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Post Reply [GAME] What if
Posted 8/8/10 , edited 8/8/10
At first I would have been all quietd just to hear his lovely voice, and then I would ask who it was, just make it sure it was him.
I would try to act cool and talk to him for awhile before hang up. I will keep his number, and hoping he would call me back. and maybe i would call him back too^^


What if your dream about your fav. group came true. What is the dream and with who?
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Posted 8/8/10 , edited 8/8/10
my dream is to meet my boys TVXQ ~~ I wanna meet the five togother again !! and hopefully ask them to sing my fav song <33333 .. if that come ture I'll be the happiest gurl ever


what if ur fav member from ur fav group added u on ur Yahoo messanger or MSN ??? and u found out abt him after he opened the cam for u hehe!!!! and who will be ??
Posted 8/24/10 , edited 8/24/10
i'd be soooo HAPPY!!! and i would loveeeeee Onew or Doojoon to sing 4 me!!!<333 that'd be perfect. and if they added me on yahoo msgnr or msn i'd be like hiiii haha.

what if dbsk were back together...and sung a brand new song...started to cry again bc they're finally back on stage...if they cried...would you cry too?
Posted 8/28/10 , edited 8/28/10
Of course I will.... I am a really touched person, I can just listed to a song and start crying ( that have happen sometimes to me.)

What if You could pick one, only one, of those new band like D-NA, Teen Top, ZeA, B2st, CN Blue, Code-V, F-Cuz, Infitnite and MBLAQ to be your date for one day. who would it be? and what woud you guys do, and how would you rank the dates?
Posted 8/30/10 , edited 8/30/10
haha. hm...that's kind of hard. butta, i'll pick...b2st. hm...we would prob go walk around for awhile, eat, have fun and just be ourselves around each other. and how would i rank the dates? haha. hm...idk. lol

what if you were to just pick between F.Cuz&Big Bang...who would YOU pick to have a date with? and if they asked you who do you like the most? who would it be?
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Posted 10/18/10 , edited 10/19/10
Ehmmm, if i was to Choose from F.Cuz and Big Bang, Def. Big Bang:]
i wouldd tel them i Likeeeeee' Them ALL, Butt iLOVEEEEE Tae Yangg a BIT moreee. Lols.

What If,You won an chance to audition for JYP&&* YG which wouldd youu choose?
Butt after All, theyy didnt Likeeeeee' Your performance, Wouldd you throw a BIg Fit?
or Just leave home, "depressed"
Posted 10/28/10 , edited 10/29/10
haha. hm...if i got into either of them and they said that...i'd be like
"wtfudge?! i came all the way here just for nothing! and i was
hoping i'd make it! forget you guys then! BUT, i gotta see big bang
and those other groups first. xD" haha. jk..

what if SHINee popped out in front of you, but they were in a costume...would you get scared? or would you just look closely in their eyes and see who it was?
Posted 12/25/11 , edited 12/25/11
hmmmm... I don't know what I would do, but I guess I would have been suprise that they are infront of me and here in Norway.

What if X-5 suddenly had a contest that you won. The winning prize is a whole weekend with them there you are in the senter of attentions. What would you do? And who are your favorite?
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