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Survivor Skills:


Name: is the name of you're character for this game. Should be unique to you, preferably.
Age: How old is your character. simple~
Appearence: How does your character look? Post a picture or describe in words~
Skills/Weapons: What can your character do?
Survivor Skills: This is special abilities, per se. You can only have up to three of these. examples could include "Medical training" or "Fire arms experience"
Personality: How does your character react? is he happy? despairing? just broke out of the asylum? let us know! this is not a necesity, as some prefer to make their personality as they play.
Finaly, this is what your character has been through. some people like to explain this during the game, so i don't mind this being ignored, however filling it could flesh out your character.
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Name: Serpenter Rex
Age: 18
Serpenter stands at six foot tall. he has flame red hair, that stands high, and mighty in the air, quite an unnatural looking style, defiantly gravity defying. he also has piercing yellow eyes, similar to a hawk, in colour.

he wears a long black trench coat, this is like a symbol of who he is. he is the red-haired trench coat lunatic, im some peoples minds. It is decorated with a gold trim around the edge, where it opens, and the bottom, and has a belt hanging out. he never pulls it too, even in the rain.
Underneath his trench coat, serpenter wears a dark blue shirt, that is quite open, and a pair of Military grade cargo trousers, made with the latest in durable material technology. they of course, have six deep pockets of death, for his enemies. the trousers are very baggy, and cover the top of his Heavy duty leather Steel toe caps.

Serpenter carries a whole arsenal of dangerous weapons. mainly explosives.
he is proficient in his skill with a samurai sword (katana) and can incorporate many styles and forms into his technique, making him a deadly opposition, more so, when calm.
He carries several grenades in his lower pockets, for emergency situations, and also has a pair of deep flasks filled with a substance called "butter bomb" attached to his left side.
butter bomb is a concoction created by Serpenter himself. it is like cookie dough with gunpowder in it. when ignited, it makes an explosion, and since its sticky, it is hard to remove in combat.
he keeps matches in one of his pockets, held with tightly with elastic for quick removal. these can be lit by striking them against a custom gauntlet, on his right hand.
in addition to these, he carries fire works and rockets. these are used as explosive projectiles
Survivor Skills:
Military training in basic hand guns, and armed melee combat, Explosive expertise, Medical training
Personality: Serpenter is seen by many as insane. this is because of his affinity to explosives, and how he likes to do things "flashily"
he is a very arrogant person, but also dislikes arrogant people. he can be manipulated to some extent because of this, but he isn't a total idiot. he likes to look cool, and will sooner die trying to look cool, than ending something uncooly.
Bio: Serpenter was in the army for one year. he rose to a very high position and was in charge of many people. quite a feat for someone who was only seventeen at the time, this was only accomplished because of his families connections. however, he was quickly sacked, due to his recklessness in battle. he would never endanger his men, however always put himself in harms way. even when he came back alive, the higher ups were enraged.

after leaving the military, he didn't nothing for a period of time. well, by nothing, its more like he became a vigilante. stopping evil in its tracks. with bombs. though he was seen as a terrorist. when he was arrested once, he blew up the prison from the inside, some how, even though his bombs were confiscated. no one knows of this, other than one man, presumed dead, due to the waves influence.

Serpenter first became of the wave when the initial dose was released. many people claimed to hear a strange sound, which he didn't. but he thought it was just coincidence, and nothing more. when the people began mutating, he thought it was something else at work though, and hasn't tied the two events together yet.
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24 / M / some where with a...
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name: shou
age: 16
Appearance: (picture)

skills/weapons: shou is highly skilled in melee combat and also hand to hand. The main weapon he uses is a katana he calls "The calling" which he has used for several years. he is also trained in basic gun combat when the time comes forward but much prefers to be up close and personal where the action takes place
Survivor Skills :highly trained in first aid and medicen, inhuman speed and reflexes (thanks to the wave) and is able to concentrate mass amounts of energy on his senses he is able to magnify them ten fold and use this as an extra precaution in battle. this also allows the power to sense his enemy's movements before they happen giving him time to counter and attack before the enemy even new what happen
Personality: shou is a typical guy with a good sense of what is right and wrong. although hyper active and loves the excitement battle brings, god help you if you hurt a close friend of his as this can cause his anger levels to shoot sky high in less than 5 seconds. along with his hyper active mind frame also comes a caring side which he only shows to the people who he has sworn to protect. shou, unlike alot of people tends not to think things through before going through with his actions, this has often left him in some quite sticky situations
Bio: from an early age, shou had been forced by his farther to train in the arts of combat, often leaving him with little time for himself and without a childhood. at the age of nine, just after he had completed his farthers training, his family was killed in a car crash which at the time was classed as a tragic accident. shou refused to believe this and had started to search for a person to blame. carrying nothing but his clothes upon him, and a sword upon his back, he set out on a search for someone to blame for his parents death.

