Favorite ending of an anime.
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Posted 7/12/10 , edited 7/13/10
I have two favorite endings of anime seires.

The first one is the ending to Death Note. I knew that Light's killing spree needed to end. After he was discovered he cracked and expressed and displayed the emotions of most serial killers. Then it showed Misa his lover about to commit suicide and L waiting for him to go to the otherside. Not going to lie, when I saw L their after what Light did to him a tear ran down my cheek. It showed that L's soul was truly divine.

The other was the ending to Elfen Lied. The emotions displayed were the emotions of true love. I really understood the characters feeling. At first the story showed you Lucy as a cold blooded killing machine then at the end you saw her past and why she became the way she is. I felt as if her killing was no longer wrong and I hoped she would fined happiness. Then it shows Lucy fighting soldiers after her and Kutuas romance scene was over. Kutua and the others act if shes dead and then the hear something in the front. It showed a dark figure shaped like Lucy.

What are everyone else favorite anime endings and why?
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