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Posted 7/13/10 , edited 9/10/10
Photo Alteration Contest

This is a fairly simple contest. Anyone can join.
In this contest, everyone works with the same photo.
You are to simply alter the colors of the photo.
You are only allowed ONE entry, but you can edit your submission at any time before the voting session.
At the end of the contest, everyone will vote for whoever they think did the best job of alteration.
The contest has no deadline until further notice.
I apologize for previously extending the deadline of this contest and now terminating the deadline; I have my reasons for doing so. Sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused.

1. Present your Snapshot Signatures ID.
2. Present your entry, which is to have your username copyright at the bottom right corner.
3. Under or above your username copyright, it is to say "SS Photo Alteration Contest Entry".
4. Any other text is strictly prohibited.
5. You are allowed to change the image file format for clarity or what not.

First Place:
• Upgrade to Lifetime VIP Membership
• Recognition on Wall of Fame
• 1 avatars, 1 banner, 1 icon

Second Place:
• Upgrade to Lifetime VIP Membership
• Recognition on Wall of Fame
• 1 avatar, 1 banner


Good luck to everyone!
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Posted 7/16/10 , edited 7/16/10


*Copyright owned to only the altered portion of the image. In no way do I own the rights to the original image.

I was bored ):
Depending on how many other people are entering, I might drop out from the contest.
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Posted 7/24/10 , edited 7/25/10


Yes, yes, I know it's not very colorful but I tried to make that chilly, winter-y feeling come out. This was a very nice photo to play around with (:
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Posted 7/26/10 , edited 8/26/10


I kinda gave it a "Light in the middle of Darkness" theme.. it kindaa is significant to me at the moment, because i feel like im suffocating and im in pain constantly in life, yet theres just ONE thing that is one of my only hope at the moment and because it's so bright, it just stands out so much in a world of death. ^____^ So yeauup~ sryy im not so professional as the other applicants here D: i also gave it a kindaa.. canvas artwork paper texture to it to make it look kindaaa like a painting in an art gallery? x) haha.. sryyy if thats now alloweD D:
Posted 7/27/10 , edited 7/27/10
Snapshot Signatures ID:

hm, i was just giving an impression of an icy cool early morning. the morning where you wake up at 5AM and look out the window and you see a pretty blue sky you can only see at a certain time the cool blue feeling you can experience in any season in the morning > < <3
Posted 8/18/10 , edited 8/18/10
Snapshot Signatures ID:


Hmmm...I'm not sure exactly what my insperation was, but I wanted to make winter look tranquil and blissful
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Posted 9/6/10 , edited 9/6/10



i got bored, no jokes. i finished cleaning my room; and now i have nothing to do. therefore, i altered the photo! YEEH!
> just so you know: i have no idea why i altered it like this. i thought it looked kinda, coo. yeah , that's it. XD
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Posted 10/31/10 , edited 10/31/10
Here is my picture! I hope you like it!

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