at the age of fourteen, shou had become a member of a fighters school known as "the brotherhood" which was design for one soul purpose: to train young males and females in the art of combat and weaponry. whilst there he had met a guy older than himself called Kain who reminded him of someone from his past which he could not recall a name or a face for, in shous word he was "someone he wanted to remember". at the age of 15, a few months before the original infection began to spread, Kain had called shou to the bell tower of the brotherhood facility. there, Kain told shou that he was the one who had killed his parents. naturally, shous rage consumed him, making him an easy target. within a blink of an eye, Kain had taken shou down with one swift blow, luckily Kain had missed a vital organ as he struck him. whether he did this on purpose, or it happened as an accident was unclear. only one thing remained, the fact he was alive, meaning he had another chance to kill the man he had let slip by his defenses
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M / Lost
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Name: Reaper
Age: 20
Appearance: Brown hair, hazel eyes, 6'2, Clean shaven, black uniform with bullet proof vest, sunglasses, boots and hat.
Skills/Weapons: Adept in melee and firearms. Preferred weaponry: Knife and Desert Eagle. Trained in covert tactics, CQC, and field warfare.
Survivor Skills: Expert in hand-to-hand combat, firearms and survaillance analysis.
Personality: Proven loyal time and time again, doesnt quit till the job is done, and typically quiet until he warms up to you.
Bio: Given nickname "Reaper" during his days in the police force due to his precision and quickness in dealing out death and punishment to the enemy. One day he was recruited into the STG (Special Tasks Group) for his exceptional skill in dealing with hostile situations and his training in weaponry and field tactics. Shortly after joining STG he was sent with his squad on a mission: to protect the delivery of this so called "super virus." Little did he know that he would be caught up in the fight of his life, and witness the death of his entire squad at the hands of what most would describe as "Cannibals."
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25 / F / England
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Name: Natsumi

Age: 21

Appearence: In her home town, people call her 'pretty' some say she looks like 'fake'. Born to beutiful people, that's how she was meant to be. Along with platinum blonde hair, not many people were able to say positive things about this 'monster'; thought to be fake when she's all natural.

The next thing that would catch
your eyes, would be Natsumi's eyes.

Natsumi's eyes are the center of her attraction when you glance at her, due to their ever changing colors, due to the change in her mood. It's always easy to tell how she is feeling, just look into her eyes.

However her eyes are still possibly the one feature of herself that would warrant any special attention – even though she is easily overlooked herself, those eyes of hers are most definitely not. In addition to being as round as two full moons, they are a pale shade of light lilac, naturally. Not the typical eyes color amongst people. Natsumi's eyes are constantly sparkling with emotion. Warm and bubbly, much like her personality, Natisumi's eyes are surprisingly inviting and warm. Being naturally purple, they give Natsumi a unique disposition.

Natsumi's facial features are another thing that seem to strike when you look at her. Her small pinched nose, and her almost heart shaped face, and her cheeks which always seemed to be flushed. Her thin lips that were always curved up, forming
a soft warm smile.

Her almost always perfect hair is the last feature that seem to be the cause of why people stare at Natsumi. Her figure is scultpted from that of a teenage boy's fantasies . When she is angry her delicate face twists into a scary glare.

Skills/Weapons: Natsumi weilds an old composite bow which she stole from the dojo at the school that she worked at during the time she fled. The art of propelling arrows was something Natsumi prided herself on thus making it her best defence. Natsumi also took it upon herself to take every arrow avalible for her quiver, meaning she has many to spare. If she were to run out or not able to draw the bow, then she has the Shinai which she used to teach her students with before fleeing the school.

Survivor Skills: Being a teacher, Natsumi knows the basics of first aid. She is trained in most types of sports, from shooting to fighting and is willing to teach other survivors how to defend themselves. Natsumi is particually talented at throwing sports, such as javalin and hammer throw. She has a deadly aim and is well known for hitting her target. Of course she misses sometimes, no one's perfect. Being small and light, Natsumi is able to propel herself well, meaning that she jumps high and runs fast.

Personality:Natsumi has a childlike personality is wonderful. She may be on the slow side, but is lacking no kindness, she will do anything as long as she is helping. forgetting even that she is a person of split personality. She initially lacks language skills; however, she eventually learns a handful of words and phrases until she can finally speak properly. One side of Natsumi is innocent and incapable of violent acts. Then her other half takes over.

