T-ara adding in another member and changes leader?!
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Posted 7/15/10 , edited 7/16/10

Ahead of T-ara’s upcoming schedule which includes releasing a new second album, Core Contents Media stated, “The existing six members of T-ara will help newcomer Ryu Hwa Young. T-ara will return with a stronger image.”

Official representative along with T-ara held an emergency meeting on the 9th where they discussed the changes that T-ara will be undergoing, one option being dividing the group up. In the end it was decided that a new member, Ryu Hwa Young, will join the group, while Boram will become the official leader, with Eunjung stepping down.

This big announcement was originally planned to be released on the 23rd, however it was changed at the last minute on the 16th due to intense media speculation.

Core Contents Media promised big changes. They really did it.

[to see the pictures of the new member, click here!

Ryu Hwa Young actually has a twin sister called, Ryu Hyo Young will be joining the co-ed group of which Jin Hye Won is part of, and debut in September. The profiles of the other members in the co-ed group will be released shortly.If you’re not familiar with Ryu Hyo Young, she was the one who showered Nichkhun with her aegyo on Star King right in front of Victoria back in May. Hyo Young was then talent scouted to join T-ara but after consideration, they felt that her sister, Hwa Young would be a better fit. So they switched it around.

credits: allkpop

In my opinion, I think this isn't appropriate. T-ara worked soo hard to get to where they are now and then just add another member? And I can't believe she's the new Maknae, I was so used to having Ji Yeon as the maknae. Ji Yeon is wait cuter! And then Boram takes over as the leader? Boram seems to silent and quiet to be the leader[and it's not that I have anything against her, I do really love Boram and all of T-ara but would want another member to be the leader like So Yeon or Hyomin] while Eunjung is outgoing,talented,and stands out of the group very well. If there was another leader, at least give it to So Yeon or Hyomin. Eunjung better not leave T-ara or I'm going to be soo mad. urgghh and they're both my favorite[Eunjung and Ji Yeon], and excuse me for my language but this is just bulls**t!!,
And Eunjung debuted as the leader, After School's went through this so many times but yet, Kahi is still the leader and isn't replaced by Raina or Jung Ah, so why does this have to happen to T-ara[Eunjung]? I hope Core Contents Media knows what they're doing.

Your opinion?
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Maybe she will being some talent with her they need it.
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Posted 7/16/10 , edited 7/16/10
Ryu Hwa Young suits T-ara's leader much better then Boram. Honestly .__. If you hadn't notice one of the high lights song of T-ara (TTYL) It consisted (super nova) Ryu Hwa Young , Hyomin ,Park Ji yeon and Seohyun was there ever a Boram singing?? nooo Its sad to see one of my fav idols drop down from a leader to a member. Bleh I don't see how Boram is cute either she's very silent in variety shows and barely has charisma.

Anyways about maknae's I could really careless age is nothing but a number. Its talent that counts

EX : Hyori , Rain , Gahee etc...
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