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The 1st person to post (i.e. me lol) asks a question starting with "Would you rather..." then give a second option.... then 2nd person would then answer the question then start there question with "Would you rather..." - - -


Person 1: Would you rather eat dirt or drink mud?
Person 2: dirt.... Would you rather be wearing winter clothes in the summer or summer clothes in the winter?
Person 3: summer clothes in winter....would you rather surf or skii?

and so on and so fourth ~
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Would you rather have all the manga in the world or all the anime?
Posted 7/9/10 , edited 7/9/10
Manga in the world

Would you rather have ice cream or crab for lunch?
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Posted 7/9/10 , edited 7/9/10
Ice cream! (:

Would you rather eat your favorite anime character or live in a world that doesn't have anime or manga?
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eat your favorite anime character ^^;

Would you rather steal a cookie from you neighbors or a anime wallpaper from the store?
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Posted 7/16/10 , edited 7/16/10
Cookie (less troublesome, though I wounder what king of anime poster/wallpaper)

Would you rather join Creatures of Destruction or eat your favorite manga book?
Posted 7/16/10 , edited 7/17/10
join Creatures of Destruction

Would you rather listen to Berryz Koubou or Paramore?
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