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Posted 7/12/10 , edited 7/12/10
Ok this is my second story!!!! Ha...ha... i'm not nervous!!!!
Oh well this part I'm writeing is just the summary! LoL!!!

Amutsiki Ami Is tranfering to a new school and its not a normal school though!!!
This place is for kids who are not sure what to do in theyre lives! usally there are orphans!
Anyways, usally these kind of kids have this thing called Kokoro Ru. This thing is a sorta power from your heart which forms in you when you're a confused person. That happens because its something to help you find the reason why you are born. Now Amutsiki Ami is a lonely child who is living at an orpanage who wants to have an adventure in her life. But the mean cleaning lady always says that she's to puny to even dream of having an adventure!!!! But one day, when she comes home from school, she bumps into a big sign that says H-Acadamy! H-acadamy is the school that helps kids with kokoro ru! After she saw the huge school, she knew this school had everything she wanted in her life!!! So the next day she joins! But every paradise has some bad things! She meets this guy named Tomada Kazune who is rude and annoying. Shes surprised why she even became best friends with him!!! and there is another guy named Mazuyo Luca. He made her have a verry twinkley feeling in her heart! Well this is the the adventure she was looking for!

LoL!!! Pretty long summary huh? Well its a long story!!!! Lmao!!! I will do each part once a day!!! If a stop, the chapter might be pretty long so wait about 2 days! LoL Anyways I hope you will read it!

Smiles :D,

This story is rated E for everyone!!!!
This story has: Magic, Romance, Fantacy, School, slice of life, and comedy!

Hope you will like it!!!
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