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Posted 1/25/11 , edited 1/26/11
Name: Jun
Age: 21

Skills/Weapons: his is skilled with guns mainly
Survivor Skills: he has both medical and weapons training
Personality: Jun is quiet and prefers no to be around people although he is quite charming in an odd way
Bio: Jun used to be a soldier in the army until the wave

Posted 1/30/11 , edited 2/27/11
Name: Trinity (lettie)
Age: 17
Appearence: she is of average height with a slim athletic build she has lightly tanned skin and large sapphire blue eyes with long lashes, her hair is short silky and white, she has full lips with a peircing on the bottom right and one in her left eyebrow.
Trinity normaly wears a tight black mini skirt or skinny jeans, boots, a tight tank top or t-shirt, a fitted jacket and a military style hat
Skills/Weapons: guns and hand to hand
Survivor Skills: her weapons training
Personality: Trinity is quiet but far from shy shes always willing and ready for a fight
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24 / M / on my laptop, whe...
Posted 2/5/11 , edited 2/5/11
Acquiring access into Grim Files
Enter identification data
Agent code : ******** ****
Confirming agent's authorization rights.......
Confirmed accessibility
Entering data base
Searching profile data of agent Megurine "Luka"......
Acquired 2 profiles fitting search info.....
Searching for most recently active....

Searching profile data of agent "Gakupo" Kamui......
Acquired 25 profiles fitting search info.....
Searching for most recently active....

Searching profile data of agent "Meiko"......
Acquired 9 profiles fitting search info.....
Searching for most recently active....

Searching profile data of agent "Kaito"......
Acquired 8 profiles fitting search info.....
Searching for most recently active....

Searching profile data of agent "Gumi"......
Acquired 3 profiles fitting search info.....
Searching for most recently active....

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M / over there
Posted 2/5/11 , edited 2/6/11
Name: Kaz

Age: 19

Appearance: 6 foot tall, medium length ginger dishevelled hair not thin..not fat...not full of muscle just...a bog standard build with a shirt and jeans and blue eyeballs.

Skills/Weapons: Kitchen knives from the kitchen and a long pole which is used for putting up washing, skills include the ability to speak gibberish and english, can throw cards...but not in a deadly manner they just kinda go forward about...30 feet, can eat like no tomorrow.

Survivor skills: Very basic kick boxing lessons worth, fairly accurate with a bow as has used one for many years...but...doesn't have one...he's not an archer just a normal guy, perfect distraction skills and can make any and all eyes land on him to let others secretly do

Personality: Kaz is your everyday kinda guy...kinda....he likes to play games and watch anime...and he likes to eat food and sleep..he rarely goes outside as he doesn't really like people...they're not very nice. Kaz is the kind of person that really has your back if he likes you...and he is nice if you are nice to him..he's just a laid back chilled guy.

Bio: Born on earth Kaz was just like every other kid, had a normal upbringing went to school did stuff with his friends...and had an overall good childhood....then stuff happened..and people turned into these...things...these...monsters...actually to Kaz it was kinda normal..most people he had ever met were like monsters...mean..evil..any chance to do something evil they this...epidemic..this..madness...this darkness that spread across the was all just what he expected of mankind really.
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19 / F / Florida
Posted 2/6/11 , edited 2/6/11


Appearence:Hair Medium Blonde hair with strands flowing down too her shoulders.Wears a semi-short dress that is all black covering neck,chest & arms.She wears black fingerless gloves.Has Cat ears that match her hair.Wears a Sword carrier for her katana.Wears Black knee high boots.Wears Gun carrier belt.

Skills/Weapons:Shes very good with swords, guns & other melee weapons.Carries a Gun in her belt.Has a Katana(which she uses most often.)

Survivor Skills:She doesn't have too eat much.She is very agile & has cat like reflexes.Can trick very well.She is also quiet stronger than she looks like.

Personality:She doesn't get sad easily, but she will fight and kill for what she believes in and or whom she loves.She enjoys the little things and doesn't ask for much and is willing too be a hero.She isn't frightened easily, like most she has known.

Bio:When Katy was about 6 her big brother was killed by a serial killer right in front of her, so she protects anyone she loves, and if anyone gets hurt she blames herself for not being there.Then, when she was 14 her boyfriend assaulted her and, she nearly was killed.So, she watches for bad people a lot, because she had a hard childhood.
P.S. She gets really emotional when people talk about her Father because he got killed in the army when she was only 4.

