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Posted 8/16/10 , edited 8/16/10
USER: shadowwolf-angel
NAME: waya black valentine
AGE: 18
FAMILY: Spades
RANK: eldest daughter
BIO: she is proud to be the eldest daughter of the spade family and very spoiled. Her father always wanted her to be a good wife and respected lady but Waya never followed his dreams. Every time she could have after her lessons and classes for school she would steal away into the neighbor forest with the weapons master and train. She has trained for many years and finally told her father of her becoming the greatest warrior of the family for it was her dream. He didnt like it but let her do as she wished. Soon after that she made a contract with nardel and his twin brother sasori and has became the favorite of her mother for her strengths. She is to marry into another dukedom and has many people that are suited for her but she has not found the one she wishes to be with yet.
OTHERS: she is not scared of the seven sins and always wonders if there was a boy with them if her father would make him a suiter also

CHAIN? (yes/no and name): yes his name is nardel he is leo (left) and his twin brother sasori he is scorpio (right)
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Posted 11/28/10 , edited 11/28/10
NAME: Nyra
AGE: 18
FAMILY: The Seven Sins
RANK: Wrath
BIO: She's been a vengeful spirit all her life. There are no words to describe what had went wrong with her. She simply and honestly just likes to hurt others because she believes they all deserve it.
OTHERS: She's only loyal to the person in charge, and is fairly decent with others but with the enemy she is cruel.

CHAIN? (yes/no and name): Yes; Meet Haseio

NAME: Amber
AGE: 36
FAMILY: Diamond
RANK: Wife
BIO: She's always loved her husband and her affection for her children knows no bounds. Amber has been a kind and loving mother but is determined to help as best she can. She is even willing to aid others despite their backgrounds. Truly a caring woman.
OTHERS: Even though she looks young for her age she wants to save everyone before her sickness takes her life.

CHAIN? (yes/no and name): Yes. Meet Kyōmibukai

NAME: Julian
AGE: 38
RANK: Duke
BIO: Is a strict yet kind man. He's determined in his work but can be known to have lapses in character and actually be fun for once. His family's safety is his goal but being slightly crazy is hard on him and the others. He may seem mean and cruel at first but he has good intentions.
OTHERS: He has horrible insomnia problems so when he's sleeping, it really is a surprise for others and often times is seen as a trick.

CHAIN? (yes/no and name): Yes. Meet Jonas
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