dictatorial actions taken upon the American people,

You did not include a phrase such as "for example", "case in point", "even if it happened elsewhere at least american would be free". Nor did you write

"the only way I can see this happening, IN AMERICA, is through...."
(Text in all CAPs, mine)

You then go on to talk about the world.

The above post is one of two things (A) typical American arrogance, or (B) sloppy composition. I'll grant you the latter since you're correct, you and the OP are countrymen and it would be logical for him to start with his own country. but you imply that ultimate success or failure is dependent on what the US does, which comes across as living in your own bubble of arrogance.

You claim it's not what you intended and then remark 'nice try' as you thought I was trying to score points on you. Or as if you believed my post was an attempt to invalidate your entire argument. I find either theory... Insulting.

Let me make myself clear, I was not trying to negate your argument by pointing out some minor failure of logic or composition. I was objecting to your apparent thesis that events in the United States would, necessarily, dictate results to the world. Yes the US has all kinds of passive and proactive influence, but contrary to popular belief the world does not REVOLVE around the US.

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