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Upper Floor

1st Section - Mystery Books
2nd Section - History about Vampires, Demons, Fairies, Angel
3rd Section - Ecomonic / Science
4th Section - Learn How to Use Magic
5th Section - Any Kind of Math
6th Section - Love Potion
7th Section - Sci-Fi
8th Section - Romance / Action

Lower Floor

1st Section - Myths
2nd Section - Blood Sucking
3rd Section - Weakness Body Parts
4th Section - How Many Blood Types
5th Section - Strengths
6th Section - Magic Spells
7th Section - Fairy Dust
8th Section - How To Find your Prey?

Reigerstration Library: _____________ *available*
Book Sectors: (from Harry Potter)
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Miya went inside the library with her pass and slide in it and walked in the library she took the exerlator going up to the upper floor she scanned all the sections and found a place to sit so she went to find a boy to read more about the history of Vampires, Demons, Fairies, Angel, Wizards and everything. Then she went downstairs to the lower floor and place three books on the table and found five season of Magic spells and Weakness Body parts and the Myths. She climbed the ladder and move the ladder along and got the first section of the Myths on the top of the shelf as she went down, she walked the next section called Blood sucking season 1 to 4 and the next section and got the book and went back to her desk and studied more about the history and learn some magic spells.
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Yumi walks in and insert her card and slightly walked in she saw the principal study she went over to her place and gently tap on her shoulder. "Excuse me." Yumi said. Miya put her bookmark on the page where she was reading on and looked up at her. "Yes, how can i help you?" Miya asked.
"Do you know where's the Love poiton is at?" Yumi said. Miya nodded and leading up to the excelavtor and went up to section 6th and pointed the book of Love poiton. Yumi grabbed three books and follow Miya downstairs. "Thank you so much. Mrs. Suzukai-san." Yumi said. "Call me Miya. Mrs. Suzukai sounds formal." Miya said and patted her head. "May i sit next to you." Yumi said. "Yes you may. But please be quiet since this is a library we need to quiet our voice down. I'm actually part principal but im full time student." Miya answered.

Yumi smiled at Miya-chan. "Ne, Miya-chan since your a full time student you wanna study in my room or in your room." Yumi said. "I think i perfer in my room. Yumi. Since my room has a lot of space that can fit 400 students in it." Miya said. "Can i be your friend?" Yumi said.
"Yes. Now would please read your books while i read mine." Miya said.

She nodded and opened the book and started reading the Love poiton.
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*walks to lower floor 3rd section and looks closely fro books*
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Sakura go to Upper Floor to look 4 History about Vampires, Demons, Fairies, Angel^^
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