Create your own screenplay with Osama Bin Ladin
Posted 7/17/10 , edited 7/17/10
Try to make it funny.

I am walking down the street 12 O'Clock midnight. As I walk pass an alleyway, I see Osama Bin Ladin calling me out.
Osama Bin Ladin: Hey you, come over here!
Me: Omg! what are you doing here and how do you know english?!!!
Osama Bin Ladin: Pls hide me in your house. I'll give you 5 wives if you allow me too
Me: I'm a girl and I'm straight. So no!
Osama Bin Ladin: Look you bitch, I'll bomb your house if you don't. I know where you live?
Me: And where is that?
Osama Bin Lain: Don't worry about it.
Me: No tell me! you stupid terrorist
Osama Bin Ladin: The truth is... is that I'm you father. I won't ever do such thing. Now hide me my daghter.
Me: Hell no, what is you trippin on!
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Posted 7/17/10 , edited 7/17/10
Osama Bin Laden: Hey you, come over here!
Me: Ohh ok. *Smack!* *lift* *carry*

American Official: What can i do for you?
Me: 52 million dollars please.

And i lived happily ever after.
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Ahaha. How about this one.
As I was getting down in the club doing my thing and shaking it like I usually do at the club on a friday night, a man approach me. It was Osama Bin Laden.

Osama Bin Laden: Girl you are hella fine. Lemme get a piece of that fine ass!
Me: Hell no niqqa, you a terrorist. What shit is you trippin on?
Osama: Plz I really want that. I'm desperate for it and I'll pay any price honey
Me: F'uck you! I ain;'t gonna sleep with a terrorist!

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