A violent woman with a loud mouth, Natsumi can also be a cometative rival. She hates to looe in any sorts of athletics even thoguh she is completely miserable in strenght. She is quick and agile, no theif esacpes her resturant without the bill. She knows her rights and doesn't stand for perverts. This side of her has a good sence of humour and like to joke. She likes any sport that is contact and can even turn cricket into a melee of fury and rage; although her customers think it's funny. She loves a joke and can be a push over, but can get horribly angry. You know when your in her bad books. Her temper and mood swings lead her to be thought of as a danger when she is only trying to have fun. She doesn't realise her excentic behaviour until after she calms down. Being small makes her vaunrable and being violent makes her accident prone. She move here to see if she could cure her multi-personality disorder and get a balance of the two, apprently not. Although a healthy young woman,Natsumi is terrible drunk. She drink a lot towards the night. Her goal is to make as much money by doing as hard work with her own savoir faire.

Bio: Natsumi found her passion for sports in her early years. She joined many clubs, claimig the captain spot for herself. She was a gradurate of the highest calibur. Unfortunatly for her, she was too lazy to take it further. She had potential to be a professional athletic, but didn't want to get invovled with such things. Instead she turned her sights to teaching. She felt if she was this good then others should be able to learn to be too. After completeing her teaching course, Natsumi tried to find a job. She went for the interview drunk, so that she wouldn't worry. Somehow, she got the job.

During one of her one on one kendo classes, the student had complained about an illness. Natsumi, being a teacher, thought this to be a ploy to get out of the lesson. It wasn't until she approached the student that she came to realise the sheer pain. Once checking the student over for the source of pain only to find mutation. Unaware of 'the wave' (due to spending a a night on the drink and completely sleeping thoguh the weekend) Natsumi didn't understand what was happening. Luckily the equipment and clothing that Natsumi was wearing during the time of mutation saved her.
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☣☣☣ AGE: 25

☣☣☣ APPEARANCE: Long black hair, chinky brown eyes, a dimple on each cheek, fair-skinned, stands at 5 foot 2.

☣☣☣ SKILLS/WEAPONS: Hand to hand combat, Taijutsu, firearms, primeaval weaponry, but her main weapon is her katana and wakizashi that she prized & keeps by her side, along with her talent for stealth and agility.

☣☣☣ SURVIVOR SKILLS: As mentioned above, primeaval weaponry is one taught to her. A contingency taught to her as to grabbing any kind of material and able to mold as a weapon. Whether it be a deck of cards, or a large wooden splinter, she easily copes to any enemy and surroundings.

☣☣☣ PERSONALITY: At an early age, she was known to have the smile that brightens any person's day. But due to the circumstances surrounding her family, particularly being left alone to grow up in the midst of strangers, her smile has dwindled. She smiles only if her heart feels like sharing that warmth but that is seldom. The blessing of being financially off, is something this girl took advantage of, to kill that loneliness as well as learn independence and discipline thru the teachings of senseis sent to her by her parents. She is an embodiment of reserve, calm, patience, tempered with wisdom learned, but never one to isolate herself when people come to her for advice or solace.

☣☣☣ BIO: When she was born, her parents thought it a good joke to name her Sway because its similar in meaning to Wave as in movement or grace. As she grew up til the age of 5, she was such a bundle of joy to everyone she meets with her dimpled cheeks, that any person who felt a huge cloud of depression over their heads, would feel the cheerful aura.

2 years after, her parents, with grim looks on their faces, decides to take her to the Orient and leave her in the home of Xieng Pao Chen, a family friend and a man known in the region for his discipline in taijutsu. It was never a happy parting, but the girl grew up and learned the teachings... hand to hand, pressure point attacks, stealth, and an influence of arnis. By the time she accomplished her training, she was 17.

Not long after, her sensei passed away. And despite receiving letters from her parents who never visits (and usually letters that seems to polite and short... as if they're trying to hide something), Sway uses the money sent to her by travelling to the rest of the asian countries and thereby learning more skills to complete her own. She went to Japan and learned the ways of the sword, garnering 2 blades made specifically for her other than the skill to throw kunais and shurikens; the zen and the measure of temperance from India and many others, whilst keeping communications w/ her parents. It was when she went to America that she learned to use firearms. Sway is then 23.

A couple of years after, Sway never received a letter from her parents. Not a hi or hello my daughter. She queried thru contacts that her parents would now and then mention in their letters and thru all the digging, found one man. A man who calls himself Mortis. Over the phone, he says he used to work with her parents in "the lab" doing all sorts of experiments using soundwaves, but he never spoke more of it despite the persistent querying. As for her folks....... just then, the phone went dead.

