Posted 7/11/10 , edited 7/11/10

Christina Serpell (HeadInTheClouds24) is know to be a random but funny nutter! Christina is also know to be called perveted,sick-minded and sick,so whenever Lucie sais 'bet that was fun' (or something simular) Christina reacts - the wrong way! Christina has also been known to be called 'Ami' by her best-freind-out-of-school - Lucy! Christina has also been known to be called 'Sexy' by the boys as a joke but 'Bunny-hunny' - not for a joke - by one perticular boy.Christina also likes the drums because she can rock out and if she has a mistake then she can do-over.She also thinks its 'hip-hop-hopety' to wear anything cool,outdoorsy or 'awesum!'

Ashleigh Stansfield is a easily-annoyed teen who will help her freinds no matter what.Ashleigh is a person who will stand up for what she thinks is right,get in to trouble if around the girls and will back-chat anyone who makes fun of her or her freinds.Ashleigh has been nick-named 'Ash' by the girls but 'Slag' or 'Stands-in-a-feild' by the boys.Her dad also left her awhile back - so she hates boys and will block ears if mentioned! Ashleigh is also one of the two girls in the group to have a boyfreind!

Rebekah Marshall is a funny,sweet and caring girl.Rebekah is nick-named Becky or 'Bex' by her freinds but 'Becky Flash' by the boys for a reason that will come up soon.Bex will also help freinds if needed but if she likes a boy thats 20-odd-meters away - she'll be afraid to go anywhere near him (drama queen much?!) Bex will also react 'lovey' if she hears that the girls (Mostly Ashleigh and Christina) like,love or are going out with a boy.

Hsnnah Burton is a classical girl who will do whatever needed.Hannah is nick-named 'Han' or 'HanHan' by the girls (but 'HanHan' by Christina.) The boys on the other hand - just call her Hannah! If Hannah is seen being told off or yelled at by boys she will cry until they break down - then she'll admit she didnt really cry! Hannah is a jokster by her freinds and is also kind hearted to most people.Hannah is also one of the two girls in the group to have a boyfreind!

Lucie Watton is a air-headed idiot.Lucie is not nick-named by the girls but is mistakened to be called 'Lucie Wattson' Because of Josh Wattson.The Boys also nick-name her 'Watton' but also 'Lucy the Lion.' Lucie is a sick-minded nutter who - when annoyed - reacts to what Christina sais.If something is said that is sounded sick to Christina - she hits her to tell her its 'not sick' and 'its just fucking normal!' Hopefully Lucie WILL be tamed!
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