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Ok, so the point here is for you to write a fan-fic/own screenplay on anything. You can write your own screenplay having to do with an anime you've watch, a video game(RPG), or just one you just made up from the top of the head. You can include youself in it if you like.

I'll be writing one of Final Fantasy 7, one of my favorite RPG. Mine is a bit long but I'd like you guys to do it much more shorter IF you can. I just enjoy reading screen play. Make it similar to mines. YES, I was bored as fuck.

It is a dark rainy day in Midgar. Tifa, a beautiful woman, find herself looking for someone or something. As she walk by an alleyway she sees Aeris carrying an umbrella and talking to Reno and Rude.

Tifa: What is Aeris doing this late? Is she selling flowers again... even in this weather condition? (She ask herself) What am I going to do with her? (She sighs)
Reno: Aeris, are you still selling flowers? (He ask Aeris)
Aeris: Yeah, but I don't sell those flowers anymore. I sell my *flower* if you know what I mean. (She says in a kinky way)
Reno: I do not understand what you are saying. Ofc you are selling flowers that are yours.Now can you sell me a couple of them?
Aeris:You are so silly (She laughs) I sell the flower that a woman is born with. What do you think a girl liek me would be doing 2 o'clock of the morning?
Reno: Ok... that's just plain disgusting. I don't know what happen to you, but I'll be leaving now. Let's go Rude...Rude!(knowing Rude wasn't walking behind him)
Rude: Ehmm... I think I'm staying
Reno: Eh?! .............Ok, I'll leave you guys alone

Reno leave the alleyway not seeing Tifa, getting into his motorcycle.

Tifa: She has no flower with her but then again she's saying she's selling her flower. Flower.. flower, FLOWER!. This can't be! (Shock)

Tifa head running back to the hotel where Cloud and all of her other friends are waiting for her. She is all wet and she is out of breath.

Cloud: Did you find Aeris?!
Tifa: No... no. I did not see her
Cloud: Lately she just has been dissapearing at this time of the day. What is she thinking?
Barrett: Cloud, don't worry about it. If she doesn't show up within 10 minutes we'll all head out and find her
Cloud: Is just so dangerous for her to be at the slum at this time of the day. Yeah we will all head out, it'll be easier to find her.
Cait Sith: Nu uh. Not me, I'm going to sleep (Heading up stairs to his hotel room)
Vincent: That guy is always like that. Useless...
Tifa: Cloud have you ever cared about me like you do to Aeris?
Cloud: ...What are you syaing?
Tifa: Never mind.

10 minute pass and Aries shows up

Aeris: Hey guys, what are you all doing up?
Cloud: Aeris... Aeris what's going on?
Aeris: Nothing, can't a girl head out?
Cloud: Aeris!!! Is there something you hiding from me? (Angrily)
Aeris: Don't yell at me you stupid asshole. I do what I want, so mind your own damn buisness. And you Yuffie stop stealing the money I've earned you bitch. Try earnign your own! (she run upstairs to her room)
Everyone stays silent for a minute.
Barrett: I wonder where she learned all those harsh word from... but she definitely did not learn that from me
Everyone stares at Barrett knowing he's the only one who cuss a lot all in an annoying manner.
Barrett: What?! How about Cid?!
Vincent: Aeris, has become very violent lately. I'll go talk to her. I'll see what's wrong(He heads upstairs)
Yuffie: Screw that bitch. All she's been doing is acussing me of stealing her cash. I'm getting tired of her.
Tifa: I wouldn't blame her...
Yuffie: Tifa you shut up because I rather be a thief then to dress inapproriately like you do to try and grasp Cloud attention. But too bad, you don't have it!
Tifa: Why you...!
Cloud: Calm down. Yuffie I do not now what are you talking about, but pls stop. Aeris is making us all go angry. Let all head to bed
Everyone head to bed including Cid, Red XIII, and Yuffie leaving Cloud and Tifa alone.
Cloud: ....Tifa wait! is it true what Yuffie said?....
Tifa: Mabey... but I'm not a slut like Aeris, ok?

~El FIN~

Ps - I did it for humor But I love every Final Fantasy 7 character <3 xD
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I'm not really good at writing, but I've had this picture in my mind for a pretty long time. I just didn't know if I could express it well enough. Anyways, here I go. This one is about Haru Miura from the manga and anime, Katekyo Hitman Reborn by Akira Amano.

It's not really a proper ending. I wonder what will happen to Haru. I don't know myself! Forgive my poor writing. I didn't know how to describe the cake because I don't know Tsuna's favorite cake flavor. One thing's for sure. The cake has strawberries! ^^
I hope you all saw what I wanted to show.
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Lol, I liked it Never read the manga before but I simply loved your story
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This is part of a story I am working on. Basically the main character Jack is talking to the FBI on the phone about how he picked up on there phony video that they played on the news the other night. The video was basically made to make him panic and think the police had a suspect. Having such a huge ego(like most serial killers) Jack picked up the phone to tell the police that they will have to do better then that.

Jack: Hello
FBI: Who is this? How did you get this number?
Jack: Does it really matter? Anyways I just wanted to say that it will not work.
FBI: What will not work?
Jack: The video that was suppose to make me panic.
FBI:(FBI agent covers the phone.) Trace this call.
Jack: Are still there?
FBI: Yes and I have some questions.
Jack: You have two questions.
FBI: Okay. What do the letters all mean carved into the tissue of the dead victims?
Jack: If I told you that then catching me would be much easier.
FBI: You didnt answer the question!
Jack: Yes I did just indirectly answer it. (Jack begins to let out an obnoxious laugh)
FBI: Why do you take the eyes of the victim.
Jack: I steal their eyes because the eyes are the windows to the soul. I use the eyes as a substitute for the soul since I can really take that. I also like to look at the eyes of my previous victims.
FBI: Why?
Jack: That is your third question, but I guess it your lucky day. The eyes still carry that same look that the victim gives me right before they die, the look that satifies my hunger, the look that keeps me coming back for more. So on days I can not kill I just look at the eyes of the previous victim.
Call End......

I still have need to work on the story and sorry I couldn't give you a better intro to the scene. The story is so long and I didn't feel like summing up what happened before this scene.
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Chris Hansen: Why don't you have a seat over there?

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marumo-kun wrote:

Chris Hansen: Why don't you have a seat over there?


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Lol, dumb ass
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Wow, sound interesting. I like it
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