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F / haunting you...
Posted 7/12/10 , edited 7/13/10

Skills/Weapons: a random sword he found.
Survivor Skills:He's good with swords
Personality:cool and collected at times...
Bio: He was despertly in love with Vanille but because of a horrid confusion they broke up. The thing that caught his mind about her is the first phase she said to him."Age is but an object."
Posted 7/14/10 , edited 7/14/10

Skills/Weapons: hand-to-]hand combat, archery,Katana, and a small blade
Survivor Skills: knows some medical aid and can shoot at long range and is good with or without a sword
Personality:keeps to herself at times and acts like a child sometimes when she knows its too much she does her best to win
Bio: not much to say but has lived with her sister and is Currently looking for her hoping she's alive
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28 / M
Posted 7/15/10 , edited 7/16/10
Name: Loki
Age: 17
Appearence: has black hair, eyes are blue, weres a lab coat and pants
Skills/Weapons: has the ability to use the keyblade
Survivor Skills: can invent useful weapons if anyone needs them
Personality: happy and cautious at all times but sometimes loving jumping headfirst into action
bio: was one of the scientist working on something but seems to have forgotten his memories from being knocked out by someone in the lab he wakes up finding that he has the keyblade in his hand
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Posted 7/16/10 , edited 7/16/10
Name: Hiro Takeshi
Appearence: (my profile picture to the left)
Skills/Weapons: Increadable speed reflexes and abilities, he uses metal claws that are sharper than even a katana is also a free runner
Survivor Skills: Basic first aid, good cooking, Expert martial arts
Personality: He is rather confident in himself, and cheerful despite the situation around him. more of his personality will be developed throughout the rp
Bio: Hiro Takeshi was a chef at a small restraunt, his cooking was fairly good and kept the place running but, his true passion was martial arts. He had learned 4 different types of martial arts and mastered them all to create his own art with battle claws. He was somewhat gratefull for the infection it allowed him to live freely and practice his new fighting style for all time, or at least until a cure had been created.
Posted 7/17/10 , edited 7/18/10
Name Ty
Age 19
Appearance soldier
Survivor Skills zombie killing and martial arts
Skills/Weapons guns and swords and mind crush
Personality A very kind and nice person. He enjoys having new friends and will sacrifice himself for the people that he loves the most

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24 / M / on my laptop, whe...
Posted 7/17/10 , edited 7/18/10
Name: Yuki "Miku" Yamaguchi
Age: 21
Appearence: Due to looking remarkably and sounding like the virtual diva Hatsune Miku, she earned the nickname Miku as a result.

Skills/Weapons: Basic first aid, can sing well
Survivor Skills: Able to fly any vehicle that's meant to fly,
Personality: All was calm and is willing to accept anything realty easily. likes to go with the flow if that's possible
Bio: Before it started, Yuki was a flight attendant, who despite being able to fly aircraft, she ended up stuck being an attendant anyway. When the infection began she was working at an airport, waiting for her flight to begin. However, when it was about to start people began to eat each other. Due to playing a lot of video games and watching enough zombie movies to realize what was happening. She ran out of the plane and robbed a sleeping guard of his handgun and began to head toward a place that her brother said she would be safe if anything ever happened.
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F / At the end of the...
Posted 7/17/10 , edited 7/18/10

Skills/Weapons: Kira carries a double headed Scythe that can unleash a sheild thats made out of pure darkness She also is a very skilled hunter

Survivor Skills: She can move from place very quickly and shes can hear anything thats far away or close.
Personality: Smart,Helpful,Mean sometimes.
Bio: Kira was walking around when the wave started. She was able to get away with her brother Leon. They waited a couple hours and when there parents didnt come back they knew they were dead. Kira and Leon stayed with each other and walked from city to city. When they finally came here they knew they were safe...For awile atleast.

Name: Leon

Skills/Weapons: Leon carries a sword that he never lets go of. Leon can also control his sisters mind. Only hers and know one knows why her.

Survivor Skills: Leon can make some medicines he is also a very good runner.
Personality:Protective over his lil sister and smart.
Bio: ....Same as Kira's....
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18 / M / guess
Posted 7/18/10 , edited 8/1/10
Appearence:-profile pic
Skills/Weapons:-Bow gun,Bazooka,Knife
Survivor Skills:-withstands alot of pain
Personality:-insane, rarely serious, loves cats, sleeps often
Bio:-im a former army sergant and i fought in the army for so long and saw so many of my friends die that there wasnt any thing else to enjoy but the war its self and then i was put into a prison because it wasnt safe to have me fighting with anyone and eventualy after 5 years I escaped and was living in hiding untill the virus hit and thts when my lust for battle was fueled again.
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18 / M / guess
Posted 7/19/10 , edited 7/19/10
name:- tammy
appearence:- tortorshell cat
survivor skills:-none
personality:-cute, scratches people she doesnt like
bio:-lucas's cat
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28 / F / EARTH!
Posted 7/20/10 , edited 7/20/10
Name: her true name is unknown. she named herself Jace
Age: 19
Appearence:chocolate brown eyes with silver and gold lining around the pupil (eyes change colour depending on emotion), camo cargo pants black tank-top and camo cap, tall, beautiful, and everything a guy could want.
Skills/Weapons: expert at different types of weapons, mostly, swords, daggers, fists and bow+arrows. expert medic/healer, expert trapper/snare, expert agility, stamina and just above adverage strength. expert sewer, cooker, hunter, has power to see parts of the future and she is very strategic.
Survivor Skills: knows all different snares, knows some of the most complex sword skills, knows hand to hand combat,hits bullseye most of the time (9/10), no problem killing, light on her feet, knows how to: light a fire, find water/food, build secure shelter, great leadership skills, talk to animals and make use of everything. unusually wise for such an age and has no problem with nakedness.
Personality: happy, always strategically thinking,looks out for her friends, knows how to cheer everyone up, but when angered her personality completely changes; her eyes go red and become clouded, she becomes savage, angry, brutal and willing to injure anyone.