Picture of her:
Posted 2/6/11 , edited 2/7/11
Name: Abyss Rex title: The Black Void
Age: Ageless; His body frozen in eternity by the effects of an unknown strain of the virus.
Appearance: Abyss's body is frozen in its physical form of 19 years of age. He appears youthful, and rather slender, though his strength is undeniable, it is not evident from his build, which would be considered regular, if not rather feminine.
He has medium black hair, with several longer plats tied back, and held with coloured beads. His eyes are bloody red, though weather this is natural, cosmetic, or caused by the strain of the virus he has accepted into his body are unknown.
He wears a black shirt, fastened with long oval shaped buttons. The shirt has a Chinese-looking golden floral print over it. He wears baggy trousers, with elastic around the waist and ankles to hold it on. In addition, he wears black leather combat boots, fastened with three leather straps, held with gold buckles. Around his neck, he has a key made from gold, tied on with a long piece of string.
On his left ear is a chrome ear piece. The piece has a built in mic, allowing contact between him and his organization. The specific technology is unidentified, but its assumed that through the enhanced minds of those wearing them, they can contact one another directly, in something similar to binary code.

Skills/Weapons: Abyss is fully capable of using most martial arts and weapons at masters level. He can move faster, and react quicker than a regular human. These abilities can be associated with two specific powers:
Ability to see and memories something into his muscle directly
Ability to absorb data, and configure it into muscle memory.
After having his mind enhanced, these abilities were supported, to the point where he could copy almost anything he saw, and utilize it. In addition, he can modify the things he has seen, to perform them quicker, slower, more efficiently etc. Its even possible to read an opponents moves by seeing the twitches in their body, and muscles.
Survivor Skills: Incredibly quick thinker, and can calculate hundreds of moves ahead of even the smartest opponents. Powerful enhanced body (though still generally human). He also lacks a human conscience, and has no problems sacrificing anything to further his goals.
Personality: He appears rather kind and caring upon first glance, but he is a cruel and manipulative killer, willing to go to any lengths to reach his goals.
Bio: The blood brother of Serpenter Rex, he survived the first out break, and later went to join a research institution comprised of several like-minded thinkers from different countries. The group, known as "The truth" were founded to enhance mankind, however Abyss killed the leader, once the research was complete, and took control of the group, and subsequently, all of its research.
Once he took control, his first operation as leader was to kill Serpenter Rex. A mission which was ultimately a success.

Name: Noir Tepes
Age: Ageless; her body frozen in eternity by the effects of an unknown strain of the virus.
Appearance: Liker abyss, Noir's body is frozen at the age of 17. Even though her body was frozen at an age where she should appear mature, she could easily be mistaken for a child of 14-15, having an incredibly slender build, standing at 5 foot.
She has medium length blue-black hair, with the tips dyed in blood red. Her eyes are pure white- A remnant of her former blindness.
She wears a black sleeveless shirt, tied at the front with red string. She has a black skirt, split into six parts, each section lined with white, with three crucifixes adorned along the bottom, and black trousers, with heavy black boots bound with chain up to her knees.
She uses one of the ear pieces similar to the rest of The truth organization, as is considered standard.
Skills/Weapons: Each blood cell in Noir's body goes through a device, placed near the heart, which attaches a nano machine to the cell. Through her left eye, she can see each individual nanite, as though being able to look through any material obstruction the cell. By injecting her blood cells into someone else's body via different points (finger nails, canine teeth, or simply... bleeding over someone else's open wound) she and use the nanites to control the specimen, as long as it is within range. As long as the target is either visible, or within 100 meter(squared) range, she can control the nanites. In addition, she can physically control her own blood (which appears red-silver, due to the machines) in real-time space, in a similar manner to a puppet master, allowing her to use the nanites directly as a weapon, solidifying walls of her own blood as blades, or other weapons.
Survivor Skills: Her hearing is pitch perfect, from her days of complete blindness. Essentially she has 360 vision, as long as their is sound. Her nanomachines give her rapid internal healing ability, meaning it is impossible for her to die of poison or internal wounding, as she can be quickly repaired.
Personality: Somewhat shy, when dealing with people directly, but somewhat sour, and quick to insult people when she has someone to hide behind. She is incredibly loyal to those who she trusts.
Bio: Noir has traveled with abyss for many years. The two originally worked together as a magic act, working their way into mainstream theater,until the virus infected everyone in the past.

