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Hop! Step! JUMP
05/04/10 Yokohama Arena MC

Yabu: Is everybody excited~?
Fans&Other members: Yey!
Yabu: Are you excited~?
Fans&Other members: Yey!
Yabu: OK! We are…
All 10 members: Hy! Say! JUMP!
Fans: *clap*
Yabu: Let’s make this our resting time.
Arioka: Let’s~
Yabu: We still have a long way to go. Everybody, please sit down…
Takaki: We’re already on our 3rd day huh.
Yabu: This is our last Yokohama concert.
Yaotome: That was so fast~! It flew by.
Yabu: We held 2 concerts yesterday but I’m not tired at all.
Takaki: I feel completely fine when I stand on the stage!
Yabu: We still have so much energy left, right.
Yamada: In the end, the fans voices are amazing.
Okamoto: Like the power of the fans or something like that.
Yamada: I have this urge to charge into the arena.
Yabu: Charge in the arena?
Yaotome: Like kyuiiin (laughs) It’s an onomatopoeia.
Nakajima: Kyuiiin huh.
Yamada: What the hell is that (laughs).
Yaotome: Somebody forgot to change their pants during “Thrill”.
Takaki: No way~
Arioka: Who? Who?
Yaotome: I was still wearing a school uniform. They probably were wearing school uniforms before Thrill.
Yabu: Are you serious~
Yamada: It was you!?
Fans&Other members: (laughs)
Arioka: You weren’t even wearing a necktie either.
Yaotome: I’m so nervous today for some reason.
Takaki: Nervousness… or rather, during yesterday’s MC, Yamada bought up that during my part in “Thrill” there’s this line where I go, “ii kimochi nice feeling” but he said that he could only hear it as “ii kimuchi nice kimchi.” Then when I was singing it today, I could only hear it as “kimchi” too (laughs).
Yamada: Right!?
Yabu: We were doing the Teru teru bouzu dance during the “te, te, te, te, te, tell mee” part. The teru teru bouzu dance= patting the head.
Arioka: Really!? You really did it?
Nakajima: He talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk. It’s a saying.
Yabu: Talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk~ ♪
Yamada: Aren’t you using the wrong saying?
Takaki: I dunno~ (laughs). (He proceeds to move and Yamada notices Ryutaro standing far off.)
Yamada: Hm? Do you hate me Ryutaro? Why are you so far away?
Ryutaro: No no no no… since Chinen’s always here, I thought something was wrong.
Chinen: Well since Yamachan went over there… There’s already 6 people over there so I moved over here.
Yabu: (Yabu stared at Inoo, who was standing next to him) You’re next to me today ♡
Inoo: What!? It’s just a coincident. Don’t get so excited (laughs).
Yabu: What? You don’t like it because when you’re next to Yabu, you say things that you don’t realize you’re saying? Idk, I can’t read that one kanji b/c the scans are very LQ. Also, I think Yabu’s talking in 3rd person here.
Inoo: Hahaha (laughs). That’s not true. Today is just very special ♡
Fans: Kya-!
Nakajima: What is your relationship with him? (laughs).
Yabu: Well well well, today is the 3rd day and tomorrow is our last concert. Today really is special. Actually, we’ll be having our press conference here!
Fans: Yey! (At the conference, it was announced that the 1st album would be released and that Yamada would challenge himself into writing lyrics for a love song!)
Yamada: I wanted to announce that we were releasing an album from the start of this concert so badly~
Nkajima: I was really glad that the fans reacted the way they did.
Takaki: We had kept them waiting for a long time.
Yabu: We learned that we would be releasing an album before hand, so during this tour we wanted to say it from the very start.
Takaki: We were all saying to ourselves, “When can we announce it? When can we announce it?”
Yabu: Yamachan, are you really writing lyrics?
Yamada: What?
Yabu: Writing lyrics!
Yamada: Yeah. I want to so~
Yabu: Ooooh~~~!
Yamada: I really love the songs that you write Yabu-kun.
Yabu: Aw stop that (embarrassed)
Yamada: Maybe I got influenced by you? If I did, it was good influence.
Yabu: Well I’ve never written a love song before.
Yamada: Oh right.
Yabu: So I’ll learn from Yamada how to write a love song.
Yamada: I dunno how though, I’ve never written one as well. So I want to really challenge it.
Chinen: If you want, I can teach you how to write the lyrics for an “ookiku naritai song.” “The wanting to get bigger song.
Yamada: Really? … Are you stupid! (laughs)
Yabu: Well it wouldn’t be bad if you grew a bit.
Yamada: Shut up! Stop it (laughs).
Yaotome: But JUMP can do a lot of different things. Like Inochan wrote a piano piece.
Inoo: Yeah, I’ll be playing it after this MC.
Yaotome: We can even write songs for a JUMP band. Rock band.
Nakajima: Yeah~ I would love to do that, seriously.
Yaotome: Your own written lyrics are the best after all.
Nakajima&Inoo: That’s right~
Yabu: But seriously, nothing, absolutely nothing has been decided yet.
10 members: (laughs).
Yabu: We’re still planning it all out but we want as many songs as possible and fill up one CD with as many songs as we can.
Yaotome: That is completely right~
-Jr. Introductions-
Yabu: (Nakajima) Kento, you’re in high school?
Kento: In my 2nd year.
Yabu: Then you’re the same as Yamada.
Yamada: Yup.
Chinen: The same year.
