Posted 7/11/10 , edited 7/11/10

Christina Serpell (HeadInTheClouds24) is know to be a random but funny nutter! Christina is also know to be called perveted,sick-minded and sick,so whenever Lucie sais 'bet that was fun' (or something simular) Christina reacts - the wrong way! Christina has also been known to be called 'Ami' by her best-freind-out-of-school - Lucy! Christina has also been known to be called 'Sexy' by the boys as a joke but 'Bunny-hunny' - not for a joke - by one perticular boy.Christina also likes the drums because she can rock out and if she has a mistake then she can do-over.She also thinks its 'hip-hop-hopety' to wear anything cool,outdoorsy or 'awesum!'

Ashleigh Standsfeild is a easily-anooyed teen who will help her freinds no matter what.Ashleigh is a person who will stand up for what she thinks is right,get in to trouble if around the girls and will back-chat anyone who makes fun of her or her freinds.Ashleigh has been nick-named 'Ash' by the girls but 'Slag' or 'Stands-in-a-feild' by the boys.Her dad also left her awhile back - so she hates boys and will block ears if mentioned!

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