In that one eerie moment, she paused, dreading what has become of her family, and with a huge inhale, bustles and packs her stuff........ going back........ back to where it all began....... and the nightmare that awaits her.....
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Name: Grim

Age: 21

Appearence: looks younger than his age would suggest

With lab coat and glasses

Skills/Weapons: Expert hacker, skillful engineer, experienced with handling guns. Carries a couple of handguns, a M-16, scalpels and some neurotoxins if he ever needed to go against another human

Survivor Skills: Was able to hack into some of the worlds top secret and well protected databases without leaving even the slightest clue that he was ever in there. Able to build a number of mechanical things in a few minutes as well as repair almost anything in seconds as long as he has the required materials to do so. Highly skilled in the medical field.

Personality: Someone who doesn't do anything without a reason that somehow benefits himself.

Bio: As a child he was well known as a prodigy who was able graduate from high school at the age of 8. Shortly after that he mysteriously disappeared from the world. Many assumed that he had died, however he lived hidden from the world. During his time he learned how to hack into databases such as the one that the FBI uses without any trouble and leaving no signs that he ever even entered there. Grim was the name he used when ever he felt like leaving his mark on something to purposely show that someone has been messing with their stuff and this name became his own as he never liked anyone to really know him. For a time he worked under various underground groups such as terrorist groups and from this he learned how to handle weapons. Soon after realizing that these groups had really nothing to offer him he went to various labs learning what ever he can from those that worked there, even participating in numerous projects and experiments. Since a number of these experiments involved the human body he learned all about it from that and soon became an unlicensed doctor that would preform any kind of surgery, from plastic surgery for those that were hiding from society for the crimes they committed, to performing various medical treatments to members of mafias and the like.

A few weeks before the third wave made the impact that it did, he noticed that a patient of his who wasn't strong enough to make it for the operation he was giving him, was moving. Knowing that the man was dead he quickly stabbed it in the head with the scalpel he was using. Studying from the medical records of the person along with the corpse he came to realize what will happen in the near future and prepared for what was to come...............
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26 / M
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Name: Shiva Kennedy
Age: 22

Appearance; He has shortish blonde hair this blue eyes, he tends to wear a red head band (symbolising one of his fallen comrades in the past) he appears to be 6 foot 6 tall. He tends to wear black and sometimes even a mafia black tophat just for the looks. Although since he is a goverment agent he although wears a tactial vest. This looks like an ordinary bullet proof vest however it can also stop kinfes and other sharp objects which are not natural. He also wears black fingerless gloves which he can also use to adapt to make himself punch better. Since he is also a martial artist the clothes we wears apart from his vest are made so then he can make full use of being sleathy they tend to be black too, however he also has an agent outfit which is similar to his others and as a casual under cover agent he does tend to wear mafia clothes such as a tux and a white scarf around his neck....heh who said agents cant be fashionable. Also he seems to look like he really doesnt care about other people.

Skills weapons: Shiva has a few weapons some which he tends to use which are his favourites others he can easily get ahold of. being an agent means he can use fire arms exceedingly well as he has had the training in how to use them plus his natural freakish strength allows him to use bazooka's rocket launchers and grenade launchers with ease. However he also like to use martial arts as well as he has mastered Jujitsu. tae-kwon-do, karate, judo and kick boxing so an all round fighter. Also for close combat he tends to use knifes such as his favourites "the killing edge", "the baselard" and "the Kard" which are top of the range agent knifes.

Survivor Skills: Shiva being an agent now has learnt some very key skills such as how to dodge bullets for a start he hass also learnedabout the griedf of hardships in the past, he also knows how to fight. The reason why he carries knifes as well is because in the time he was an agent he has also learnt to become a rogue of sorts and because of his stealth can steal certain things easily from people.

Personality: Shiva's personality to everyone new that he meets is instantly cold and defensive he doesnt really get on much with new people as being an agent he has been betrayed main times therefore he doesnt really trust "allies". Although saying that even though he doesnt have mainy friends he is passionate on his agent work and will always put peoples lives beforre his own risking himself to complete missions whatever the maybe he is very rarely seen to smile however he does enjoy a good battle from time to time but most of the time likes to keep a low as possible profile due to his job. He doesnt open up even to his closest friends because it will burden them he has been given the title "the quiet assasin" because of this.

Bio: Shiva was brought up fairly well by his family. There were hardships regarding money so from a very young age he had to learn how to stealthly steal from people where it be food or things of value. he made sure his family was well looked after and the soul bringer of money to his family... his father was unable to do labour as he was severely injured while serving in the army in his youth years however he had only been there a couple of months, his mother on the other hand was severely ill with cancer there was no cure for it...

by the time Shiva was 16 his mother died due to it and his father lost without his wife was drove to insanity once trying to attack shiva but failing after awhile it was said that his father commited suicide after not wanting to live anymore without his family although what truely happened is that he tried to fight Shiva and lost as he blamed his son for his mother's death.