Kento: But if you’re talking about the entertainment industry years, you’re a huge sempai…
Yamada: Don’t worry about that!!
Yaotome: Entertainment industry years? (laughs)
Kento: No, seriously…
Yabu: It’s completely fine. You called me a while ago.
Yaotome: Really, why?
Yabu: It was really funny. He said, “Yabu-kun, did you get home safely?”
Fans: (laughs)
Arioka: What happened? What happened? Why did he say that?
Yabu: Apparently, Kento wanted to call me because I gave him my phone number after he asked for it.
Kento: I… honestly… forgot what… I was going to say (laughs) .
Yaotome: It’s okay, you can forget about all the phone calls you had with Yabu!
Arioka: Hikaru-kun!? (laughs)
Yaotome: When he gets on his high horse, he’ll call you during the middle of the night! Watch out.
Kento: But Yabu-kun’s so nice and when I called him, he said, “Work hard tomorrow”
Inoo: Ooh! Kento: And then later, I said to my mom, “Shoot, I just called Yabu-kun.”
Everybody: (laughs).
Yabu: Wow, I feel like a sempai.
Kento: You’re really older brotherly-like.
Yaotome: But that kid Yabu, when we went on the bullet train to go to a location for a TV show, he forgot his cell phone! On the bullet train seat!!
Yabu: You don’t have to say that!
Yaotome: The battery pack on the cell phone is now broken.
Yabu: Yeah. It’s only been about 2 months since I bought it, and now I don’t have a case for the cell phone!
Yaotome: He’s very childish like that.
Everybody: (laughs).
Yabu: Let’s move onto (Kikuchi) Fuma, he just started high school. How is high school going?
Fuma: High school is really fun, eve now. Although the studying is a bit harder now.
Yaotome: Compared to middle school?
Fuma: Yes!
Yamada: Did you guys get a text message from Fuma saying that he changed his email address?
Yabu: I did!
Yamada: His text messages are so cute.
Fuma: (embarrassed)
Yamada: Because usually, it would be something along the lines of, “I changed my email address. It is now ___” right? But he said, “I changed my email addressu” and he added that little “u” there. Plus, it was all in hiragana (laughs).
Arioka: My name is Kikuuchii Fuumaa~
Fuma: That was well.. my little brother sent that text message.
Yamada: Eh?
Arioka: Whhatt~~
Yabu: Really? Why would he send such an important text?
Fuma: My little brother said that he wanted to text something, he’s in 1st grade by the way. I told him to say, “I changed my email address” but when I looked at it, it was like, “I changed my meil addrisse” (laughs).
Yabu: 1st grade huh!
Fuma: Then when I let him type “Kikuchi Fuma” it was like, “Kikuchi Puutaroo”
Takaki: It was something like that~
Yabu: He’s the same age as Daichan if he’s in 1st grade (laughs).
Arioka: Yo!!!!!
Everybody: (laughs)
Arioka: Calling me a 1st grade is a bit far~
Inoo: Because you are “Arioki Daiki ♪
Yaotome: Because you still have that yellow cover on your randoseru. Randoseru= backpack for all the elemtnary school kids. Yellow cover= So that cars, busses, whatever can see the kids.
Arioka: Naaaaaaw I have already moved on from my randoseru.
Yabu: How was it? Was Lilly class fun? As many of you might know, classes are lablled as, “Class A, Class B” etc. in Kindergarten, it was called, “Tiger class, Peach class, Panda class” etc to make it more ‘fun’.
Arioka: I’m in Peach class by the way.
Yamada: Peach class (laughs).
Yaotome: Shinchan (Morimoto Shintaro) also started middle school right?
Shintaro: Yes, I’m in my 1st year!
Yaotome: How’s middle school?
Shintaro: It’s very fun! I made a lot of new friends.
Yaotome: Is it different from elementary school?
Shintaro: It’s completely different.
Yabu: It must be fun to have a sibling in your same school.
Shintaro: That’s… er I’ve never met him during school…
Inoo: You don’t meet in school?
Ryutaro: I’m in my 3rd year of school and we’re on different floors so.
Yabu: That’s so real! Idk why he said that.
Ryutaro: Plus, Shintaro’s class is on the ground floor so even if I walk down to the ground floor he’s not there, so I just meet up with him at home~
Yabu: At home?
Inoo: Well it’ll be pretty messed up if they didn’t see each other at their own home.
Yaotome: How big of a house do you live in (laughs). Does it go something like: “Yo, Shintaro, where are you?”
Ryutaro: Also, Shintaro uses my jacket.
Yabu: Really~
Inoo: That’s nice.
Nakajima: Hand-me-downs huh.
Yamada: I can probably wear Ryutaro’s jacket~
Ryutaro: Yeah, you probably can (laughs).
Yamada: Even right now… (cries)
Yaotome: When I graduate middle school, I gave Daichan my school uniform. That black thing that boys wear in anime when they go to school? That one.
Arioka: Yeah, I did. The neck area was really worn out though (laughs). Is it called a curl? (It’s called a color) That part of the uniform was really worn out.
Yaotome: Yeah, because I kept on taking it on and off.
Arioka: Then I graduated high school right? So I’m going to give my uniform to Chinen! Fufufu (laughs).
Yaotome: Necktie! I have a necktie, does anybody want it?
Yamada: Me♥
Yabu: I-I want it!
Yaotome: Why do you need it.
Inoo: When are you going to wear it.
Yabu: In private (laughs).
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