Saiyuki's Conclusion
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Posted 7/19/10 , edited 7/19/10
I'm a big fan of Saiyuki. I've watched tv series, Reload, and Gunlock. However so far they have never made it all the way west to the castle where Guilmo is. I believe it's been 120 something anime episodes. I read the manga and Gaiden but, I really want to see Gilmo revived and them have to fight him or for them to fight the evil woman, or something to happen. Still got Gilmo, still have mom imprisoned. So much story and characters left undone.

Is the manga still going, or did the finish manga ever have them making it to Guilmo's castle in the west.

I just want to eventually see an ending of them making it to castle and having to fight.

Posted 7/19/10 , edited 7/20/10
Well. Cant say yet. I just started rewatching it. Before, I didnt pay close attention to the storyline. I love saiyuki now again and up to 29 episode of Saiyuki.

However, I feel angry at the anime, not the manga. It was fine up until episode 26. All the sudden, it went out of order. The timeline/storyline were mixed up.

Like for example, in episode 22 Kougaiji was fatally injured by Goku, but then, somehow he appeared to be perfectly fine in Episode 28 with same clothes and said again, "I will grab Sanzo's maten scrulpture" when he shouldve said somewhere episodes 4-6 already. He was supposed to be taken under Nii's control to be resurrected in different clothes and with different mindset. At this point, Homura was already introduced. It was not until Reload Vol. 029 that completed the defeat of "Kami-sama" which hasn't occurred in the episodes I've been watching yet.

I'm hoping it wouldnt get out of whack as I watch/read on. Personally, I like manga better and it makes a lot more sense than the anime, which I felt was weakly executed. I have a feeling now that I will be disappointed toward the end of whatever left. The anime is starting to lose its focus point. I think the artist is slowly diminishing talent for whatever reason. ]:
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