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Posted 7/9/10 , edited 7/9/10
Making a glowy beam is simple. I go show you how!
This is for gimp, if you dont have gimp, get 2.6.8, go to Its there!! I use 2.6.8, on my dad's Windows, and on my mac. GO GET GIMP! Not as good as photoshop, but its free!
Posted 7/9/10 , edited 7/9/10
So, first, you pick the picture you want to put the glowy beam-

Im using this one.

Next, you select the path tool.

once you've selected the path tool, you make a zigzag line around the part you wanna put the glowy beam on-

Then you drag the lines and anchors to make it rounded-

Then you make a new layer. Just go to layer, new layer. or, you could press shift, ctrl, n. MAKE SURE ITS FILLED WITH TRANSPARENCY!

Then, you do edit, stroke path. Make sure that you have the foreground color the color you want the glow to be! And write down that color, you'll need it soon. The pixel width should be anywhere from 2-5.

It should now look like this-

Now, since you probably want it to look like the beam is going around her, we erase every other line.

If you end up not liking it, and wanting to make it look more professional (which I'm to lazy to do right now XP) you can redo it all. Im to lazy, like I said, to make the slightly messed up edges completely round. Ill show a picture of them completely round at the end of the tutorial.

ANYWAYS, you may be thinking- Wait, its not glowy?! What did I do wrong?! Well, just go to the filters tab, scroll down, go to alpha to logo, and click neon! You could also do alien neon, which is cool, and all that. Actually, you can do any of them, but those dont glow. aNYWAyS, here are some of the pics of what goes on-

Oh yeah..... You still have your color? Good. Cuz when you click neon, a window pops up. So you kinda gotta
know the color you chose, so you can change the glow color. Don't worry about the background color. You don't gotta do the shadow, its just fun. Keep the effects size the same as your stroke path pixel size, just multiply that number by ten. I use a three pixel size, so i chose thirty!

Thats actually what the window looks like before you change the color....But i clicked shadow...... It automatically goes to 30. I DK WHY To change the glow color, just click on the square.

I know what you are thinking now.

OH NO!!!!!!!!!


But the background's black! That's not my picture! What are you talking about, it's not OH NO!?

This is what your picture should look like now-

Well, to fix your little problem that's not a problem, click the layers tab, and click delete layer! Background is gone, but is your neon? NOPE
Oh yeah, dont do the shadow. It messes up. If you did it, go back, click edit, undo neon, and do it again without the shadow......
Final untouched up product-

Final slightly more profesional looking beam and WAAAAAAAAAY better looking product-
(I not that good, but with forty minutes or work, I could make it look like the best glow ever, I swear!)

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