Bio:Jace grew up in the forests from the age of 5 her parents had died and a wolf pack had taken her in, with that said and done, she listened, and learnt. Now she is nineteen, she has all the experience you can get, living without human help for years. she knows how to speak english and how to communicate with many animals because of the wolves, she helps everyone because she says 'everything has a life, life is precious and should not be wasted', learnt first aid from tending to many animals and herself and has experience with weapons from when a stranger had aproached her many years before, the stranger was hurt and Jace nurtured him back to health, in return, he showed her how to fight, but doing so unlocked the animal part of her soul and she ended up killing the man, since then, she practices, but only fights when needed. she has many skills only learnt from living with wolves, she kills savagely, when angered and likes being on her own, she copes best with a pack, and has great leadership skills, she has a tendency to act like an animal by baring her sharp teeth when threatened, growling, purring, is unusualy agile, has way better senses and likes to sit on her haunches with her arms in front, like a dog and because of that, hasn't dared enter the towns and citys she's come across in all her travels, but, one day, she comes across a place thats different, her keen senses pick up a smell of decaying flesh, and so she set off, she stole some clothes and when she figured out how to put them on, went to investigate the smell...
Posted 7/22/10 , edited 7/23/10

Skills/Weapons:Martial arts, Scar-H, Intervention, M1014, semtex grenade, katana
Survivor Skills:black belt in judo, cat like reflexes, eagle eyesight and hearing,knows fist aid
Personality: nice, easy to get along with, quiet,
Bio:Erika lived a happy normal life with her family but when the virus hit everybody around her turned into zombies excpet her and her dad. They survived together but when Erika was 13 her dad sacrificed himself to save Erika. Alone and not knowing where she should go she roamed aimlessly never settling in a place for long. She watched her world slowly die and become infested with the zombies.
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22 / M / in the forist
Posted 8/1/10 , edited 8/1/10
skills/weapons:my wepons are a knife and a 2 desert eagle pistols and a sniper rifle
survivor skills:amazing accuracy and stealthy
personality:serouis somtimes and happy alot
bio:i am a member of the the swat sent to save as meny civilians as possible but when my squad was attacked i was the only survivor
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23 / M
Posted 8/2/10 , edited 8/2/10
Name: LEO
Appearances: u can see it in the pic
Age: 17

Skills/Weapons: can flying the weapons is firing samuray sword and a firing body and shot big fire balls and storm firing super bonfire hand ok to the short anything he can doo it in the fire like transform to any kind of animals animal can fly anima it’s fast 4 the end…….
Survivor Skills: bonfire anything and take the power from it to level up and eat to still alive
He Like to stay alone and don’t like to take soo mach help from some one and if he want to doo something hard on him he work in a couple don’t like to be soo mach laughed and he don’t speak soo mach just in the impo things
Bio: nothing he don’t has a future and a past like some one has lost him memory and stay alive just 4 the fight
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26 / F / out doing stuff.....
Posted 8/5/10 , edited 8/6/10
Name: Hykn Taylor
Age: 19
Appearence: She has light brown hair with green eyes, and a bit on the tall side for a girl. She wears bandage wraps (like a boxer) covering her hands along with gloves. She has a pouch on her belt where she stores supplies, bandages, and a photo of her family.

Skills/Weapons: Hykn is excellent at hand to hand combat. From kick-boxing to Judo. She also is pretty decent with her stick fighting (although it is not as good as her hand to hand skills).
Survivor Skills: Constantly getting into fights brought Hykn, a body that healed injuries fairly quickly, engineering expertise, and a little bit of medical training (nothing like being able to reset a bone, but she can fix a dislocated joint easily)
Personality: Hykn is a fairly laidback person. Although when you push her buttons enough she blows. She can be kind and loving to those on her good side. She is a bit perverted, and often makes sex jokes. Even with the rise of the zombies, she managed to keep her a positive attitude but she is wary to let people get too close.
Bio: Hykn grew up in a house full of boys. She had three older brothers and two younger ones. Her father was a well-known fighter, so he endorsed that they all learned at least basic martial arts. Hykn excelled at this and continued to fight. Whenever someone picked a fight with one of her younger brothers, she was eager to jump in and defend them. However these days didn't last long. One day, their father fell into a coma. They adminstered him the new medicine. The happy days seemed like they would never end till their father started changing. Slowly growing more and more hungry and violent. The father they once knew had gone. Eventually he killed Hykn's younger brothers. He even went after Hykn, but she managed to get away. She now searches for her older brothers, in hopes that she can have a glimmer of what she remembered as her happy family.
Posted 8/15/10 , edited 8/16/10
Username: -Vodka
Name: Ashley & Ryan
Age: Ashley-NA & Ryan-NA
Gender: Ashley-Female Ryan-Male
Bio:When the outbreak happened Ryan found Ashley in a store, when they were both younger. From then on they became each others only family. Ashley's sister was killed by a zombie while her older sister went missing with some guards. Ryan never talks of his past, he just seems to ignore it. Together Ashley and Ryan make a great team, Ashley shoots and Ryan swings.
Survivor Skills: Both Ryan and Ash have expert survival skills, both quick, strong, and smart. Ash though has some what of a sixth sense. Knowing where some zombies are and how many, which helps them out.
Personality: Both don't show a real personality since the outbreak almost crushed who they were before.
Weapon: Ash- Guns Galore! Shot gun, two pistols, one sniper gun.
Ryan- Baseball bat, twin knives, one katana.

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