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Posted 7/12/10 , edited 12/19/10
*Chapter 2 is up!


Unwanted Silence

By Zozo-chan

Chapter 1

“Here’s your food. Eat up, kid, you’re gonna need it.” The big, muscular guard slid a tray of prisoner food toward me. I let it hit my leg as I sat silent, my back facing him as I stared at the ground beneath me. He walked away from my dark figure as he evidently “served” food to other prisoners. I listened to the heavy noises of his footsteps and soon took the tray, eating the disgusting food as if it were my last.

“Psst…! Jayde…!” I heard a voice whisper loudly. It was of course, the one and only Jasper, the so called brainiac. I’ve known him for about half a year now, so we were kind of like best friends. Well to him, I’m his best friend. I threw the tray off to the side after finishing the last bits of the unruly food and turned around to meet Jasper’s blue eyes. His cell was across mine by the way. He was staring at me with his head in between two bars of his cell door as he held the two bars with both his pale hands. Light shone on him, revealing his handsome face and bright, blond hair that was tainted with dirtiness, so it was no longer that bright. Why do I call him “the so called brainiac”? Because he thinks he’s so smart but he’s not, so I’m actually being sarcastic when I call him that.

“What?” I asked, uninterested of whatever he’s going to say. He grinned at my apathetic face and pushed the arrogance away.

“Hi!” he smiled at me as I rolled my eyes at his stupidness.

“Hi, Jasper.” I whispered and smiled back at him as pink tinted his dirty cheeks.

“You should smile like that more,” he bluntly said, still smiling with a happy face as I stared at him, surprised as my cheeks grew rosy. I quickly turned around and leaned against my cell door as my back faced Jasper, who was confused. I don’t know why, but my body had moved on its own. I felt my face and it was weirdly hot. I think I’m getting a fever.

“Did I say something wrong…?” Jasper asked as I shook my head no while staring at the dirty ground. I tucked a strand of my red hair behind my left ear. “Oh…okay…” Jasper murmured quietly but I heard it with my great hearing. I heard him move and plop down onto his bed after I didn’t reply. How mean of me…but not as worst as what I did which brought me here to jail.

What did I do that bad to keep me here for more than half a year? I killed my older sister, Lexi. Why? I was mad at her. Why was I mad at her? Because she took everything I ever had. Literally, EVERYTHING. The person I like, my career, my parents, my money, etc. She had drained my life and took it to keep herself, and acted as if it were nothing. As if I was nothing. So I went and killed her. MURDER my own sister, the only person close to me. How did it feel? Oh, it felt great. It felt AWESOME to kill someone I UTTERLY hate. Until I got caught and was sentenced to jail for two years. Really bad of me, huh? Although, I don’t regret it. She always treated me like a dog since the day I was born. I don’t know why, but I had only one word in mind: jealousy.

Where am I right now? I don’t know where the fuck I am. Somewhere in North Carolina though. But there are a lot of jails in North Carolina, although I don’t know the name of this damn dreary place. Excuse my language; it’s something I got from my parents. But whatever.

Name’s Jayde if you don’t know. Well, you should fucking know since Jasper said hi to me. Haha, again with the language. It slips sometimes…actually it slips a lot since jail had beaten me up to become a wretched person. I was once a nice girl who dreamed of going to a university. But now, dreams are for losers. Sorry, losers. Yeah, I wanted to go to a university, so that means I must be 18, right? Right, dumb shit. I should really tape my mouth, but tape taste bland so I don’t feel like it. I would if there were tapes with different flavors. You should already know that I have red hair, which I hate. A lot of people loved it because it was so “pretty,” but it only reminds me of blood, so I hate it. I hate my eyes too…you know why? Because for some damn reason, it’s red! It makes me look like a fucking vampire! What’s worst is the pale, nearly white skin I used to love supports the fact that I look like a damn vampire that was about to suck your blood like it was hard candy you’re trying to suck on. But I’m all dirty now since we’re not given showers here, so my light skin is covered. So you can subtract that part. For those who are confused right now: I AM NOT A FUCKING VAMPIRE IF YOU FUCKING THINK I AM. Clear enough?

For some reason, I had a feeling that someone was staring at my back. I pushed the thought away and closed my eyes as I felt sleepy. The thing is, I was actually right. It was a familiar pair of blue eyes.

