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"This series is about a village with a population of about 1300 people, and during one fiercely hot summer, many mysterious incidents happened one after another..."
"The story takes place in a small and what appears to be a peaceful village called, Sotoba. However, this is no ordinary village. Death seems to be tormenting the village and it is a common thing in Sotoba. Natsuno Yuuki, a new resident in Sotoba, hates the village and wants to move back to the city. However, he is determined to solve the mystery behind the strange death occurrences." (

Genres: Horror, Mystery, Supernatural

Some Interesting Info:
The creator of this anime/manga/light novel is none other than, Fuyumi Ono. As some might recall, she is also the creator of the popular series of Twelve Kingdoms and Ghost Hunt. The artist for this manga, however is Ryu Fujisaki... who has done manga like Houshin Engi or Waq Waq.

My Blah, Blah's:
First off - is has somewhat annoying art.. BUT JUST A LITTLE!! Now that, that's out of the way. *ahem* The manga is the ONLY manga of it's kind that I've read and actually, liked! I'm not into.. er.. manga that deal with certain 'evil' things (can't say what they are, 'cause it might spoil it for some) and usually ignore them. This one though, it tricked me into reading it and.. well, snagged me and won't let go.. It has good characters and also some creepy, annoying characters. But, for the most part, the main characters are great. The manga is full of mystery, some what sad, and has some spooky things going for it.
Anyway, the manga is still ongoing and one can read it, here

I'm curious to see if any others have read it and like it or not. So.. there ya' have it!

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