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Summer is here! All the children cheer! People that arent underaged dont drink too much beer!
Nevermind... Moke here! welcome to the official SUMMER CHAPTER!!!!! yaaaaaay! So here we'll start with Mitsuko and her friends all going to the beach and at the same time have Kaori, Shi, and Nani (what?) trying to have their lesson on modern things at the beach also! Yes new characters can be added in this chapter, and if other people like that character enough, it can be added to one of the stories!!! Will it all be comedy?Drama? Who knows! So, begin!!!

"Schools out! We're going to the beach NOW!!!!" Aisa yelled as she pulled everyone out of the classroom and started running to the 7th grade to get Ryuu and Yukito.
"kaiko, won't you , like, burn up?" Mitsuko whispered to Kaiko, "either way, theres no way of getting away from Aisa."
"I was made waterproof!" Kaiko seemed to not know that she had to keep her being a robot a secret.
"Yaaaaay! Beach!" Saki ran along with Aisa.

"Helloooooooo Senpais!!!" Aisa nearly broke down the door as she went into the 7th grade classroom. They were still having class, a few minutes to have the teacher say goodbye to her now 8th grade class.
"Oh.... Uh... Um... We'll wait outside" Aisa said as she took a step out of the roo and closed the door. She actually was quiet for 5 minutes until 7th grade got out and she grabbed Ryuu and Yukito," Beach! beach!"
"We have to get swimsuits and so first, Aisa." Yukito got Aisa to release her grip on his hand.
"Ooooooooh yeaaaaah.... We're using Ewan's limo then!"
"What?" Ewan seemed to be distracted by the nice weather.
"And i'll drive!!!"
"What? You don't even know how to drive and theres already my butler that drives!"
"OOOOOOOh yeaaaaaaah....."

"I'm back."
"The beach. We're going." Shi said," This can be a lesson for me while you buy Nani and I a swimsuit."
"fashion changes to much." nani said.
Kaori sighed and put his bag down. there would dbe no way to go against shi and nani's decision. Every time he disobeyed he would dbe slapped on the back of his head,"Lets go."
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