Shiva now has no surviving relatives by the time he was 18 he managed to fend for himself however he didnt have too many qualifications to get a decent job so what he did he decided to become a rogue and live out on the streets stealing for him for him to sruvive.

However later on in the city tha he lived in there was paranormal activity in where he lived that was also had something on the line to do with mutants... he along side an ally and good friend Claire Redfield managed to go through the city and managed to stop this violent threat whilst meeting alittle girl named sherry. After looking after her for awhile Shiva saw sherry like a daughter to him... Fater the incident the US milatary came ino raid the city and they found Shiva. Sherry and Claire managed to escape however Shiva was captured by them and was forced into working for the US goverment agents.

Now he wa sent down to this new city to investigate "the wave" incident and the outbreak of what had happened... thi reminded him of the time he spent with claire and sherry from before however he knew that something wasnt right about this city and when he went to investigate further only more of the same awaited him....
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M / I am everywhere.....
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∞Name: Fate
∞Age: 22

∞Skills/Weapons: 6ft Katana, Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle, and dual .44 Magnum.
∞Survivor Skills: Fate has beyond human abilities. He able to handle heavy and strong impact weapons with normal body average. That way it able to knockback enemies to another or through one to another. Also, use katana for quick close combat if enemy’s close up to him. He has a hawk eye, it means he can see far away, catch any suspicious and has intellectual to survival. His shooting target is high sharpshooter that hit exact mark.
∞Personality: Fate is quiet-type person but he use very loud firing power to suit himself better. Fate grins when he sees a target that he want to shoot it. He can be funny guy when time is right but sometimes half serious.
∞Bio: Fate’s whole life is in battlefield since he was five. He was found as lost kid by higher rank solider while in battlefield. He never has a normal life like others had and he was raised and has been taught many different from battlefield and he gains more abilities due carrying heavy weapons and eyes trained for expert long distance. In many years in battlefield, he was the last one stand and that’s reason he was called “Fate” in other word “Doom”
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22 / F
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✖✖Name: Aki
✖✖Age: 19

✖✖Skills/Weapons: Psychic powers, Colt 45
✖✖Survivor Skills: Her gift of psychic powers enables her to push back or lure in objects and anything else that's in her way.
✖✖ Personality: Aki was a sweet and loving girl, but since the death of her parents has turned quiet and distant. She only speaks when she thinks is necessary and can be short tempered. Her psychic powers seems to be invoked by her be careful not to upset or anger her. Despite this sudden change in her personality, deep down she seeks friends.

"Aki! Aki hurry and go!" "No Papa! I can't leave you hear, not after Mama was..." Gunshots were heard down the hall, the door barged open. A man with scarlet hair and hazel eyes entered, with a gloved hand pointing his gun at Aki's father. "Damn. Aki, run! Hurry--" The gun fired, Aki couldn't believe her eyes as she saw her father collapse on the floor, laying on his own spill of blood. "Papa! Papaaaaaa!" Falling to her knees and covering her head with her hands, Aki wept like hell, her throat choking in pain from high emotion. "Come Aki." The man began. "Join my movement. With your talent, together we shall take over the world. Forget this place and come with me. Your parents can not fathom what gift that is bestowed upon you." The room was as quiet as a graveyard. Aki still remained haunched on the floor, her crying stopped. The mysterious man started to walk toward her, then knelt to touch her face, but was then pushed back by a strong force. He slammed against the wall, and was pinned there as the violet-haired girl stood up, her expression cold and wicked. "See! See this power of yours? What potential! So join--Agh!" "Shut up! Shut your mouth!" Her psychic powers escalating with every breath. "You killed my mother...and now my father...I'll never join you! Leave me alone!" Her powers increased its grip on the man's throat. Words were about to come out of his mouth, when the sound of a siren was heard outiside and flashing lights filtered through the window. "How wonderful..." He said in a sarcastic tone. Being a psychic himself, he pushed Aki back against a chair with his own powers, and sneaked out the door to disappear. The girl laid on the floor, unconcious...

Three years since the incident, Aki has grown and matured. Not wanting anything but to avenge the death of her parents, she travels across the country in search of Divine--the leader of the Arcadia Movement which uses psychics to help pursue his dream of taking control of the world. Disgusted by his actions to fullfil his ambition, Aki wants to kill him herself.

Later, she comes venturing upon this eerie city...
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28 / M / ENGLAND!!!!!
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Velosa Draze

Age: 19

Velosa is 5'10ft and weighs around 11 stone. His hair is dyed sky blue with slight brown roots coming through, it's styled rather like a lions mane. His eyes while they seem to be black have a sheen of red to them. He wears a red high collard open track suit jacket with the right arm torn off, White baggy trackie bottoms and white trainers.