Chapter 2

“Well, ladies, time to work!” The flinty, short guard yelled at us as if he were ordering around ants. I hate the fact that he called all of us ladies even though most of us “ants” are dudes. I’m not saying that I’m a freaking dude though! Although, I know he’s being sarcastic and all, but it still annoys the fuck out of me. I could tell by his firm look that he was already used to all this shit, but who gives a fuck. I pity him. To be stuck with this kind of relentless work must be hell. Oh well, at least it’s better than being in prison like me.

What are we doing? Work, of course! Brutal, ruthless labor. I never thought we had to do shit like this, but turns out we do. After a few months, I got used to it and now, I am one with the rocks. Haha, me and my poetic crap… You try to do all this hard work! I actually have to mine rocks with a huge, heavy pickaxe and guess what? It totally improved my strength! It’s like, I can beat up a little kid with one punch! Okay, now that’s kind of harsh to use a kid as an example but you know what I mean.

I don’t even know why the hell they make us mine rocks, but it’s better than sitting around and doing nothing. I want to ask one of the guards why, but I’m afraid they’ll think I’m complaining. Wow, first time I’m scared of something, especially of one guard! And here’s the thing: the guard is a dwarf! Kind of freaky, right? I’ve seen someone complain before and he kicked the guy right in the balls, it was totally funny but scary at the same time. Yes, I’m talking about the one guard that I pity and called us ladies. I think his name is Bob… Wow, what a nice name. I hope I didn’t confuse any of you, but fucking get it anyways you slow pokes!

I raised my pickaxe to start mining a rock until I heard someone call my name. I wasn’t surprised when it turned out to be Jasper walking up to me with a pickaxe resting on his shoulder. I checked him out, which was weird of me, and man, does he have some muscles! The thought of me checking him out made me turn pink as he became confused.

“What’s wrong?” he asked as he tilted his head like a cat.

“Boy, it sure is hot in here!” I fanned myself with my hand. Gosh, that was such a lame thing to say!

“Um… I guess,” he chuckled and I half smiled as I felt a sweat drop. I continued with mining as usual, and it was too silent that it was starting to get awkward. “So…did you hear about the new guard?” Jasper asked all of a sudden. I was relieved that the silence was broken, I felt like I was going to melt if it wasn’t.

“No, no one told me about a new guard,” I said. “Where did you hear that from?” I looked up at Jasper as I stopped mining and rested the pickaxe on my shoulder.

“I just happened to drop in on some guard’s conversation,” he smiled as I could easily tell that he was lying.

“Just happened to? You sure you weren’t eavesdropping?” I suspiciously asked as he laughed nonchalantly.

“No, you silly goose!” he said and I rolled my eyes.

“What the fuck? Are you fucking high or something?” I asked with a straight face, which made Jasper burst out laughing.

“No… I think this pickaxe is getting to me with its weirdness,” he stared at his pickaxe and swung it around for no damn reason.

“Oh my god…don’t tell me…you talk to your pickaxe?” I sighed, already used to his “madness.”

“No…” he looked off to the side. I raised my fist to hit him and he gave in, “Okay, okay! Maybe…just maybe.” I gave him a squint as I left my mean-looking fist in the air. “Okay, yes! I do talk to my pickaxe! But only because I’m bored…a lot. I named him Fred!” he told me and started petting so called “Fred.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me…” I sighed and gave him a “what the fuck?” look.

“What? Are you jealous of my close relationship with Fred?” he slyly smiled. “Maybe you’re jealous because you secretly like me and want to mate with me.” He laughed to the sky with his hands on his hips, not knowing what trouble was coming until it hit him. Literally, it hit him. Actually, I punched him as he was zonked out on the ground, my face red and his just plain stupid, Fred thrown at whatever the fuck it went.

“Idiot…what kind of fucking concept is that!?” I yelled at him as I felt a vein bulge from my forehead. He stood up, rubbing his face as a red mark with the shape of my fist began swelling up.

“Oi, you’re fucking too loud, pest.” A prisoner harshly put his hand on my shoulder as a “sexual harassment” alarm went off in my head. I was about to yell at him to get his fucking hand off me until Jasper randomly appeared right next to me and slapped his hand off of me.

“Don’t touch her,” he coolly said with a severe tone and a mean look as he furrowed his eyebrows with slight anger.

“Eh? What, is she yours or something?” the man said with an annoying tone as I stood by and watched, ready for anything that might cause trouble.

