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F / withyoseobonadate.
Posted 7/8/10 , edited 10/29/10

Welcome all kpop group members!
I am the Mod for f(x) so f(x) fans with the blood type of Nu Abo, follow me!

f(x) (Korean: 에프엑스; is a South Korean girl group formed by SM Entertainment in 2009. The name is a play on the mathematical notation for function, with "f" signifying "flower" and "x" representing the female's double X chromosome. The quintet consists of Victoria, Amber, Luna, Sulli, and Krystal.

2009–present: Debut and collaborations

SM first released a teaser preview of the group via YouTube on August 24, 2009, introducing them as "Asia's Pop Dance Group." For five days, SM individually released information through news portals and posted pictures of each member on SM Town's official website, starting with Sulli on August 26. Taiwanese-American member Amber was revealed on August 27,Korean-American member Krystal on August 28, Luna on August 29, and lastly the other Chinese member Victoria (also the leader) on August 30.

The group's first single "La Cha Ta" (stylized as "LA chA TA") was digitally released on September 1, followed by a 40-second teaser of their music video uploaded to YouTube. Following their first performance at the Samseong-dong Fashion Center on September 2, the music video was screened and released online the next day. The group's first broadcast performance of "La Cha Ta" was held at MBC's music show Show! Music Core on September 5. The group also released the digital single "Chocolate Love" for the 4th edition of the Blacklabel series LG CYON phone, Chocolate, alongside their label mate Girls' Generation. The following month, f(x)'s first EP Chu~♡ was released, consisting of 3 songs. Later that year, Luna and Krystal contributed to the soundtrack of television series Invincible Lee Pyung Kang with a duet "Hard but Easy".

In 2010, the group collaborated with Chinese boy band M.I.C. for the song "Lollipop" to promote the LG Cyon phone. Krystal, Luna and Amber also recorded the song "Spread Its Wings" for the soundtrack of the KBS drama God of Study. Krystal and Luna recorded another song for the KBS drama Cinderella's Sister original soundtrack, called "Calling Out". On May 4, 2010, f(x) released their debut mini album Nu ABO, consisting of 6 tracks. Their song "Nu ABO" from the mini album topped online music portal charts Monkey3, Dosirak and Bugs.


Victoria (빅토리아)


Luna (루나)


Sulli (설리)


Amber (엠버)


Krystal (크리스탈)

Nu Abo-2010
* Released: May 4, 2010

"La Cha Ta" (라차타)
Released:September 1, 2009

"Chu~♡" (츄~♡)
Released:November 9, 2009

"Thrill Love"
Released:March 17, 2010

"Nu ABO"
Released:May 4, 2010

"Chocolate Love (Electro-pop version)"-4th edition of the Blacklabel series LG CYON phone "Chocolate".
"Hard But Easy" (Luna & Krystal) -Used in Invincible Lee Pyung Kang.
"Lollipop" (with M.I.C.) -Commercial for LG CYON phone.
"Spread Its Wings" (Luna, Krystal & Amber) -Used in the drama God of Study.
"I Love You, I Love You"-Used in an MBC drama.
"Sing/Calling Out" -Used in the drama Cinderella's Sister.

Do it Do It Chu,~
Nu Abo, Na Na Na Na~
Chocolate Love~

SM Town live '10 World Tour Performance!!!!

SM Town live '10 World Tour Performance!

KangTa, Super Junior, SHINee , Girls' Generation

SMTOWN LIVE ‘10 프로그램리스트
1)‘POWER SPECIAL 2010’ Special Guests
2) Over The Rainbow – Victoria, Luna
3) 못된 사랑 – TRAX
4) 토요일?- Jang Ri In
5) 내가 사랑했던 이름 – Onew, JongHyun
6) Ring Ding Dong – SHINee
7) 그 해 여름 - KangTa
8) 어느날 가슴이 말했다 – KangTa
9) 우리… - KangTa
10) 미인아 – Super Junior
11) Super Girl - Super Junior
12) No other - Super Junior

*** 영상 *** TIME-OUT
13) ‘볼륨배틀’ – KangTa, Luna, YeSung, JongHyun, TaeYeon, Jang Ri In
14) ‘댄스배틀’ – BoA, YunHo, Yuri, EunHyuk, HyoYeon, TaeMin
15) BATTLE SPECIAL -KangTa, Luna, YeSung, JongHyun, TaeYeon, Jang Ri In, BoA, YunHo, Yuri, EunHyuk, HyoYeon, TaeMin
16) Eat you up – BoA
17) Energetic – BoA
18) No Dance No Life + BOOM! LOL- BoA
19) MUSIC FOR U *** 온라인 투표 ***
BoA, KangTa, UKnow Yunho,Choi Kang ChangMin, Super Junior, Girls' Generation, SHINee, f(x), TRAX, Jang Ri In
*** 이미지 방송 ***
20) 가슴이 차가운 남자 – TRAX
21) Moving On - Jang Ri In
22) JoJo –SHINee
23) Sorry – f(x)
24) In My Dream – Super Junior
25) 별별별 Star Star Star– 소녀시대

*** 소개 이미지(소녀시대) ***
26) Oh! - Girls' Generation
27) 소원을 말해봐 Tell me Your Wish (Genie) - Girls' Generation
28) Gee - Girls' Generation
29) 다시 만난 세계 Into the New World – Girls' Generation
30) Run Devil Run – Girls' Generation

*** 소개 이미지(YunHo, ChangMin) ***
31) Crazy Life – YunHo
32) Wild Soul – ChangMin
33) 단순한 – YunHo, ChangMin
34) 댄스SHOW*** 모던 댄스/재즈 댄스 – YunHo, ChangMin
35) 믿어요 – YunHo, ChangMin

*** 소개 이미지 (슈퍼주니어, 샤이니, 에프엑스)***
36) U – Super Junior
37) It’s You – Super Junior
38) 원더보이 – Super Junior
39) Marry Me – Super Junior
40) Y.O.U – SHINee
41) 니가 맘에 들어 – SHINee
42) 산소같은 너 - SHINee
43) 줄리엣 - SHINee
44) 1 년 后 – Jessica , Onew
45) TOXIC – Girls' Generation
46) Nu ABO – F(x)
47) LaChaTa – F(x)
48) Mr. Boogie – F(x)
49) Chocolate Love – F(x)
50) Love Me – Jang Ri In
51) 연인이여 – Jang Ri In
52) Cold Rain – TRAX
53) One Night – TRAX
54) 나 속인거 아니지? –Typhoon
55) Guitar – JungMo

*** 소개 이미지(SMTOWN) ***
56) Yesterday - KangTa, BoA
57) Summer vacation
58) Dreams Come ture
59) 여름이 좋아 I Love The Summer

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F / withyoseobonadate.
Posted 7/15/10 , edited 7/16/10

Although many believed f(x) would be following up with Mr. Boogie back in June, no official word was mentioned of such, and nothing had been heard since.

However, f(x)’s official staff recently posted a new message on their message board with the following part of their schedule,

< MBC 쇼! 음악중심 – Mr. Boogie 사전녹화 >

* 일시 : 2010. 07. 17. (토) AM 11:00
* 장소 : 일산 MBC 드림센터 공개홀

Which effectively meant that the girls will head down to the MBC studio to pre-record a performance of Mr. Boogie at 11am (KST)!

This was further confirmed as f(x) is officially included in the list of performers for that episode of Music Core’s official website. With the ladies coming back after a few weeks absence, it looks like Amber has fully recovered and ready to get back to work. Stay tuned to allkpop for f(x)’s return to the stage!
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