Velosa uses the entire enviroment to his advantage, from improvising weapons from his surroundings to using crushing enviromental attacks. He is essentially a melee fighter capable of devastating punches, kicks and executing proffesional wrestling grapples. Also he posseses a great deal of athletism, being incredibly fast and capable of parkour techniques (free running).

Survivor Skills:
Velosa can drive cars, Track via noticing things within the enviroment and Escape or Chase zombies with ease due to his parkour training!

Velosa is cocky and care free, and isnt hesitent to put his life on the line to protect others.

Velosa arrived at the city in search of a "freind" who stole something precious from him. Upon arriving Velosa istantly realised there was a problem, people were scattered all over the road holding there hands over there ears screaming in agony. Velosa tried to help one of the people to their feet, the person tried to swing there mutated cat like claws at Velosa, who jumped back. Velosa attempted to question the man when he got a ringing noice in his ear, he grasped his head as his vision blured. "WHAT IS THIS!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!" Screamed Velosa as he passed out..........
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Name: Hiro Wincester

Age: 19

Appearance: Hiro has short black hair with 3 white streaks at the sides of his hair, and also have blue eyes. He wears a long-sleeve black leather jacket which he leaves unzipped. He wears a white muscle shirt underneath his leather jacket. Hiro's lower half consists dark blue jeans, a belt with two hand gun holders at each side of his hips and black shoes. His other accessories include a black neckband which has a silver crosses hanging down given by his younger sister Momoko on his 17th birthday. He also has a tattoo of a star with vines wrapped around it on his right shoulder.

Skills/Weapons: hand to hand combat, black belt in martial arts, carries Shang Gou (Twin Hook Swords) in his hands.

Survivor Skills: Hiro is a expert in martial arts, knows the basics of first aid. Hiro can also sense when something dangerous is heading his way.

Personality: Hiro is calm and clear-mindec even in very dangerous situations. He cares about his friends and hesitates to put them in harms way. But sometimes can be serious in different situations.

Bio: Hiro was born into the Winchester Family. His parents has a collection of the Winchester rifles, which were passed down from generation to generation. At the age of 2 his parents started to notice the 3 white streaks at both sides of his hair, also that year his mother gave borth to his younger sister Momoko. As the years passed Hiro was picked on in Highschool cause of his 3 white streaks he had. There his father enrolled him into martial arts school. At first Hiro didn't like the idea, but it came in handy when he was jumped by a group of boys. On his 17th birthday his younger sister gave him a black neckband which has a cross hanging down, to puts it on and only takes it off when he takes showers. Hiro was also now a black belt in martial arts. After he graduated from highschool his mom taught him the basics of first aid when he helped his mom bandaged up his injured sister. On his 18th birthday his father gave him a pair of Shang Gou (Twin Hook Swords). Now 19, and living on his own, he soon heard the death of his beloved parents. At the furenal he over heard a couple of guys saying that his sister Momoko went missing. Right after the furenal, Hiro soon headed towards his old house. There he went towards his sister's room and notice a notepad wide open. Getting closer, he saw the written words that his sister left on. Saying that she went to a town not that far away helping a friend. Soon he got a cal from Momoko. Answering his cell he heard his sister's cries for help. Telling him that a group of weird creatures where after her and her injured friend. Hearing the glass shattered in the back round, the line went dead. With that Hiro went towards his old room, grabbing the Shang Gou and a two hand guns and extra bullets. With that he quickly left towards his car and headed toward the town.
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Skills/Weapons:Vanille is able to see the future . she can make plans to act agastin them. She has 2 swords she keeps hidden in her boots. They have been in her family for gengerations. one made of fire the other water. The swords have been blessed by god.

Survivor Skills:She has a black belt, is able to lockpick anything in seacounds useing a pencil, a pen, a bobbing pin, needle. She can spot anything out of the obvous such as a book that wasn't there before.. She can hack into anything. she's a exepert stragiest. can surive a month on 1 water bottle and a piece of stale bread. She's already in colleage.

Personality:quite ,smart, clam, lonely but uses to it

Bio:She was born exetcly 10 years ago ( that's right she's 10 and 1 hour when this happened.) . there's not much to say but she had a pretty much normal life. The time of the attack she was looking at the clouds on top of the apartment building she had put some of the strongest duck tape in the world on the door so no one could destrub her when she heard screams. she rushed to the side of the 24 floor tall apartment when she saw the attack she sat down at the edge and watched the world end.
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Major Characters.

