Anime Couples That Dont Happen
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Posted 7/9/10 , edited 7/9/10
Well I like Ban x Himiko from Get Backers and It did not happen in the Anime! I'm Reading the Manga and sooo far it didnt happen in there Either ( I actually looked up some stuff and the said something bout Ban x Himiko being bro and sister much to my disappointment)

I use to like Bulma x Yamcha from DBZ But it didnt happen ( I actually grew to Like Bulma and Vegeta later on!)

There Is Ma-Kun x Yuki-Chan from NO bra as well (man that one made me really sad)

So is there any Anime/Manga couple you like that didn't happen???

Note: If this is already a thread please Close and Can you please give me a link to the other one!
Posted 7/9/10 , edited 7/9/10
Ikki and Simca or Ikki and Akito from Air Gear, but I haven't been reading the manga so...
Anri and Mikado from Durarara!! I think it was hinted at the end though.
Ran and Rei from Super Gals! It would have added more drama!
Fuu and Mugen or Fuu and Jin from Samurai Champloo, but it was still good
Yukari and George from Parakiss, that ending totally sucked!
Ta-kun and Haruno Haruko from Fooly Cooly, still a good anime though
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Which two characters from different anime look good together?

I wish they end up together

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