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Final Fantasy Versus XIII For Xbox 360
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Posted 7/11/10 , edited 7/13/10
Simply choose how you feel about the situation about what platforms this game may or may not be released on.

For those of you that are not up to date or familiar with the situation properly then you may read this, however it is not required.

At the moment Final Fantasy Versus XIII is known to the public as an exclusive to the PS3.

Many people believe that since Final Fantasy XIII itself went multi-platform for both the PS3 and Xbox 360 that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will also go down the same path.

A couple of months ago, there was talk from Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada (99% of what he says about any situation regarding the company always disappoints me and I know I am not alone in this) That they are looking into the possibility of Final Fantasy Versus XIII going to the Xbox 360. After significant backlash from fans, he then stated "It looks like the internet is heating up. Versus on Xbox? What I said at the earnings press conference was just that until a formal announcement is made at the announcement time; all points about all titles are not finalized."

This is pretty much a usual response to get out of confirming anything of the matter so at the moment fans are up in the air about it.

So what reason could make Final Fantasy Versus XIII become multi-platform or stay an exclusive?

For exclusivity:

1. If it's true about the Director and Character Designer Tetsuya Nomura preferring the PS3 over the Xbox 360, he could push for it to remain exclusive (unlikely) However, he may want he and his team to achieve the best game as possible which would mean that it would have to stay exclusive.

2. Looking at the patterns Square Enix goes for in it's "Compilation" series means that this would very well stay exclusive. The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII had many products exclusive spanning across multiple forms of media including the Movie, PS2 exclusive, PSP exclusive and some Mobile Phone game. And of course VII itself remains exclusive as a PS1 title. With the Fabula Nova Crystallis series, we have Final Fantasy XIII which reached out to the Xbox 360 platform as well as the PS3, we have Agito XIII which went from being a mobile phone game to an exclusive as a PSP game. Then we have Final Fantasy Versus XIII, this at the moment is known to the public as a PS3 exclusive. Could the last pattern they followed come through the same as this one? This pattern seems to follow the "support for multiple consoles" We could also consider Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings being on the DS as another example.

3. It has been in development as an exclusive for the PS3 that it maybe completely unreasonable to port the game as it is currently to the Xbox 360 without excluding anything (I believe that it is a possibility that the content was most likely cut from Final Fantasy XIII not due for it being "unsuitable" but rather a lack of space on the discs, however I could be wrong) Tetsuya Nomura could push for it to remain exclusive so that it can become the masterpiece he (like most people that make games) hoped it would be. It all depends if Tetsuya Nomura cares, of if Yoichi Wada is too hard on him and forces him to make it for both consoles.

For Multi-platform:

1. Obviously it would make more sales so this could potentially make a considerable amount of more money for them, however deciding now to port the game would delay it further then it already is and this could be considered unacceptable for them, because they may just want to get it out already (It began development same time as Final Fantasy XIII and it still isn't out and without much information released)

That's really the only reason to make it go multi-platform. If Yoichi Wada is greedy enough for money then I'm sure it will go this way, unless Tetsuya Nomura cares as much as everyone seems to believe (I'm hoping what they say is true about him)

My Thoughts

I have nothing great against the Xbox 360 particularly and would in fact love to see more people given the opportunity to have a go at their next title. However, I would love for it to remain exclusive, for on reason, Potential. I want to see what Square Enix is capable of, from the looks of things the graphics are already insane and Tetsuya Nomura says they are trying to improve it further. I simply want to see the game at it's best. If it does go multi-platform, content may be cut, and the development as a whole will be flawed because of the focus on getting it ported to the Xbox 360, Something like improving the graphics and anything else they may want to improve would now be thrown aside simply because they have to spend time porting it and getting it out before the development time gets much longer then it already is.

Considering Final Fantasy is my favourite series of all time, I want to see it achieve something like what Uncharted 2 achieved technically which they are capable of and we're never going to see that unless it stays exclusive.

If it could be at it's best potential even if it went a multi-platform then I would not care at all, however, the fact is that it won't, unless it stays exclusive to the PS3.

Hmmm... That took a while to write.
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Posted 7/11/10 , edited 7/12/10
I don't have a playstation so i want it to come to the 360. I've played all the Final fantasies. Even the crappy ones
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Posted 8/16/10 , edited 8/17/10
I rather let it be in PS3
Posted 8/16/10 , edited 8/17/10
I don't care. I'd prefer it to be on PS3, but it can be available for Xbox lovers too.
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