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Posted 7/6/10 , edited 7/7/10

This is Yumi's little sister hacking her profile:
I probably want to say this that im terrified cuz of my papa's death. Here's the story.

Onee-chan! Mommy is going crazy and she slapped me right in front her bf and daddy saw it. *cries* sorry i wasnt suppose to be offline. mommy's bf looks very scary he was going to murder me. sis. i ran up and climb up the tree to the roof to hide. And i heard a gun shot and at night time i saw mama's bf shot papa on the stomach and mama and her bf left the house and burn the house along papa and i quickly pack all my things including my teddy bear and ran away. i cried all night where i found risa's house and rang the door bell and she anser and i told her everything and and i was terrified to see papa turning into ashes. And i told risa if i can call my obaa-chan and she said yes. so i dial onee-chan and obaa-chan. but onee-chan answer i told her everything what happen and she said that she'll pick me up from risa-chan's house and bring me to obaa-chan's house for a saftey place that i wont get murder like papa. *cries* i feel so sorry for papa that night. and i was terrified of mama's face. Please everyone! support us! please i begged of you.

Hacked Profile by
Yumi's Little Sister

I will be sure that i will put your username on the list to support us. on my profile
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