“Yeah, so what?” Jasper said as I smacked the back of his head. “Okay, no, she’s not. But still, you keep your filthy hands off of her.” What he said made me blush lightly as I looked off to the side and crossed my arms.

“Don’t tell me what to do!” the man angrily told him and deliberately punched him exactly where I punched him. There’s a difference though, he’s a guy and he punches way harder than me. His punch sent Jasper to the ground again, and Jasper spit out blood as I stood frozen, not knowing what to do. Man, me and my uselessness! Jasper wiped off the blood dripping from his mouth and charged at the guy as they began battling it out.

“Shit…” I stood still as I tried to think quickly. The only thing I could do was try to break up the fight before it attracted attention. But too late for that, people were already gathering around to check out what was happening. However, I could still try to break up the fight! “Here goes…” I mumbled to myself. I ran and pushed the two away from each other which resulted in them not going too far from each other than I expected, but at least I broke them apart.

“Jayde? What the hell are you doing? Hey, watch out!” Jasper yelled at me but my reaction time was too slow.

“Get out of my way!” the man maliciously pushed me. I closed my eyes as I got ready for my back to hit the wall, but…it didn’t hit a wall. Well, it felt like a wall but it was actually a guy’s chest. Luckily for me, this guy caught me and put his hands on my shoulders, which again sent a “sexual harassment” alarm to my head. I slowly opened my eyes and looked up, my eyes widening at what I saw. I don’t know if my vision was clear or not, but what I saw was a beautiful, pale face with striking red eyes that matched my own. I could feel my heart flutter as the man’s alluring eyes met mine, and all I did was simply blush as I paid no attention to Jasper, who was fighting for me.
Posted 7/12/10 , edited 7/13/10

''Well, you should fucking know since Jasper said hi to me. ''
i love her alreadyy xD
interesting storii so far xD
i wanna read moreeee ♥ owo

P.S. : totally thought she WAS a vamp xD
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20 / F / On thee couch wit...
Posted 7/12/10 , edited 7/13/10
LMAO. thankies thankies~!!
I love her too...sorta XDDD
and ill do chapter two laterrrrr (remember about thee laterr thing? XDD)

P.S. : LOL. she looks like onee thoughh huh?? she hates vampires XDD
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Posted 7/16/10 , edited 7/16/10
i'm interested

write more!

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Posted 7/20/10 , edited 7/21/10
"But now, dreams are for losers. Sorry, losers. Yeah, I wanted to go to a university, so that means I must be 18, right? Right, dumb shit. I should really tape my mouth, but tape taste bland so I don’t feel like it. I would if there were tapes with different flavors."
LMAO. Flavored tapes??? THAT WOULD BE AWESOMEE!!!
I'd totally get chocolate flavored tape and just lick it all day XDD
And Jayde is funnay<33 Kinda reminds me of u on ur period XDDD JUST KIDDING!!!
And the pic of Maximilian is HOT!!! >///<
Wanna make that pic in an avvie for mehh??? XD
BTW, AWESOME STORY!!!! Keep it goingg!!
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29 / M / Archangelus
Posted 12/18/10 , edited 12/19/10
I like the story and the update.
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20 / F / On thee couch wit...
Posted 12/18/10 , edited 12/19/10
Thanks Angelo!
Posted 12/19/10 , edited 12/19/10 need to update tis : D
/stab Dx
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20 / F / On thee couch wit...
Posted 12/19/10 , edited 12/19/10
I JUST updated it yesterday though T^T
I ish too lazyy~ LOL XD
Mannn, my Zoopoo disease will never disappear =w=
Posted 12/19/10 , edited 12/19/10
you updated it? o_ o
didnt even realizee xD;
Posted 12/19/10 , edited 12/19/10
What? Are you jealous of my close relationship with Fred?


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20 / F / On thee couch wit...
Posted 12/20/10 , edited 12/20/10
Slow Koopoo =w= *pats* its okay, im VERY slow too :DD
LOL XD Jasper's weird~ Even though I made him like that xD
Posted 12/20/10 , edited 12/21/10
/sniff YEAHH..

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20 / F / On thee couch wit...
Posted 12/22/10 , edited 12/23/10
*sniffles with you* ikr... XD
Who knows what I'll turn him into? Mwahaha >:D
Posted 1/13/11 , edited 1/14/11
This was really well written O:

Wonderful job ~ *Throws flowers all over you* ♥
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