~Name: Soleil Mirada
~ Age: Unknown
~ Appearance: Soleil is young gurl with long red hair and pale blue eyes she normally wears a simple outfit green shorts, and tank tops with a men's black jean jacket over top she carries an old grey backpack, a lighter hanging from the side of it a switch blade on her belt. she also wears brown hiking boots no socks there a tattoo of a dragon circling on her left leg and a tattoo on her left arm the Chinese symbol for fire.
~Skills/Weapons: Soleil seems to be able to predict movements and read lips it's is unknown how she does this, she can also make and control fire her flames rise up to attack anyone who touches her except her mother, only weapons Soleil seems to possess is a switch blade and a Swiss army knife.
~Survivor Skills: Soleil seems to have an instincts like a wild animal, able sniff out food or animals like a blood hound it seems.
Personality: As a little Gurl Soleil was a calm quiet nice gurl that feared her powers, all she seem to do is keep to herself and draw in her sketch book all the time. Now at days her personality has became more like her mothers, hot tempered, stubborn, cocky wise.

~Bio: N/A changed the Story a bit.

~ Name: Ruka '???'
~ Age: 15-16
~ Appearance: Ruka looks like any average 15-16 year old girl even though she was imprisoned for Four years at Xanatos' Mansion. She says she now resembles her Mom more than her Father after the four years, though her face still is a feminine version of her Dads She has Green Hair that goes just about down to her shoulders wearing a Pink Beret over were she would of had her Bunny ear pig tails she had in the past. she wears a Light-blue T-Shirt with a Heart in the a little over to the right, along with a slightly long Yellow Raincoat over it, Green shorts that go down to her knees, and light brown hiking boots along with violet socks on her feet. Ruka is quite pale due to living underground for four years imprisoned.
~ Skills/Weapons: Seeing/Talking to Spirit's/Ghosts *revealed in flash black that she can see ghosts because she looked at Soleil's cruel flames* Developing the power to read minds, see the spiritual aura of people, and Spirit walking *Will explain when she does it* Ruka doesn't carried any weapons because she's against violence.
~ Survivor Skills: None Ruka is still quite Frail she would have a hard time surviving on her own, though she has survived being imprisoned with only small amounts of food and still growing up normally also she can run quite fast for someone who is Frail, though normally her Spirits help her learn how to survive.
Personality: Ruka's personality hasn't changed one bit over the time she was imprisoned, she's a pleasant calm, and collective girl, kind of nice to everyone, caring to even Zaire even though she got imprisoned by him the only person she seemed to insult was Xanatos because she didn't know it, but she could read his mind knowing his creepy intentions for Men, and Women.

~Bio: Ruka was one of the Six Signers that helped saved Neo Domino City from the Dark Signers, and Z-ONE afterwards a few months later Crow, Yusei, Jack, and Aki left Neo Domino city leaving her with her Twin brother Rua she felt kind of sad that her friends didn't came for her, and Rua's 12th Birthday wondering that they have forgotten her, and her brother. Undecided what she was going to do when she finally gets to High School, Zaire notices she can speak to spirits, and attempts to kidnappe Ruka, Ruka gets away somehow only to meet Soleil, she told Soleil "I feel sorry for you Soleil-san, all you need a little love, but you don't realize that yet all you think of is thinking your anger, rage will bring you happiness." Which touched Soleil's heart just a bit Soleil let her go Ruka managed to get home happy to see her brother is safe, later that night Zaire was clinging to her window with a psychotic look on his face breaking the glass, and taking Ruka to her imprisonment for almost 4 years even though Xanatos got what she was needed of her he never let her go, because he wanted to see how she grows up, also using her as bait to finally get who he truly wants Aqua. Due to Aqua's and her spirits help she escaped Xanatos' mansion to end up in Soleil green house were she got new clothes that fit her and of course real food to eat.

Secondary Characters

~ Name: Verenda Xanatos
~ Age: Unknown
~ Appearance: A Rather Tall Man with pale whitish bluish skin, dark brown hair, and violet eyes. Verenda "Xanatos" Normally wears a black robe with phrase "武士道" (Bushido: meaning the Way of the Warrior) written in silver all over it under the robe he wears a nice Dark gold suit with the same phrase written on his left side in black, He also normally wears a old type of Japanese saddles for shoes. he also carries three Kantas one at his left side hidden by his robe another on his back also hidden by his robe, and the thrid no one knows were excalty her carries it.
Skills/Weapons: N/A for weapons already explained accidentally in the Appearance part. He seems to know everything who is where, who's watching him... so far it seems being infected doesn't turn him into a mindless monster like the others he also seems he can control the creatures.
~ Survivor Skills: N/A
~ Personality: He is a very calm, cool, seems to be really nice, he doesn't care about Revenge, or anything like that, sometimes you can't judge a book by it's cover in facted he uses his attitude to make others trust him, which he is just going to pretrial them in the end once he gets what he wants.

