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Posted 7/18/10 , edited 7/18/10

If I don't get to you, I'm sorry. I've posted this on other sites as well so I might not do them all ^^;

Here's the list again of what I can draw for you all ^^

Gazette - all, individual, pair
Alice nine - All (will probably be chibi), individual, pair
Sadie - Mao, Tsurugi
Sug - Takeru
Solo - Gackt (sorta), Miyavi, Hyde (not as much anymore), Chachamaru, Mana (i'd prefer not to...he's hard to draw x.x), Dj Sisen (will take MUCH longer then others)
Lm.c - Both, seperate
Nightmare - Yomi, Ruka, Hitsu (kinda)
D=Out - Hikaru
Dir en Grey - All, individual, pair
DIO - Mikaru
Kra - Keiyuu, Yasuno
Aicle - Rubii
Vidoll - Jui
Antic Cafe - All, individual, pair
Spiv States - Jun
X japan - hide
Dennou Romeo - Aki
Mixed - Any of the above paired off C:

Cinema Bizarre - Strify
Tokio Hotel - Tom, Bill
Chibiusa16's OCs - Moises, Lester, Densel, Arku

FMA - Edward Elric, Roy
Vocaloid - Len, Kaito (any of the kaitos), Gackupo, Rin (as long as she's flat chested x.x), Miku
Fruits Basket - Any of them (will be slightly rusty though XD)
Death Note - L, Near, Matt (maybe, havent done him yet), Mello, Light
Naruto - Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara, Shikamaru, Neji, Haku, Hinata,
Random people - Fye (TRC), Howl, Shihoudani

My OC's [See my anime and other folder on deviantart for my OCs]
Miki, Horus, Aoiki, Dante, Jacy, Seth, Sawyer, Kia, Andrew, Angel, Ruka, Hayden, lestat, Adrian, Johnny, Trevor, Dennis, Nicky & Nick (will be paired in the same pic), Mikyle [I WILL NOT DRAW THE GIRL OC'S SO DONT ASK ME!!!]

If you have an idea for one of my remaining themes, please tell me! C: I can't wait to see what you all ask me for!

Requests so far

Done requests
Posted 7/18/10 , edited 7/18/10
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