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29 / M / some were
Posted 2/21/11 , edited 2/21/11
Name: James la Fage
Age: 19
Appearence: dresses like a mobster

Skills/Weapons: a sword know as the redemer(a oddly holy sword), very skilled with most types of weapons. knows how to mix any type of drank.
Survivor Skills: very good at seducing people, very smart(very fast suddy)
Personality: speek to me and find out
Bio: male but the wave change him to a woman.(rest will be told in the rp)
(more may be put in latter)
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26 / F / Caught in the mid...
Posted 2/28/11 , edited 3/1/11

Skills/Weapons:Two Daggers, and three hidden knifes.
Survivor Skills:Medical Training,Weapons Training (with daggers and knifes)
Personality:Stubborn,Hates to leave people behind,and Caring.
Bio:She doesn't like to talk about her dark past.
Posted 3/12/11 , edited 3/12/11
Name:the auditor(original name was rioku)
Appearance: a young white black haired boy
Skills/Weapons:a 7ft long buster blade and the improbability drive
Survivor Skills:the art of misleading
Bio: the auditor was once considerd a ledgand and not real but it turns out he is. his father created a weapon of mass destruction called the improbability drive which was said to help you slightly change minds to go with your way. apparently in the creation of the device the lab exploded and so did the drive sending out a radiation. the 1st thing it hit was the auditor. the radiation fused with his mind making him in full control of his fathers invention. now he is still roaming the earth.
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25 / M / Salt Lake City
Posted 3/14/11 , edited 3/15/11
Name: Foresuto Ra'Bunchi
Age: 18
Appearence: Clothes He wears, But no Tie. His Hair looks just like that. His eyes are Almond Shape and are the color of Hazel. Also his Jacket is a dark purple with a Black deign on it as well his Shirt is a dark purple with design. The Design looks like roots of a tree.
Skills/Weapons: 44. Magnum Ragging Bull. The Gun is Custom made Pitch Black, with Purple bullets. He has two of them. He also as a bendable blade that locks when he snaps it into place and only is bendable when the small button underneath the hilt is pressed. the Sword goes into a small sheath that is part of his flexable tight shirt underneath his button up shirt.
Survivor Skills: Foresuto is a well trained Parkourer and will be able too do scout Missions.
Personality: He is a fun loving guy who enjoys being with his friends. He only serious if one of his friends are threaten or if it time too not play around.
Bio: Born in Utah Salt Lake City. Foresuto was raised in a wealthy family. During his times studying like most Children who are raised under Reach families. But suddenly he became bored of just reading books , His Parents put into Muay Thai, After 3 years of Muay Thai he started too do Free running also called Parkour. During one of his Parkour practices the zombie attacks appeared in Utah, He ran as fast as he could back too his house but as he was passing a gun store he saw the hill that his parents house was and on that hill was a horde of zombies. Foresuto find a place he could call home for a time being with a gun smith underneath his gun store buildings. He asked him too make him his guns and swords for him for free if he ran too gather food and what other supplies he could for the both of them. After a year with the man He left without a word only leaving a extra amount of food for the man when he woke up. for 3 years he been traveling looking for another group too hitch a ride with or maybe even live with.
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In the Depths Of...
Posted 3/22/11 , edited 4/26/11
Name: Sethgar Windsor

Age: 15


Sethgar's main skill is the art of Potion/Poisonmaking, which he carries with him at all times in his bag (also at all times) He carries at least 5-10 different types, each with a different colour bottle, each with a different effect.

Red Bottle - Contains a Paste that seals injuries and hastens healing...stings when used though.
Blue Bottle - Contains a Super-slippery ooze that he uses to make infected or survivors lose their grip.
Green Bottle - Contains a special poison that acts as a repellent on the weaker infected, and can cause problems to people if they breath too much... a little would only act like a runny nose to survivors.
Orange Bottle - Contains a mist like substance that acts like Fire, it can used to make fire when mixed with wood or a spark, if it is breathed in, it can burn the person inside.
Purple Bottle - Contains a toxin that messes up the mind, causing hallucinations and paranoia.
Pink Bottle - Contains a truth serum that he uses to interrogate infected, unreliable when used on survivors.
Black Bottle - Contains a toxin that strengthen's Sethgar's fighting ability and endurance, but side-effects afterwards make him ill and vunerable.
White Bottle - Contains a liquid that went drank, reverts the user to themselves 5-8 years ago, making them younger...but can make them too young, or not exist if used on someone too young.
One gulp - 5 minutes
Two gulps - 5 hours
Three gulps - 5 days
Four gulps - 5 months
Five gulps - 5 years
Six gulps (which empties it) - Forever

