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Info ; A sad story I heard from epi [something] in Gintama... then I just needed to make it into a WRITINGstory T__T...


By Koko
\\ Original story from Gintama

I sleep in my warm futon every night.

Ever night, I hear dogs barking in the distance.

Every night, I gaze off at the moon.

Every night, I make a wish on the stars.

Every night, I fall asleep with the thought of my dear Loli.



I had always been a shy and reserved child. I didn't play with the kids at school, I sat there in a corner and watched them play with each other instead.

I was afraid to make friends, I was afraid they would find me boring.

I was afraid of the little kids my age.

Grandpa made it all better one fateful night.

He came to me with a small animal in his arms, a whimper, of a cute little white puppy.


The puppy and I played all the time, we ran with each other where ever the wind would take us, he became more than a puppy, he became my best friend.



That was my signature command, out of all the others, Stay was his favorite.

Seasons passed, and Loli grew out of his puppy form. He was a dog now, of good strong size. Of course, I fed him regularly and made sure he would grow up strong and healthy. I spoiled him, really. But I loved Loli.

One day during the morning, I was getting ready for school. It took me about 10 minutes to get ready, but Loli was always following me every where I would be. He was loyal in every way.

Heading out the door, I turned to deliver the usual word to him so he wouldn't follow me to school.

I pointed at him and said it, “Stay.”

And he stayed there.

Waiting for me to come back home from school.

Never moving an inch.


I got home and found Loli surprisingly in the same exact spot, he hadn't moved at all... had he eaten?

Grandpa told me he tried to feed him, but he wouldn't eat until I came back. He tried to play frisbee with him, but Loli was uninterested until I came back.

Day by day, I had to sneak my way to school in the morning so I wouldn't have to tell Loli to stay, because he couldn't follow me to school either.

At the school, playing jump rope with my friends, I saw a white dot running in the distance.



I punished Loli in my own way for getting me into trouble with the teachers.

I told him to stay every morning, and then on.

I finally made friends, and it was all because of Loli. He was, my first real friend.

And he was a dog... a precious friend, I commanded him to 'Wait' more now than just the morning, but also after school, when I would rather go play with my new friends than Loli.

Grandpa understood my feelings. I no longer needed Loli.


And then the day came when Grandpa and I got a call from one of our relatives, telling us the other was ill and sickly in bed.

No dogs were allowed on the airplane.

And we hadn't the money to feed him anymore.

So maybe Loli knew his fate...

I chose an abandoned open place to take Loli.

He followed me, till the very end.

I picked up his paws and his tail wagged, he breathed heavily and his tongue playfully licked my face.

No... we weren't going to play this time.

I thought it would be okay just to leave him there, but each step I took, he followed, I stopped, knowing he would follow me no matter what.


I told him, “Stay!”

He sat on the ground there, and I left him behind without looking back.


That's all it took.


Months later after my relative got better, I felt sad for Loli and wanted to see him, how was he doing... if he was still in the same exact spot...

Oh god, I hope not... someone would of picked him up, right? Fed him, the very least!

I felt so terrible for leaving my friend, and went I came upon the spot I left him, I put my hands to my mouth, shocked that Loli was... still there.

His body was all bone, he lost a lot of weight... he lye on the ground with his head on his paws. As if, dead....

I kneeled before him and started sobbing, my heart was breaking.

An elderly man voice came from behind me, “It's sad, isn't it? The poor dog... his owner must have abandoned him. He must have been thinking his owner would come back... people would walk by and try to feed him every now and then, but he never ate. Some dog owners even tried to take him in, but he...”

Never moved...

I hugged Loli around the neck, crying so loudly to no end. “L-Loli... I'm....! I'm so sorry! You were waiting for me... this entire time! And I... I... I just left you! Loli... you were my first real friend... and I treated you so terribly...! LOLI!!”

But just then, I felt a dry tongue lick my cheek weakly.

I saw his tail slightly wag in excitement, his eyes gleam for a moment at my appearance.

And then Loli never moved again.

Fin //

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for some reason... I MUST SAY I HATE THE GURL DX
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Loli ; w ;....
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Oh... OGM....
I could jusT TELL what was going ot happen T___T
I hate the girl too.
and the Grandpa! What was he thinking, letting her do that?!
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