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A Thousand Cranes and A Wish

By the awesome Kinnie : D

Inspired by Sadako and the Thousand Cranes. & My Friend's opinion on the book.

When I was little, I always wondered, "What is so special about the number 1000?"

1000 hopes.

1000 dreams.

1000 cranes.

That was all I ever heard in my small family. Just my mom, dad, and I! But, we'll be having another addition to our family soon! I'm so excited.

My parents always seemto be fighting over what he or she should be called. They even made a list with 1000 girl and boy names. See, there's that number again. It's so strange, it's like that number is part of out family. (We even got exactly 1000 items in our house, counting all the tiles in my bathroom!)

My baby brother was born the next year. Momma and Papa let me name him! His name is now, Henry. I do hope he likes the name I gave him. It took me a LONG time to think of it! I love you my brother, Henry!

Another year flew by so quick! I'm now ten years old! Mommy says I'm growing up too quickly! Before she knows it, I'm going to college!

Last night, I overheard a conversation during dinner. That if I wrote down something with exactly 1000 words and wrote each word on 1000 cranes, then let those 1000 cranes float off in a river, a wish will be granted! I told Papa about it! He just laughed and asked what wouold I wish for. I had to think about it. What exactly would I wish for?

I thought about it as I started making cranes. One each day. So, I should be ready to set sail in about three-four years. It gives me a lot of time to think about what to wish for!

But as each day passed, Momma havn't been feeling well along with my baby brother. I stopped making the cranes officially on Day 27. I had only 8 cranes done.

Momma had died on day 34. I should have listened to Papa and took her and my baby brother to the hospital. Momma disagreed because we didn't have the money. I'm such an idiot! I'm waiting for my baby brother to come out of the operation alive now. I hear him crying out here. Please be okay, Henry.

Day 47, Henry had left Papa and I alone in this world. Papa is grieving with sadness and wouldn't eat or talk anymore. I'm scared. I started making cranes again. But I always end up crying halfway through it. I miss Momma and Henry, really, really miss them.

Day 51, they buried Henry right beside Momma. I love you, Momma, Henry. Please be in peace up there.

Day 76, Papa and I had moved out of the town and went across the seas. He thought it'd be best if we lived with a relative. Just in case.

My crane collection is almost caught up! I now have 67 done and in a special box Papa made me.

Day 253, I'm sorry for not writing in so long. So much had happened and there was no place I could recollect my thoughts and write in my journal. Even with the time I have, it is extremly limited. Lights are out in five minutes, I got to write all my thoughts before they take it away again.

Papa had to leave on a business trip, he couldn't cost to take me, so I stayed with my uncle. Turns out he was caught as a murderer. The fright I held on that day! They couldn't contact my Papa. They're saying things like; "Poor girl, her father's probably dead." "I bet he doesn't love her no more."

I'm scared. This orphanage is really scary. I miss Papa and Momma and Henry! Eep! It's past lights out, I got to go, catch up later.

Day 327, Papa is still missing. Everyone at the orphanage is so selfish and cruel. They don't care if you fall, or break a bone, or even if your sick! They want the job done no matter. Is this place even really an orphanage? We're barely fed once a day, aren't allowed to bathe (Only once every three months) and we barely get enough warmth from out rags called clothes. I'm scared. Trying to hide my cranes is getting harder and harder. They always find it and tear it to shreds. I barely manage to have 193 done. The friends I made here help me collect paper. I thank them so many times.

Russell got enough paper to make another 100, but he was caught the next day after giving it to me. The paper is safe, but Russell is gone. We don't know what they do to kids who misbehave and go against the rules. Russell...Please be alive.

Day 693, I’m scared. Frightened to death. I lost 2 more friends.

Day 964, I almost have 1000 cranes and I know what to wish for and where to let them set sail. Writing in here is nearly impossible with the new rules. I've lost 5 friends: Kathy, Daniel, Bell, Darrick and Rina. I miss them all dearly.

Day 998, my Papa came back for me! He was well! Alive and still breathing. The orphanage I stayed was shut down due to young child labor. Thank goodness. No one else needs to suffer what we went through.

Day 1000, Papa and I walked to a river near my late uncle's home. This was the river I wished to use. It was so peaceful and quiet. I loved it.

Papa helped me place each crane in the water. Each having a word printed in the most beautiful writing I knew.

We both watched them float down the river. It was like I was letting all the painful memories go, watching them leave out of my life. I looked up onto the blue sky and began stating my one and only wish.

"No one in this world should feel the pain I had felt."

It wasn't a wish, but a request.


This shall be used to show the other entries (Their tiny and not that important) Since I wanted to keep the story above exactly 1000 words I didn't bother with the other entries C:
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Awwww I LIKE ITT : D
one of her friends, "Bell" xD
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o w o
iwas gonna put it "Bel" : D...
but then i thought of creeper Bel and i was like "No. It's Bell now. xD"

thankies >w<
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