Sethgar carries on his person at all time a Double ended Spear, which is neon-blue in colour and is as long as his body in length, even though it is as light as a feather. The Spear is made from the toughest of metal that is obtainable, so it can hold off against other strong weapons in it's own right, including using the lightness to hold off guns.
He also carries a bow and arrows for when he needs to use long-range...but he rarely ever uses it, preferring to just get up close and slice and dice.
He learned the says of hand-to-hand taijutsu from the people who raised him, while also learning how to go undetected when he needs it, though most of the time he uses it to keep people away from him when he has his moments.
He carries smokebombs and repellents of many types to make his escape should the urgent need arise, though he sees it as a harmful strike to his pride should he ever have to.

Survivor Skills: Assassination Expert. Hand-to-Hand Mastery, Escape Expert.

Personality: Due to a Bad childhood, he keeps himself to himself, and rarely ever talks to people who he doesnt know well, making him not that much of a talker with people he doesnt know. His "foster" carers didnt teach him the moral lessons, so he doesnt understand emotions so he would ignore someone and not know why they would get annoyed by it. He likes a good fight, sparking interest in a girl / boy who can fight well, even though he doesnt understand the good feeling of interest. Unless he gets to know the people he meets, he sees them as people who just get in his way of fun...since he sees fighting and killing as a game. He rarely smiles, so if he does... it would mean he acknowledged the person, or at least saw an interest.
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F / Neverland
Posted 3/23/11 , edited 3/23/11
Name: Elise
Skills/Weapons: She carries a dagger for close combat and a pistol in case of extreme measures. She prefers hand to hand combat and will only rely on guns when she needs to. She does though carry around some other guns that she'll use in case of a big bouts of zombies. She also carries with her at all times her medical supplies that she is well skilled in.
Survivor Skills: Hand to Hand combat. Medical experience. Speed specilist.
Personality: Elise is very mature, when the moment asks for it, she is also very shy due to a very rejectful past. She however can be very childish, though this is onlly in moments of peace, she is serious most of the time.
Bio: Elise grew up in a family of medical experts. Naturally she gained a natural talent for the medical arts. However she chose not to do anything with that. She had two younger sibli ngs, though they were twins and never let her inside there world, so she often felt alone. They died. She was often not good enough for her parent's taste and so she gained a shy attitude because of the fact she was always reject by them.

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26 / M
Posted 3/24/11 , edited 3/24/11
Character name: Ryko Kunuzori
Age: 26
Appearance: he is fairly tall he has long flowing black hair fast his shoulders in his hair his has an ordimental object that fits into his hair like a hair piece to show nobility as he was born into a very noble family. He has dark blue eyes with a look of calmness on his face but even though he has a calm compsoure dont let it fool you he can be ruthless in battle when then time is needed he also wears white wrist gloves as another mark to show nobility as he takes pride in his appearance.

Skills weapons: The one weapon his usuallly carries with him where ever he goes is his faithful sword that neither leaves his side its name means 1000 blades as used in special combat of sword mastery he is one of the most skilled swordsman around and as a nobl requirement has learnt self defense and self disicpline as the head of the Kunuzori household. also he has immense speed untracible to the eye his favourite move his simply looking like he wlaks past someone where in fact he has cut completely through them

Personality: seemingly cold, he looks down upon anyone who isnt of the same class as him therefore not even acknowledging their strength. he has a liking for plants mainly cherry blossoms, although he does care about certain people and traits however he has been taught to always uphold the law and set an example for others if he does not uphold it who will?

Bio *filled in as and when
Posted 4/5/11 , edited 4/6/11
Name: ticker
Appearence:a smaller guy with black hair and blue eyes, he wears a striped sweater that reacts of gun powered
he carries a revoler, a spear made out of a kitchen knife duck tape and a broom stick, and series of explosive weapons
Survivor Skills: his dad was a part of the bomb squad so has the knowledge of bombs and assualt
Personality:he has 2 personalities one that is calm and nice and another that is emotionless and judgmental
he cant remeamber
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Posted 6/15/11 , edited 6/16/11
Name: Soren 'Doctor' Maximiilion

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