~Bio: Verenda "Xanatos" used to be the Mayor of the City before the plague started and the city went down hill, he used Soleil to get a certain 'Gift' that seems unknown to everyone including his Ex-Wife Rachel Vanadis, He promised to help Soleil find her twin sister Aki in exchange for this gift, he did not make up to her demans instead he tried to make Soleil his own personal pet, but failed.

~ Name: Zaire ???
~ Age: Unknown
~ Appearance: Zaire has Bluish Hair along with deep blue eyes like Soleil Zaire has a Tattoo burned into his left arm "風" (Wind) also on his from his right heel to his knee there's a tattoo of a Quetzalcoatl circling his leg. Zaire Normally wears the top half of a suite with armour over his Arms, and armour like boots. Zaire also wears a dark Grey Robe over his outfit with Dark Teal Symbols all over it saying the phrase "永遠に私の風は、私が保護するために送られてきたものを保護する" (Forever my Wind will protect those I've been sent to protect) all over it.
~ Skills/Weapons: Zaire is perfectly trained to be the perfect assassin for his "Master" Xanatos fully equip to kill anyone, or anything the second it was command, but Zaire's compassion for life keeps him from killing. Zaire also has to power to control the Wind which also alows him to control the Weather, and even fly, but he can't use any of his powers when loud music is playing. Zaire carries a large amout of Daggers, but his personal favourite weapon is Twin Sai's.
~ Personality: Zaire may seem a very nice, and calm person, but he has another side to himself an evil side this side was shown only when he was capturing Ruka from Neo Domino City. Either way Zaire still has huge compassion for life he would give his own it it mean to protect Xanatos, or his cousin Aqua.
~ Bio: N/A

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Name: Abyss Rex
Age: 18
Appearance: He has the same look and build as Serpenter Rex - as he is his twin brother. though unlike Serp, who is more muscular, and strong looking, abyss is more thin and fragile looking. He has long, long hair, tied back with a band. it is messy and spiky looking, as is the top of his hair. his fringe slightly covers the left side of his face. His features are slightly smoother and more feminine than Serp, and he usually has a smile on his face.
he wears a black long sleeved shirt, that is fastened up to the neck with buttons. the shirt has a gold floral pattern over it, and also a gold stripe across the neck. He wears baggy black trousers which he holds on with two belts. they are tucked into his boots.
Skills/Weapons: Like Serpenter, he is proficient with a sword, however he can use any melee weapon effectively, preferring knives, and other close range weapons.

Survivor Skills: Illusions and magic tricks, as well as pockets filled with strange devices and gadgets that he uses on his magic shows.
Personality: He smiles a lot, and comes over as creepy, however he is good at dealing with an audience, due to being in the entertainment industry. He hates violence, however is always willing to act to preserve the greater good.
Bio: He was always foreshadowed by serpented during his childhood. due to being the younger one, he was allways shunned for his brothers benefit. after an argument with his family, he left home at 16, taking a vast part of the fortune with him, aswell as one of the legendary swords.
he trained to become a magician, under an elderly man by the name of Demonix, who had died not long after the wave incident. Abyss picked up a young girl, named Noir after he parted from Demonix, and trained her, as he had him, and for a year, the two performed at many theaters, and perfected their style.

Name: Noir Tepes
Age: 17
Appearance: Noir has long black hair, with a straight cut fringe, just above her eyes. her eyes are blood red, caused by a pigmentation deficiency in her childhood, leaving her blind as a bat.
She wears a black sleeveless jacket, tied with red string at the front, and a short black skirt, with white hem, with knee length white puffy shorts, and rolled down black and white thigh high socks. she also wears a pair of Black boots.
Skills/Weapons: Being blind, she can not see, however she has an amazing sense of hearing, allowing her to determine in some cases, the basic layout of a room in a similar way to a bats echolocation, though less precise. serving as a magicians apprentice, she has a good understanding of physics and good slight of hand, as it were.
Survivor Skills: Other than being blind and tripping over things, her survival skills are few. she tends to rely on other people because of her deficiency, however her acute hearing comes in handy, as does her knowledge of physics
Personality: Somewhat shy, when dealing with people directly, but somewhat sour, and quick to insult people when she has someone to hide behind.
Bio: Noir has been traveling with Abyss for some time, as his apprentice and assistant. she was on tour with him, performing live at a large theater, located near by the radio tower. however when the audience didn't show up, due to the waves unleashing she knew that their was a problem
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