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Under the Cherry...
Posted 7/10/10 , edited 7/11/10
This is a place to just chat and talk. It's reserved for RP though, so you have to be your character. If you want to chat with your normal self, go to [NORMAL] Chat Room. ^^
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20 / F / Where I am sitting.
Posted 8/15/10 , edited 8/20/10
It was an ordinary day for Irene, until she had a vision. Fire was everywhere, meteors blasted onto the earth from the sky. A creature rose up onto a high rock. It was like a human, but had beautiful, glowing light blue skin. Spikes grew from its back, and it had sad eyes, with tears flowing from it. By the look you could tell that the creature was responsible for it, but then again did it on accident.
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