Covert Affairs on USA
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Posted 7/17/10 , edited 7/17/10
It's been awhile since USA had a series that flopped. The last one was Kojak, to my knowledge. Covert Affairs reminds me of Alias and in a good way. I remember seeing Piper Parabo in the Bullwinkle movie and saying, well there goes another talent actress. I think her last big hit was Coyote Ugly. She must have been twelve in that movie. Any who, the show is great edge of the seat action. I can't wait until the next episode.
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Posted 7/17/10 , edited 7/18/10
I haven't had a chance to see it yet, but it appears all right by the ads. I hope it doesn't flop.
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Posted 8/2/10 , edited 8/3/10
I think we are about 3 or 4 episodes in and I am just not into it like all of the other USA network shows that are currently playing. I'll probably try to watch the rest of the season and see if it improves, but it is not looking too good right now.
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Posted 8/5/10 , edited 8/6/10
Is it any good at all?! It seems a lousy version of Alias.

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Posted 8/7/10 , edited 8/8/10
I've been enjoying it so far. Annie and Auggie are likeable characters and the show has managed to avoid some of the tired, old clichés of the genre, taking instead a minimalist approach akin to the Bourne series and combining it with a touch of humor. I am only 3 episodes in, but I like where it is going.
Posted 8/9/10 , edited 8/9/10
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